IHOP Centreville VAwaitress


I and my husband went to Ihop today and the waitress was just so amazing.
It took her 10 mins to get refill so my husband had to go another waiter to get refill.
He was nice enough to get us refill even though it's wasn't his job.
And when we finnaly got the food, hash brown wasn't cooked.
So we asked her to cook it more, we got burned hash brown and she just walked away.
We decided to talk with manager and we found out the waitress asked for the "EXTRA EXTRA CRISPY"
which we never said. So he offered us new food.
He was really nice and tried to make things work but still the waitress didn't even come to our table.
Our glass was empty and she finally came to our table and gave us check.
I was really getting angry that time and asked her if we can get a refill since it was empty for 10 mins.
Guess what she said. "Oh, I'm busy"
It really got us pissed and we walked to the kichen and talk to her and manager.
Still she was saying if we want respect, we need to respect first.
All we asked us refill and served properly and that's what she said.
So the manager came out, voided our order and apologized.
He even offered us to take the food so we can eat at home.
But we didn't feel like standing there more and were so angry.
Everything was nice except the waitress "Vannessa".

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