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Just a couple of weeks ago my wife and i went to ihop, the time we went was during a shift change all of the waitresses were so busy trying to get home most replied im not taking it im ready to go but this one waitress came from out the back and asked who's table it was and can she have it she was a good waitress service with a smile i noticed her manager was looking at her watching her when the waitress walked away the manager came over asked how was everthing i said its okay she then replied she's somewhat new but i give her like 3wks my wife and i laugh i then ask 3 wks for what she says for her to working here she's not gonna last we then stopped laughing because i thought she meant something else and didnt find that comment funny i asked her are you management she says yes we always can point out the ones who's not going to last. I left after she said that left my tip she thanked me and asked me was i okay i told her to keep it up because she was doing a good job. I came back the next afternoon to report it to the general manager but he was in a meeting with 3 other managers i then saw the waitress from the night before she greeted me and i asked could she serve me until the manager gets out the meeting i was sat near the meeting because of limited seats and i overheard the general manager talking to the waitress giving her a lots of questions at the same time she then went in the bathroom to fix herself up i then overhear him say we just let go of 6 people in the past 5 days now we're about to get rid of more an di dont have time to be babysitting some child or helping her with every problem i dont have time for that i knew he was talking about her because he kept pointing and saying her name i honestly dont think that he should be head of anything talking and belittling people like that him or the other manager i wrote down their names so if i were to talk to corporate then i can report exactly who it was i own my own business and i dont talk to my employees like that but then again my business does not slack giving customer service. My wife and i went back to ihop to see how the waitress was doing but when i came back i heard two different stories that she left and that she got fired by the same manager who said she wouldnt last that long. I read up on the place on the internet and i think that the owner should really consider who he picks as management but as a customer i am still going to corporate never in my 47 years of living or 17 years of being a business man have i've seen that bad of management.


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Nov 11, 2019 11:45 am

There are roaches every where the woman's bathroom smells like pure [censored] servers taking baths in the bathroom Amid to be exact smh close this place down

Nov 11, 2019 11:21 am

Jackie needs to be fired rude to black employees need not to work in public atmosphere of around black people

Apr 09, 2022 9:24 am
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Racism is everywhere. In the Woodlands Texas is an IHOP I've been going to for 14 years plus. Recently the manager retired, and they hired a new one. The new manager brought her own people to her new store. I continued to go there until two weeks ago when for some reason the wait staff ignored me. I got up and left after 20 minutes. The staff walked right past my table. I'm done with IHOP. Oh, by the way. The entire staff is now black and I'm white.

Nov 11, 2019 11:18 am

Poor management coming from Racine to Milwaukee putting down the employees plus the gmail day nasty attitude towards the black employees needs to be fired

May 29, 2019 4:34 pm

I had lunch at IHop Visalia on 3/24/19. Unfortunately, there was a hair at the bottom of my wifes plate. There was a little food left on top of this hair. The wife couldn't finish this understandedly. When I brought this to the attention of the waitress, she said she gave it to the manager. Shortly before I paid, I brought the hair situation up, and what will be done about this. The manager had the audacity to say it was my wifes hair and we came in for a free meal. To add insult to injury, he wasn't about to do anything about this. I said here is my last $50 to this Ihop in Visalia. Even worst, I told IHOP Headquarters about this. They even gave me a case #2291701 on 3/25/19. It is now May 29th, and nobody ever contacted me to discuss this. This says a lot about IHOP. Take your pick. Nobody cares on there end. I've been coming in to IHOP since I was a teenager. I am now 54. I will no longer be giving IHOP another dime. Just remember this, the consumer is always in control of the money and where it goes. I have breakfast out there somewhere every weekend at $50 to $80 every time. I'm just one person. Can you imagine where people would go if you treat your customers in this fashion? Not IHOP.

Jun 03, 2016 8:33 am

As any store, whether it is a restaurant/clothing/computer costumer and safety is FIRST well not at this ihop.
I got my wallet and phone stolen from someone sitting next to us i know the faces but it wouldve have been much more helpful if pictures had surfaced from WORKING CAMERAS, apparently this ihop's cameras have not been working for some time now the ones inside and in the parking lot. That just shows how costumers and their safety is not a priority something has to be done here this cant go unheard!

Jul 12, 2008 9:51 am

I go to this ihop location near where i live every once in a while and i keep asking myself why. I've known the wait staff for years and they're all nice but the food is not as good as it used to be and this new management really sucks. Yesterday i went there with my kids during lunch time and i have to say the place inside was hotter than hell. I could see the poor waitresses were having a terrible day. I guess this new management didn't realize yet that summer here in Georgia is HOT. I had no option. I left the place with my kids and went somewhere else. Now, my mother likes that place and she asked to go there today with the kids and that's what we did. Can you guess? HOT HOT HOT. No way i would stay in that place with 2 kids and a 82 year old lady. Poor waitresses! I felt sorry for them.

Feb 28, 2011 1:06 am
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You know, I have actually been employeed for this company for about seven months now. I have never before witnessed such a poor display of management ability. The GM of this store is out right rude, disruptive to production, harrassing to employees, shovanistic, shows complete favortism. To sum it up he is a shovanistic, egatistical pig. He has total lack of respect for anyone who is under him. His complete management theory is that "I am, so there fore I can". This is no way to run a business. Since I have been there a manager and two employees have been fired for code of conduct and harrasement. For this to happen in less than a five month period shows that this type of behavior is allowed. The only time the management gets involved is when he is in fear of his own statis. Tell me why there is only one male server on the floor and non have been hired or interviewed. The current male server is only on the floor because he was there before this GM took position. The GM show complete signs of discrimination. This is not an equal opportunity employer. He makes the servers cry. He writes employees up for things just because he is made. But doesn't write everyone up that does the same thing. He mainly only writes up those he gets mad at. Employees have been asked to leave the building instead of being allowed to clock in for their shift and never served termination papers, they leave there not knowing if they have a job or not. Company policies are not uniformly followed from one employee to another. This is clearly a man that loves to prove he is a man and push around women. It is wrong. No one deserves to be made to feel like they are worthless just because they make a mistake or the boss doesn't have control. When things fall apart and he looses control, he takes it out on who ever is there at the time. He is nasty in his words chosen. He doesn't appologize either. This is wrong and no one should be subjected to this type of management. Just the other day he made a decision and did not relay it to other management. So she mad a decision based on her knowledge. But because it was against what he said he made her cry by yelling at her in the front of the house, in front of customers and other employees instead of taking her to the office the way policy is to be followed. He makes his own rules as he goes along. If he sees anything on the break table he throws it away. You know, some of us do not drink pop or coffee so we don't drink the companies beverages. We like to bring our own. He throws them away to be mean. We pay for this stuff, and to be told we can't have anything to drink in the break room is unlawful. You can't force someone to drink the companies beverages and you can't throw away something someone has paid for. If i took something you paid for and threw it away you could have me arrested for theft, right. This is not right and something needs to be done. Someone needs to say something but everyone at the store is in fear of their jobs and they have families to support. You should not have to feel like this, as a grown adults trying to make money to support our families. Your shifts get cut just for laughing or asking a question. What makes this right? Please someone tell me .

Yes management is questionable in Brighton Colorado too. They should do a background check on the GM there. Apparently there is question about her police record. She is in charge of payroll yet it's possible she has a felony arrest for a crime involving money and or theft of substantial proportions. Several of her employees have been shorted routinely on their pay checks. She even recently fired two employees for declining to work during an E. coli outbreak in the entire city of Brighton, Colorado. They were genuinely concerned about the health and safety of their own and the patrons who were eating there

May 25, 2012 8:25 am

the i hop in anama city fl is a very nice lace but the manager has go to go i have watched him run numerous customers off im a regular and i see hime yall at these girls like they were two years old and i dont even talk to my kids like that i had a short stack i had to wait an hr on and instead of the manager going back there to see what was going on he was walkin around flirting with the staff then when a server goes to him with a roblem he starts yalling and cussing at them for trying to get the problem soleved he has no resect for anyone besides himself ive heard him call the servers ### and ###s i dont appreciate my young daughters hearing that language their always out of everything and i heard a server say they was not aloud to have a drink they work all day without nething to drink i think someone needs to clean house the g.m has no idiea how to run a restraunt

Jul 06, 2011 2:50 am

yeah most servers and most people do want to leave their workplace at the end of the day. Can't blame them there. But yes, that was very rude of him.

Feb 19, 2011 1:20 am

My daughter worked at IHop, she had a green card arabic male boss, that treats the female servers Bad. Last night he called them "STUPID AMERICANS", told Tiff to work at 4pm today, she gets there, he said u cant start till 5, u cant wait on property, she said why, he said you work for me-I own you-do what I say. Tiff changed her clothes and said "YOU DONT OWN ANYBODY, WELCOME TO AMERICA" walked out. thats my GIRL!

i have waitressed for 20 yrs out of all the places ive worked, this place is the worst managment going .im so happy theres people sticking up for us out there.if customers complain omg we loose hrs the next week maybe we have 2 days to work, we have familys ok and make 5 bucks an hour.they can complain that they didnt get sat quick enough.we get in big trouble

Jan 30, 2010 4:23 pm

I agree I went in to eat this morning and I had the sweetest young girl, she was very warm and friendly and offered great ideas for meals. The table next to us was quite rude to her and very short and disrespectful and kept complaining and running the poor girl back and forth, she did it all for them with a smile still. I overheard the other table saying she didn't give them pancakes and she tried to explain the situation and the man yelled that she was rude and he wanted to talk to the manager. The young server gave the people whta they wanted-the extra food- and got the manager the manager talked to the people and gave them more pancakes, he then went to the back where the other servers were adn started to yell at our server, saying the "customer is always right" and "havent you been here long enough you all have horrible attitudes" i was disgusted to see a manager yell at this poor girl not only in front of her co-workers but in front of her other tables she was serving, he should have taken her to the back and TALKED to her. he seemed to be taking all his anger out on this one poor girl. When i saw her turn around she had tears running down her face and SHE was sent home! she was sent home after being belittled and yelled at ! to be quite honest she was a sweet nice girl that never deserved that, so humiliating

Sep 14, 2008 10:32 pm

I came in to IHop to eat and my suver was doing his job and got yeld at by the menger he was rude, loud, and was cursing at the employee. I over heard him and ask what was going on. He said its not your problem and stay out of it. The manger's name was Shawn. I am a reguler at the restrant and was very disapointed at the mangement's attitude.

Aug 31, 2008 4:11 pm

We have dinner at IHOP'S whenever possible in any state or city. The Lewiston, Idaho IHOP is operated with little truth. A few evenings ago we ordered the Regular $5.99 special meal. We were told the menue was not included during the evening dinners. Later we used one of the special coupons and her comment was "Go ahead lets get rid of it". Last night we ordered the Regular special $5.99 meal and were told that only the $7.99 meals were available, they were trying to sell out the berry pancakes. She, the manager, is not epuipped to handle the problems of operation. I understand she is a former district supervisor. "WOW


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