Jack In The Box / food, service, management, inappropriate language in front of customers

This is the second time I went to the location at 1500 University fort worth Texas. The service was horrible. I believe the same manager was on duty both times. I only come to Jack In The Box when when I have my client that stays in the area. The first visit was on Fri May.11 around 3:30-4 o clock. The drive thru line was ridiculously long. Some light skin Lady that appeared to be the manager was outside talking and playing with some male the whole time. When I'm sure she was getting paid to take care of customers and that was not happening. I visited this location again on Sat May 26 about 2:45pm I came through the drive through again and I was very concerned as I waited in line about 7 minutes I ordered 2jr jacks and a large fresh fry
The fries were not fresh and the sandwiches were sloppy as I'm paying for my food. I asked for a reciept sje seem to be havung a hard time so I said dont worry about it. some lady I believe her name tag said Helen was right behind the cashier on the phone cursing, screaming using the [email protected] and B!!?# word with no regards to the customers inside or out. It was ridiculous I will never be back!!! I can't help but wonder where was the manager?? And are the cashiers being dishonest pocketing customers money since theynarent passing out reciepts...I am disappointed tjat jack in the box tolerates that kind of behavior in front of guest. After returning to work I called the store asked for a manager the lady who answered the phone said she not in and hung up before I could ask my next question. So I called back and asked when would a manager be available she said Damn at 6 and hung up again. I called that store from 3pm-6pm when I got off of work and the line was busy as if they had taken the phone off the hook. That is completely unacceptable... Your employees including management need the proper actions taking over this behavior

May 27, 2018

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