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My car hyundai santro reg no KL-13 R-9988 got some damages( check the attached repair order copy to find the damages) because of an accident before two months . So my brother went to ktc hyundai, kannur to repair the car . but he faced very bad attitude from the ktc's staff. while the staff was preparing the repair order dint mentioned any dates like receiving or promised date. he asked about that but their reply was they cant mention any date even estimated amount also they told if you dont want you can take back your car. in that situation he really fed up with their attitude and he left the car there. but the thing is we never get car until this time. when we contact them they always giving only one answer that is if you want to repair you must wait until we get time to repair the car . and i realise that there is no other authorised service centre for hyundai in kannur, that is the only reason they behaving like this . so here i just submit my complaint for support from anybody to get my car back immediately . please not the service manners of ktc hyundai given below
1) There is no received date in the repair order
2) There is no promised date in the repair order
3) There is no estimated amount in the repair order
4) They dont have any manners like "give respect and take respect"
If anybody can help me please contact through my email " [protected]"


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  • Sh
      Jun 16, 2012

    Hi Team,

    Hi Yes, Even i have agree the same. KTC Hyundai KANNUR has very very bad customer service. even i had very bad experience many time. they just act like they are prime in kannur. and i want to state about the service manager Isham. he thinks that he is supreme and Hyundai is holding in his shoulder. if they are doing these kind of customer service i am sure Hyundai will get very bad repetition soon. they should understand what exactly customer is need. not that whatever they say customer should agree.
    Again putting my deep regret about there very bad customer behaviour and very poor service

    And they don't know what is the meaning of "give respect and take respect". its all depending on there educational background and family . so cannot blame them. i can say it is like "fight with a pig" . because "When you fight with a pig you both get dirty - but the pig likes it and enjoy it."

    btw i am a software engineer working in Bangalore. I have bought a Santro GLS from KTC Hyundai . After the service in KTC Hyundai kannur i started hating Hyundai completely

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  • Kp
      Oct 29, 2012

    I really like my car but I WILL NEVER
    AGAIN. ... Very poor service.

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  • Om
      Jan 03, 2013

    Service Manager of HYUNDAI,

    I had purchase HYUNDAI I20 MAGNA car from BOISAR – ANGEL AUTO WORLD In 02/11/2010.
    I want to do complaint against ANGEL AUTO WORLD – BOISAR (Multi Car Dealers). I am not satisfied with the service given by ANGEL AUTO located at BOISAR. It was my worst experience with this Dealer. There was an accident done of my car HYNDAI - I20 MAGNA on highway near MANOR as on 20th OCT 2012. After that I have called up to nearest branch ANGEL AUTO WORLD – BOISAR branch, they told me to take my vehicle to their branch. I had toeing my car & take my vehicle to ANGEL AUTO - BOISAR branch. After watching my accidental car they told me that they will check & inform me ESTIMATED damage of my car in 5-6 days. I was waiting for their call for at least 1 weak but I have not received any call from there, after 2 days I had called up ANGEL AUTO WORLD – BOISAR branch & asked about my ESTIMATED Damage, they told me that person from Insurance department will come in 2-3 days after that they will give me a estimated damage of my car. After calling so much time I had received one page damage from ANGEL AUTO – Boisar branch. After that they told me that we had given orders of new parts & it will received in 3-4 days, once we will received than we will start of doing work of your car. I politely said Ok sir no problem. I genuinely asked that when will I received my car. They told after 15 days.
    After 18 days I had called again to ANGEL AUTO – BOISAR branch to ask about my car. I have both no. of ANGEL AUTO OFFICE & WORKSHOPS. First I had called up to OFFCIE no. they told me Umang bhai we had received half of your parts & half parts will be received by today evening. After that I hd called up WORKSHOPs no. to confirm. A person of WORKSOP said no we had not received any parts of your car. Ok thought forget it this time. After that I told them please give me call when all parts will come, they said okk. I have again not received any calls from ANGEL AUTO – BOISAR branch, I started calling them again k what happened n all asking about my car? They told half parts is already came n for more half parts you have to pay Rs.25000/- after that they will order for new remaining parts, so I said I don’t have this much money to pay you now at a time, I told them please order for remaining parts I will give you money at the end. 2 days already passed away in this matter, after that I had contact ANGEL AUTO WORLD – VASAI main branch. After some discussion they had given orders for my remaining parts n give me promise that you will received your car in 7 days. I said ok thank you sir very politely again.
    After 10 days I had not received any calls from ANGEL AUOTO – BOISAR branch, again I had called up there n asked about my car, they told me that work is going on it will talk sum 5 days more, again 7 days passed I called up they told me for more 7 days. This is how they are behaving with me.
    Sir you can read the mails & the whole picture will cleared like mirror. I have not received any calls from their till date. I had called up so many times ANGEL AUTO – BOISAR Branch.
    Just last Saturdays I had called up there again, they told me that your car will b ready in 2 days. Then they told me suddenly that k sir your windshield (FRONT GLASS) has been cracked by us.
    I had suffered from so many things in this 2 and half month journey. Who is responsible for damaged my original windshield now. Is this ok with you sir?
    What will u do sir if you are on my place? Have they fit now original windshield in my car? And also one more thing I have to add here, insurance company has their rules & regulations also. My car claim was registered on 25th OCT 2012 & now its 2 & half months passed away. If insurance company denied paying my loss due to so much time gap, I will not pay single rupees to any other dealer or showrooms.
    Please look into the matter & do the needful. It’s been 2 & half month passed still my car is with ANGEL AUTO –BOISAR Branch.
    In short I will not suggest anybody to purchase HYUNDAI car, because of worst experience & very bad service.
    Waiting for your revert for the above mentioned matter.
    i have attached job order also.
    my email ID: [protected]

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  • Us
      Apr 22, 2016

    I have also bad experience with KTC hyundai. wery poor service.

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