JCPenney / horrible service

Stockton, CA, United States

I was at the Stockton Ca, JcPenny at the Shoe Department and the customer service was despicable. My mom and the other lady were standing in line and she cuts in front and then argues about that. But my problem isn't with that it is with what happened next. That cashier didn't have her name tag on, didn't smile at any customers, didn't ask if they found everything good. There were no communications at all. And then when my mom went to her my mom switched to a different cashier (Alessea) and my mom told her she wasn't being fair. And the cashier had the audacity to point to my mother saying she was wrong and the customer was there first. I work in retail too, and that is no customer service. I asked for the manager and the assistant operations manager Keith Loney came and I told him the situation and he said that cashier's name may have been Sabrina. This is outrageous she had no name tag, no respect. I want something done about this because this isn't the first time she did this to my family. And I want to hear back from the Corporate about what they will do. If this is the kind of people JcPenny is hiring than I am ashamed to shop here and if necessary I will close my account if no action is done. I want a callback regarding this issue. My number is (209) 986-7596 and my name is Ashmita Kumar.

Jun 15, 2017

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