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Home Depot - Installing Exterior Door Service / poor service performance

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I paid $35.00 for Home Depot to come out and measure my porch door to install a fiberglass door. After taking my money and measuring the opening I am told that they do not have a fiberglass door that fits but they can put up a $1700.00 wood door. I told them I do not want a wood door and was not able to afford a $1700 door. Also the wood door is not even finished. I have to paint or varnish it. I requested my $35.00 returned because they could not perform the service. I was told it is non-refundable. That is such a bad customer service tactic and I feel a real scam. Take your money and not be able to furnish the product. I will never go to Home Depot again and take my word for it - Loew's is more reasonable in their prices and very consumer oriented. Home Depot is a rip off.

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  • Ch
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I also paid Home Depot the $35.00 and found out the normal $124.00 instalation was now going to cost $250.00. Said they had to build out the frame. This was going to be $90.00 more then the door cost. Just learned how there stock fell in these bad times you THINK they would of been interested in selling the door. Be interesting if they can eat those doors when times get rough. I bought the door form Lowes and installed it myself.

    Charles Morel

  • An
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    My mom had a real bad experience at Home Depot. It was a nightmare. She's always wanted tile roof, so she went to Home Depot on a Friday and a man told her he carried it. The same man came to our house and made an estimation and came up with $13, 000 for it. But he said that my mom's house is an older house so it would not be able to hold a tile roof. ??? I 've never heard of that before since I've seen lots of older houses with tile roofs. There was a $1500 deposit made for it and he said he'll send out a contractor on Saturday to look at it and start working on it. Saturday rolled by and no one showed up. My mom kept on calling and he doesn't answer his phone nor was he at Home Depot. My mom calls him on Monday and he picked up the phone and said he was busy and was out of town, he'll send someone over later on the week to start working on the roof. It seemed like a scam because he kept avoiding our calls. I read over the contract and noticed in a small fine print that it same you can cancel within 3 business day and be refunded back. Finally, my mom was infuriated and told him that she was going to cancel the contract and get her money back. What do you know, he showed up 5 minutes later looking for my mom at home, but she had already left to work. Supposeldy he was "busy." Then we called the number for which the man works for and it was out of state!!! The contractor said that it's up to the "DETERMINER" to determine whether she gets the money back or not. I told him we cancelled the contract within that 3 business days and he kept on saying it's up to the determiner. She went to the bank and told them to stop her check. Luckily, the check was cancelled. My mom went back to Home Depot to complain to them and get something back. When the employee went to look for her name she was never registered on the computer but she kept her receipt to show proof. The employees didn't even know what was going on.

  • Mo
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    i just picked out hardwood flooring told them i wanted it installed it took 2 weeks for them to come measure when the installer went to pickup the flooring they had sold it. nice move homedepot ill go back to my local reliable hardware store. i am out 80 bucks and have no floor.

  • To
      20th of Nov, 2015
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    Home Depot's Door Service is lower than not satisfied, I advise you not to use this place basically a complete scam. I recommend Sears instead because if the door is not working they at least will call you back. The workers first of all had clearly had no training before hand I'm sure I could have done a better job. They put way too much spray foam so the locks were always jammed and they got their sticky fingerprints on the door which they recommended something to clean it which didn't work so I can never paint it. Plus they should have had to clean it for me so if I didn't work they would know that the door needs replacing. This morning I came down stairs to find water or moisture on the doors threshold. Which now gives proof that there is an air draft coming from the door that can blow out a candle. I have called the Home Depot to get them to redo the door and was told I would have to call the door service which I have ten times and have not received a reply. Finally someone called me back nearly a month later which is to late to ask a refund. She brushed off the door not actually being able to shut properly as I should pick the lock holes with a knife to remove the spray foam which had already attempted. I will never purchase anything large from home depot again unless someone actually replaces the door.

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