JCPenneynever buy jc penney furniture / mattress and frame bed set

Never purchase any bed or furniture items from j. C. Penny !!!

Purchase their top end sterns and foster bed set and within a few months it began sinking in the middle, and I am not some large overweight person. The store personnel were fine about the matter and willing to help. Sealy, whom makes the sterns and foster bed, replied to my complaint and just passed the buck (Can) down the road and did not want to deal with it. The wife put pillows in the middle of the bed to keep her from rolling downhill towards me.

I contacted the customer service dept per jc penny's staff about my problem... After chasing j. C. Penny's customer service I finally got an appointment for a furniture person to come out and examine my mattress set.

The furniture rep immediately looked at my mattress and even saw visually how crappy it was, and sinking in the middle. He took measurements, photos, and did his normal work... He told me it was defective and it reflected in his report to j. C. Penny customer service. I also took pics of my mattress which looks brand new.

After his report was submitted, j. C. Did not respond. 2-1/2 weeks went by and I called the rep and they confirmed the report was e-mailed to them and had copies of the sent mail (Not being returned as undelivered)...

J. C. Penny's customer service dept denied they ever got anything per mr. Timothy despite e-mail going through.

Now mr. Timothy was a very nice person on the phone and was willing to submit an e-mail to ms. Margret (In the same office as him) , however the supervisor (Ms. Margret bathke) was another subject. They were suppose to call me back in 1 hour, but that never happened until a day or so later.

The local rep submitted the report 2 times to jc and to its supervisor, a ms. Margret bathke at their center, supposedly located at: 11800 west burleigh, milwaukee, wis. 53223

I was offered an exchange, upgrade, or refund. It was made clear to them from the beginning I wanted a full refund for the defective bed set, as I am buying something else.

Ms. Bathke on the phone was evasive on my direct questions, did not answer my questions at times, and was "smirking (Laughing) about the matter, and really did not care.

Ms. Bathke told me someone would be scheduled to pick up the mattress, but would not give me a refund check until after the mattress was picked up and "return" to the warehouse half a state away which could take days to weeks to ship.

Basically between the bed set being picked up and shipped I was looking at another week or 2 without any bed and this was not acceptable to the wife or myself. I paid cash for this bed set and wanted an immediate refund check. I asked them to fedex it overnight and they refused.

Overall, j. C. Penny's is pathetic and their furniture is sub-standard. With the lack of care by mr. Margret bathke and her "smirking" on the phone... It shows how un-professional they are. A further study about this mattress; I found thousands of complaints.

Further research revealed that sealy (Sterns and foster) is discounting this product line in lieu of a newer mattress in april 2016 due to the poor quality workmanship. Also, the only reason they are offering discounts in the store or coupons... Is because they are trying to dump their poor products on customers before their new line comes out.

As of tonight the wife and I went out and spend thousands of dollars for a new bed set (Not from j. C. Penny, and not any sealy product) , and of much better quality.

Stay away from j. C. Penny's and any sealy product.

Feb 24, 2016

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