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Complaints & Reviews

terrible customer service & managing director with serious attitude problems

Summary: — If you are thinking of buying from or dealing with w m couper ltd. (coupers), st. albans... just...

poor service

Very poor service with dsc irresponsible people

I have faced very bad experience with dsc hyundai. They promised to deliver my i10 on jan 2nd but because of various reason I got delivered on jan 5th. We asked for delivery at home and I got a call around 10.00 am that the driver has started from the showroom and I have received my car at around 5.00 pm. With extra 100km more than what I saw in the showroom.

When I went for the first service, they stolen my daughter dvd. When I complaint to the supversior kumar
He told me that it was my mistake to keep the dvd in the car.

The interesting fact is the senior management is very poor in handling customer complaint no wonder the people below them are thieves and irresponsible people.

company is fraud or not

i have recieved a job offer for Hyundai Automobile, UK for the post of Assistant Manager-Business Development, I want to know is it fake or not? pls help me

  • Mr
    Mr.Ashim Kumar Dutta Mar 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have receivedd a job offer for Hyundi Automobile, UK for Job
    Ref: 008/013L/UKPF/T4-YL, I want to know is it fake or not ? Pl.Help me
    Mr.Ankish Pandey

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  • Aa
    aasiya May 19, 2010


    i have received the job offer from hundai automobile Uk, as training and PR.please help me that is that originol or fake mail???

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I had booked one i 10 magna 1. 2 on 22nd feb 2010 from himgiri cars pvt. Ltd. At durgapuri branch. The sales executive named garuav told the rate and all discount and told us that if we made the payment of rs. 90000 / - then after the budget same prices will be applicable. But now he changed his word on told us that you have to pay the additional 20000 / - as prices for mentioned model raised by 20000 / - . That person mr. Garuav behaving like a cheter. If hundai hiring that kind of fraud dealer and staff then that is very bad experience for a customer. I will not recomande any body for buying cars from hundai as they people cheted us and saying for cancellation you have to pay 3000 / - as cancellation and you will get your refeund with in 20 days.

This kind of behavaiour reflects the immage of hundai sales and services.

failure to honor warranty

I bought a new Hyundai Sonata in part because of its supposedly excellent warranty. But after the recent...

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fraud & theft on a warranty claim

I had a warranty claim that was approved:
It was agreed with the dealer, that I would take the car in to have all the things that were rusted, replaced, when I had a gap at work

When I called in december, to make an appointment, I was told all the parts had been sold and fitted on other cars, it has now taken them 3 months to come back with this reply:

Good day cecily

I have spoken to warranty manager and this is the feedback from her. She mentioned that there are a few appointments that you did not adhere to. The rust on the tow bar, bulbar and bolts are not covered by warranty due to the fact that it is accessories and you have to take it up with the dealer.

She cannot comment on the fact that you mentioned that ruan and the guys at hyundai culemborg sold your stuff and that you mentioned it is fraud.

The vehicle is out of warranty and unless there are proof that the dealers never took care of the rust on the brakes, then there is nothing more that she can do.

According to the service history available from the system the rust, related to the brakes has never been mentioned.


Heleen smit
Hyundai customer care service agent
138 van riebeek avenue
Edenvale 1609
[protected] (Tel no)
[protected] (Tel no)
[protected] (Fax to e-mail)

This was the letter I posted on their complaints again in jan:

Monday, january 18, 2010

This is an urgent matter:
I would like someone to contact me with regards to a warranty that was approved last year and when I phoned
When I spoke to ruan from paardenisland in august I said I would call him, when I was ready, as I was leaving for jhb, plus the road works would make it impossible because of deadlines for my work commitments for a project, I was and still am working 6-6
When I called at beginning of dec the agent to have the parts fitted he informed me, that he had used the parts on other cars. He said he had left a message on my phone, which is a complete lie, as I don’t have voice mail
Not once did anyone, advise me about dates, or did I ever see or sign that claim
I then went into a dealer, as I am not allowed to make any personal calls at the office, they put me through to the claims department, where they confirmed that in june/july 2009, they had paid out the claim.
I did do another on line email, which you never replied:
If I don’t get any response, I will go to the complaints board, plus the motor board, and show them what this car looks like, with only 41 000 klms
The billbars, I actually paid cash for, and there for ruan, had no right to sell them, or the tow bar. I see this as theft and fraud
Cecily enslin (Stronge maiden name)
Instrumentation design specialist
Intergraph smartplant instrumentation ver 8
Cape town refinery
Chevron south africa (Pty) limited
P. O. Box 13, milnerton, cape. 7435
Plattekloof road, milnerton, cape. 7441

Cell 27+[protected] / [protected]
Direct +[protected]
This was part of that original message, that the claim was approved after an inspection with ruan:

Next complaint’s - very serious

This I did bring to the attention when I took my car in for its 30klms service st your midrand dealer

While I was living in durban, I took my car to umhlanga rocks, because there was a noise coming from the back wheels, mainly first thing in the morning, but because it didn’t make the noise with the technician, and I might add, that he didn’t even bother to put the car up to have a look!!

I noticed that the back wheel drums, brakes, brake calipers were rusting
So when I took the car in, I bought this matter to their attention

On collecting the car, they informed me, that they didn’t have the stuff to clean the rust!!

And nothing had been done about the windscreen!

I moved to cape town, a week later.
The rust has now got really bad, to the stage that it is affecting the braking. The car pulls when I brake.

Yesterday, I noticed that everything on this car is rusting


Tow bar

All the bolts that hold the billbars on

I find this totally unacceptable for a car, that only has 33 000klms, and that cost me r230 000

Apart from the good services, when I purchased the car, every dealership that has had anything to do with this car, has given bad service

My first service at umhlanga rocks, left grease on the seats, and when I complained, they neither apologized or offered to clean them

I have also herd an advert on 94.7, hyundai advertizing that their cars have their own brand of windscreens, apparently stronger than the normal brand.
Very interesting!

I would really appreciate some feed back on the windscreen and especially the rust


Cecily enslin


suspension making noise

Dear sir,
I have visited hyundai dealer i. e modi hyundai, thane on 24th january, 2010 and got back the vehicle on 25th january 2010, I have mentioned that my front suspension is making noise and it should be rectified but when I took the vehicle I asked him whether it was solved the services adviser said yes it is being resolved.

but when I drove my vehicle back home which is 35 km away from the services station i. e. kalyan, I found that the problem is still their and it is not rectified. as I have to leave for haridwar I thought I would give the complaint once I am back. so now iam back and I have provided you all the details.

While I was away I received calls from modi hyundai thane to confirm whether I was satisfied I said no and once I would be back on 17th februry, 2010 pls contact me for the same but after waiting for almost 5 days no response from them.

So please arrange somebody from service centre to take my vehicle as I have no time left to go again and again 35 kms away to get it rectified as I have already in formed them. now I want as it is in warranty period the front suspension to be replaced sothat this problem should be nullified for ever.

My vehicle details are as follows
Name :manvi ramtarya
Reg dt:02/04/2009
Ch no:malam51cr9m287369
E no:g4la9m110372
Address:flat no 1403 14th floor building no c02 madhav sankalp khadakpada chowk kalyan west
Regn no:mh05 aj 7288
Model no I 10 hyundai gl 1.2 magna e3
Card sl no [protected].

Please get it is resolved otherwise I have to go to consumer forum
Manvi ramtarya

major service

I took my hyundai tuscon for a service. R8500.00 later after a major service. 4 days after this my car engine blew up. The hose from the water tank to the engine was brittle. They never checked this at the service 4 days earlier, and now expect me to pay for shoddy workmanship. Please help

my registration


1. refer to invoice number vz20091434 dated 18 jan 10, from delivery / order dealer no. s5208 from sri jayalakshmi automotives pvt ltd.

2. your sales executive had take my tr on the name of bheemarasetty tulasi gayathri, where as all my loan documents are processed on my maidin's name madeti tulasi gayathri's... he did this with out consulting the finance executive.

3. due to this my permenant registration got stuck up... and they are making me to run from bank to showroom to rto office... but till now my vehicle registration has done yet

4. kindly tell ur executives to resolve this issue at the earliest otherwise take your vehicle back and refund my amount.. so that I can buy another from other company who doesn't bother their customers for their mistakes...

Thanking you

Bheemarasetty tulasi gayathri

multiple issues/problems with i20 crdi

I purchased Hyundai i20 CRDi on 5th August 2009. Since day one I have been having multiple problems with the car: -

1) It started with a noise I used to get inside the car. Went to the service center at Jakkasandra multiple times and at last it was found to emanate from the rear view mirror inside the car and was fixed.

2) I have been having multiple problems with the steering. The steering used to make noise on going over un-even roads. Again for this I went to the jakkasandra service center multiple times. They tried make some patch up here and there with the steering but ended up making the steering very stiff and also the car started pulling me to the left. I was asked to go to multiple service centers (Seshadripuram and Yeshwanthapur) service center to get this problem fixed. The Yeshwantpur service center guys told me that they have replaced my steering rack with that of a new test drive vehicle. Even after this change I was still getting some noise from the steering and had to again go to the service center to get that fixed. Still my steering pulls me to the left.

3) I keep getting noise from the navigator seat belt buckle. They neither have fixed it since 6 months nor have to agreed to replace the part.

I have gone to the service center atleast 20 times (I have the documentation as proof) and yet my steering still pulls me to the left and I still get multiple noise inside the cabin. I am going through extream mental agony for facing these issues after paying 8.2 Lakhs for this car. I have not decided to approach the consumer forum hoping to get justice.

  • Su
    Subramanya Feb 21, 2010

    Typo in last line. Please read as "I have now decided to approach the consumer forum hoping to get justice"

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  • Su
    Subramanya Feb 21, 2010

    Further more to my complaint, I have found that the service and repair personnel in Trident have scratched the interiors of my car. I am completely depressed and frustrated :(.

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  • Su
    Subramanya Mar 31, 2010

    I had purchased the car from trident Hyundai and was going there for fixing the issue. They were unable to fix the issue inspite of going there over 20 times. I went to Advaith and they fixed the issue in two visits. They replaced the steering column along with the EPS motor and this addressed the issue. trident Hyundai completely cheated me and on top of it scratched the interior of my car. I dont suggest anyone to go to trident.

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faulty key

I am the owner of a 2005 atos. I recently needed to purchase a new key as the old one had become worn and would not function properly anymore. I went to the hyundai agency in Bellville, Cape Town where I had purchased the car.I was told by them to buy a key from them and take it to a locksmith to be cut, then bring car and key to them to have the key programmed to my car, s computer. I duly did as instructed and after keeping my car the entire day at their workshop I was then told they were unable to program the new key and suddenly I must now buy a whole new computer for the car! As I am a pensioner I find this most unacceptable, car computers costing what they do. Is this a typical problem with hyundai cars or could something else be done to help my situation?<br />
<br />
Regards<br />
Ben de Waal


I went to the Hyundai dealer in Roodepoort Westgate on the 11th of November 2009. I selected a Hyundai Matrix color light grey 2006 model. I was phoned the Monday that my loan was approved and that I can get the car the next afternoon. Upon getting to the dealer I was told by Jannie Schoeman the sales man that the car that I selected was sold to another person as well on the same day and he already picked up the vehicle. I was told by Jannie that the Hyundai Matrix that I have now is a better deal and it is a later model. But when I saw the car after signing the contract and it had a lot of scratches and dents on the body. I spoke to Jannie about it and he said he will arrange for the car to be fixed.

I drove the car home that afternoon and only drove it again on the 13th of November going to the airport. Half way there the brake light and ABS light came on with a loud ping sound. I phoned the dealer the next day to speak to Jannie but was told he was ill. I left a message for him to phone me and I also told the lady at the switchboard the problem and she promised to give him the message, Jannie up to this day never got back to me. I took the car back on the Monday and I showed the manager all the problems and told him about the lights and sound its making while driving. I also told them that the car shutters when I brake.

The car was with Hyundai for 2 weeks where they had to repair the body work and also do a service as there was no service book or record of any services done on the vehicle. They also had to fix the problem I had with the car.

Gerald told me it was the hand brake therefore the light and abs light came on with the sound and he said they had fix the problem.

Needless to say the problem was not solved and I the spoke to Theo Van der Walt.
I also phoned Gerald one day driving home from work and I held my phone so he could listen to the sound. I was told that I am driving with the hand brake on and I said no I am not and then he told me that my door is open where my reply to him was I am driving on the highway and my door is not open.

I phoned Theo again and he said I must take the vehicle back so they can see what the problem was. I took the car back on the 21st of December and was again told that it was the hand break that is causing the problem I told Carno that they have looked at the hand break when I first took the car back. He said they will have to take the car apart to see what the problem was. I took the car and phoned Theo when I got home I told him that I was not happy with the fact that I have to drive up and down because they don’t know what the problem was. I also said to him that I have spoken to the bank a few times and that they said he can give me another car. He said that he will look into it and will phone me back.

Theo never phoned me and I phoned him again on the 28th of December and he told me to give him some time because he is busy dealing with the bank and that he is going to give me another car. He also told me that it is a Hyundai Assent 2007 model and it is blue in color. He even phoned the bank for a settlement amount. This is the reason I have not taken the car back because he said he will trade the matrix with another car.

Theo now claims that he never told me that he has another car and that I asked him to find out from the bank for a settlement amount so I can trade the car in. This is not true and he is lying to the bank to cover up.

I would like for somebody to please go through their books to see if there was a car he promised me. I am sure that when a car is on the floor that the car is booked on their system and who is telling the truth

I would like for a replacement car that I choose or that the contract be cancelled. I think it fair that should a technician go out to inspect the vehicle that Hyundai carry the cost because the bank and they are aware of the problem from day one.

Julie Duvenhage

  • Sh
    Sharon Ingrid Thomas Feb 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, i took my car for a 30 000km service at the Hyundai Stridom Park. The car came back I was advised that the breaks had to be replaced and I agreed to replace the breaks. I was advised that my excelarator gable had to be replaced and it was not covered by the warranty and that I had to pay for it. I bought my vehicle in Dec 2009 I cannot undersdtand how can this be possible. I was about to purchase the excelarator gable and called Hyundai Roodepoort they advised me that the gable is still under warranty and only to find out that a whole lot of things had to be replaced on the car fan belt, air con gable, petrol pump. I am really not impressed with the life span of this car. Hyundai Roodepoort agreed to replace the parts that are faulty on the vehicle

    Sharon Thomas
    073 311 7695

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lousy customer care

My husband and I went into Victoria Hyundai in about September looking to see if we could trade in our car...

service department

Worst service department I have seen, incompetent mechanics that cause more problems than they fix. I was happy with my Hyundai until I took my vehicle in for routine maintenance and several times I have been burned. They have caused multiple problems I did not experience until it was serviced by them and they do not correct the issues they have caused. I will not bring my vehicle to Humble Hyundai for servicing again and would not in clear consciousness recommend this place to anyone.

This initially occurred in December of 2009 and is still unresolved. As a result of getting 'scheduled maintenance'. Within the last year I have had two water pumps replaced due to them being supposedly defective after getting the anti-freeze flushed and now my car misfires after getting fuel injection maintenance. I bought the car new in 2008 and had absolutely no real issues until servicing.

They admitted to the problem and were able to duplicate the misfiring when test driving it but informed me the problem was too sporadic and was not 'detected by the diagnostic computer'. Also they stated they would not 'just start replacing parts because it would cost the dealership money and they cannot determine the problem. My car is still under warranty and they acknowledge a problem with misfiring but told me I will have to wait for it to degrade to the point it throws a check engine light.
Meaning their mechanics and 'engineer' are too incompetent to fix it. As I said they were no problems with this vehicle until they did ‘maintenance’ on it causing two water pump replacements and now an unresolved misfiring issue.

I regret taking my car to Humble Hyundai for 'routine maintenance' paying them my hard earned money to create problems that did not exist.

Hyundai is a good company but I would not advise servicing your vehicle at Humble Hyundai or North Freeway Hyundai since they are connected. The engineer was sent from North Freeway Hyundai and obviously they are more concerned with looking good on the books cost wise, then taking care to correct an unnecessary problem they have created my expense.

  • Bu
    Bummed by sales scam Jul 31, 2009

    Beware of internet sales tactics. The agreed upon price and even the helpful attitude of the saleman will lure you in to hidden charges. Ask what the dirve-out figure is not the price of the vehicle. They stuck me for an additional $299.

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car problems


I bought Hyundai i10 from M R Hyundai Sahibabad Ghaziabad, from begging I am facing lots of problems and I am so disappointed with Hyundai dealers. when I saw lots of complaints on complaints board web side I will not ever advice Hyundai care to any one .Till now I your dealer cant able to solve my problem Ex –they cant able to hand over me my RC from last 4 months, My car doing missing on patrol from 3 months they have no solution . Really there are lots of problem which I can’t right to you right now.

But I want say to you one satisfied customer make one thousand satisfied customer and one unsatisfied can make 1 lakhs unsatisfied customer.


Amit K.C

  • Ro
    rockash_16 Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased a santro GLS on 12/10/2009, but still not received the exchange bonus.even after so many reminders.

    Ranjan Kumar

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  • Ro
    rockash_16 Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased Santro GLS 1 year back, but till now i havent received my exchange bonus & nobody is bothered about the same.

    Ranjan Kumar

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airbag light

I purchase a brand new Hyundai Sonato in 2004. At around 59, 000 miles the airbag light came on . I took it to the place of purchase for repair. They said it was a sensor. Well I had to take it back 5 more times for the same problem and each time I leave the light came back on. Well on the 7 time they said the system needed changing under my seat and the light wont come on again. Well its on again and now they are giving me the run around because my car has 101, 000 miles. Are there anyone else with this problem? I went on one website and there were people who has the same problem and I do not remember the site. Lets get together and do something about it. [protected]

  • At
    ATSmith Jan 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Exact same issue. I've had my 2004 Sonata since 2005. They originally told me it was high resistance in a sensor and it needed replaced for a few hundred dollars. I told them I'd have to come back later as I did not have that easily available. Started the car up and the light was out... They said they'd cleared the error and I had to pay around $100 for the diagnostic. This happens once a year, every year, usually right before inspection, so I have to pay $100 for the dealer to pull the special Hyundai Reader since none of the local shops have a Code Reader that will work on Hyundai ABS systems.

    In my own investigation, this has happened every time I've had an issue with the electrical system.
    - Needed a new battery - ABS light comes on
    - Had one of the coil packs go out and started misfiring like crazy - ABS light comes on
    - Daughter left the dome light on and ran the battery down... got a jumps start - ABS light comes on
    - Jump started a friend's big Ford truck... you guessed it... - ABS light comes on

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no action

Dr bhupender kaur wasu consultant: kamineni city centre abids

Mbbs (osm) fcgp frcp [lon] by appt :between 2pm - 5pm

child & adolescent cell # [protected]

Clinical pschologist [u. k] e-mail: [protected]@yahoo.com

Dear sir/ madam

we have brought your i20 car in 28th aug 09 from talwar hyundai banjarhills hyd. we liked the car so much which that we brought one more car I 10 from talwar hyundai sp road on 31st dec 09. the car engine # g4hg9m856036 and the chassis # malam51br9m425558*h the t/r is ap10tltr3175. this I 10 has been drove for 69 kms in 4 days and it just refused to move from a very busy road tank band on 4th jan 10 at 2.30pm and the helpline was called they found fault with the battery and they help me take my car to the battery shop where I was given a service battery and told that the alternator was not functioning and they said that the battery would work for a day only. after work while returning back at 6pm 4th jan 10 I again got stuck again at police control room near fathamaidan as my car refuse to move after the help of traffic police I could move my car to safe zone.

and again the helpline called they took the car to workshop and found that the alternate fuse was faulty for which I paid the amount of rs 140/- it is not the money but my fear is i’m face many more problems in future I want you to pls do the needful so that I do not face such again.

and the sorry state is that I still drive my 10 yrs old maruthi 800 for long drive as i'm sure that it will not stop midway.

i’ am 53 yrs old female doctor by profession and have been driving since last 35yrs but never faced such a problem kindly do the needful

Dr bhupender kaur

software and charger

I want the software for the said Hyundai slim Phone Mini - 100. I need charger also as it is not working properly, i do not have software and charger. so i required the said mobile software and charger. please help me. I have IMEI problem for this and when I have registered IMEI its not remembering for more than 2 days, and the shopkeeper says that its software is not working properly so it can not remember for long time so go ask dealer from where you had brought it from . I ask you for software and charger for the mobile . I have brought this from deals4all.net in December 2007 .
Please give the solution for this problem.
My email id is [protected]@gmail.com

Poor customer relationship

Forwarded Message: Poor experience of Modi service centre-Goregaon
Poor experience of Modi service centre-GoregaonSunday, January 3, 2010 11:48 PMFrom: "Neelesh Jain" <[protected]@yahoo.com>To: [protected]@hmil.netHi,


Its hard to share with you that it was vey unpleasent experince of services at Modi ( authorised service centre of yours)

1- Poor cordination - same questions asked by 5 people from one workshop due to lack of cordination.

2- Non coperative & unhealthy behaviour of cordinator workshop incharge

3- Unnecessary charges without explanation

4- Several follow up

This is really sad to mention???

Thanks & Rgds
Neelesh Jain


I have a 2006 Hyundai Elantra GLS sedan. I am very disappointed with it cosmetically. Within the first year...