Hyundai i10 / clutch, clutch cable

South Africa

To whom it may concern

Registration lexi zn
Hyundai i10

I am at the end of my tether I have brought my car in now over four times for the exact same complaint and each time I get told it is something else….
I got my car back on tuesday afternoon and by last night the noise was back and I can hardly get the car in to first gear and it is sticking in reverse as well.

I am a bookkeeper that gets paid per hour each and every time I have had to bring the car in and fetch it, it has cost me personally…..

I really need this to be addressed asap or I will have to go directly to hyundai and express my totally dissatisfaction with the way in which the problems have been
Not sorted out but compounded each and every time.

I know of someone who had the exact same noise as my vehicle I seems to depend on the weather and if the car has been sitting on a incline for the first couple of minutes driving
The car sounds like the breaks are worn and its as if steel is on steel….. The problem with their car was the fire wall and I expressed this the previous time I brought the car in
And was told no now it’s the clutch cable, so with a new clutch, new clutch cable I cant get the car in gear….

Please get back to me asap

In disgust

Kathy-lee mark

Dated 20/01/2010

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