Jack In The Boxwhere do I start

on Jan.20th 2015 at 14:30 I pulled into the drive thru and placed an order. the server (Chris) who I found out later was "as he said" "the man in charge for now" the manager Jesus was taking a nap as the second assistant explained. anyways, Chris asked me if the order on the screen was right? i told him no. Jack was offering a new item the enchilada taco and i wanted to try them out. I told Chris that he had charged me for the regular "2 for a dollar" tacos and I wanted the new ones. after 3 times of Chris correcting me and telling me that he is right and I am wrong "he said" "its right and I will see you at the window" Well, since I could not get a word in edge wise, i figured I would pull up to the window and see how it pans out. as expected he took the money and handed me a bag. I told him to wait and asked him again " so these are the new enchilada tacos? I gotta see this and I started pulling them out of the wrappers. Chris instantly started backpedaling and told me that i ordered the regular tacos and that's what I got. OK this is where it gets bad, this dude starts yelling at me and every time I try to talk he just gets louder. Now he's yelling at me telling me to give him back the tacos and hes gonna charge me extra money. I told him " no way" and this guys yelling at me so I tossed the food back in the window and told him to give me my money back, so this guy just slams the window and walks away.

PS I have not purchased food from a Jack in the box in over 3 years. the last time I was at this location I did not receive my entire order and I did not notice it until after I was home. I went online and got there info because they did not give me a receipt and when i called them to let them know i was shorted the manager told me that the only way they could help me was if I had a receipt.
after 3 years its still the same.

Jan 20, 2015

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