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I purchased a GE Adora washer and dryer at Home Depot in February, 2006. The washer quit working on October 20, 2006. It's now October 4th, and the repair man hasn't show up yet. I wouldn't be nearly as upset about this but for the fact that GE "lost" my rebate information for these appliances, and refused to let me re-apply for it. I paid $2600 for the washer, dryer, and a dishwasher. Home Depot was nice enough to give me a store gift card for the amount of the rebate, since GE dropped the ball. It wasn't even their responsibility!

So, a family of 5, with 4 dogs and a cat is going on 4 days without laundry. That is what $2000 gets you from GE!

I've read other complaints about these products, and it looks like the GE appliances have about a 6 years lifespan. So, in 5 years and 3 months, I'll be spending another couple grand on another brand...won't be GE!

Off I go to wash another load in the tub!


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Sep 10, 2016 5:26 pm

Words cannot express how much I hate, despise and oath the GE Adora washing machine purchased in 2013. I desperately wish the cursed thing would fall apart. I have to wash clothes at least 3 times to try to get them somewhat clean. This is the absolutely worst machine possible. I would give anything to have a good old fashioned washing machine.

Mar 06, 2015 9:38 pm

We purchased a used consignment GE Adora front loader washer only. We were told that it worked great & was just a scratch & dent model. We hooked it up & tried to do the 1st load & it was a catastrophe! It set there & wouldn't do anything but just spin around for like 10-15 mins with no water (yes it was hooked up right) then it started shaking horribly! When it got into the actual cycle & the water did start coming in it was just barely a stream, then water started leaking all over our laundry room floor! ARGH! Not only do we not have a working washer but the place that sold it to us will NOT do anything about it. So not only would I not recommend this GE appliance but also will NOT be doing business with these people again. Just hope we dont have a completely ruined floor that we have to deal with now:-(

We bought a new home March 1st, 2014... and with our home we purchased the GE Adora washer & dryer set from Home Depot.

I'm knocking on wood as I'm typing this... The only issue so far, is only with the washing machine. For some reason, it leaks water into the drawer handle area beneath the front loader. And it also "pools" with water onto our floor... not a huge pool of water but enough to soak your sock if you stepped into it by mistake.

The GE repairman came out twice so far. 1st VISIT: He asked if I had ever did a "Basket Clean" on the washer ? I said "No... what's that ?" He chuckled and proceeded to show me the setting on the dial and went ahead and set the machine on this setting. He said... "You should be all set." I'm thinking... Okay... he's the repairman... maybe he knows some little trick of some sort.

Well... as soon as I did my next load of laundry... the pool of water was back again. I didn't think setting the machine on a "Basket Clean" would do anything magical... and apparently I was right.

2nd VIST: Same repairman came to the house. He had parts being delivered for the past week or so, to replace the entire front door, and the grey colored rubber seal around the door inside the machine. He did his thing and left. Low & Behold... darn thing still leaks and pools onto my floor.

We have another appointment set, but honestly, I'm not sure what they can do. Looks as though this is a flaw of some sort and should be recalled. We'll see what happens.

BTW... The tray that holds the soap & bleach... That is the dumbest design EVER ! If you don't pull that darn drawer out after doing your laundry, it will collect a slime of some sort... I guess from "stagnant" water... It's gross ! Not a very efficient or smart design move on GE's part. You would think after making washers & dryers for decades, they would have this laundry process down to a science !

I can't tell you what to buy... Just make sure you do your homework and read the reviews on products before you make such a expensive purchase.

Mar 20, 2014 12:08 pm

The GE washer model WHDVH626FGG lasted maybe 6 years and then the cast on the piece of junk eroded away and two arms completely broke off and was wondering what the train noise was coming from so being a maintenance technician I have taken the thing apart and aluminum cast should never be used as a material on a washer due to the fact soap is corrosive and etas metal.

Mar 11, 2014 5:26 pm

This is the worst Washing machine we have ever owned. We got it for it's "high capacity" tub, too find out you can only wash 3 pairs of jeans at the same time, I currently am on washing my sheets for the 4th time because it doesn't put enough water in to even get the sheets completely wet let alone wash out my son's vomit. Thank God! We have only had this machine 3 day's. We will be exchanging this for something different.

I purchased a ge adora set from home depot. The washer quit draining after about 6 mo. i went through the owners manual numerous times and found nothing to help. I took the panel off to find that the lint trap is buried behind the lower cover. so now for three years we have had it looking like frankenstein without the cover as it has to be cleaned every other week or it quits draining. The machine also quits accepting fabric softener or bleach. When you remove the dispensor droor it has a pink slimy mold all over the inside. Ive never had this problem with any other washer weve had.


May 11, 2011 1:01 am
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GE washer wdrr2500k3ww is bad buy at any price . It is not able to handle any normal load size. Today after not even a year it is piece of junk waiting for the local landfill. It will be cheaper to buy another machine. Thank you GE for filling and using valuable resources on building your junk it should be a crime.


### You Jack Walsh you bald headed little ###er!

Feb 05, 2011 8:56 pm
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All I can say is...I've had them out at least 10 times to repair both the washer and the dryer. (Front loader Adora washer and matching dryer.) I have a family of 7 and my husband and I both work full time and he goes to college also. Thus, when it's time to get clean clothes...It's imperative that everything works as promised! I'm going to try to call again today and put in a formal complaint too, (as one person stated above). The thing that really gets me is how stupid they make you feel when you call...I literally feel my blood pressure rise as they're asking me if the door is closed all of the way and possibly restricting my dryer from working properly! Anyway, I will NEVER EVER buy or be given a GE product again! They came out yesterday and replaced the control panel of the dryer because the repairman said our dryer was, "crazy"! And yet, today, there is only cold air blowing out of the vent hose!

Sep 07, 2010 2:42 pm

I am also a victim of GE's poor products and non-existant customer service. In November 2006 we bought an GE Adora Front Load Washer and Dryer from Home Depot. We had problems with the tub not draining, clothes not spinning properly and the machine being so loud you could hear it outside the house with the doors closed. If that wasn't bad enough this past July the washing machine became even louder (as if that was possible) and I started finding pieces of plastic in my laundry. The repairman came out and said we needed a new drum mechanism, he would order the parts have them delivered to our home and be back the following Friday with another repairman to fix it. (he said it was a 2 man job as they had to take apart the entire machine). At the time we were thankful we purchased the extended warranty, which later turned out to be useless. The parts were never delivered, never received a call back from the technician and after several calls to GE we found out the parts were backordered until July 24 and would be shipped when they came in. After receiving no parts the next week we once again called GE, after being transferred to several rude people we were told that the parts were backordered until August 2. By the time they got the parts shipped and a repair date scheduled it would be several more weeks until my machine was fixed. (It had been out of service since the beginning of July). We called Home Depot, discussed our issue with a manager and had a loaner machine at our house within 2 hours. Two days later (the last week of July) our parts that were backordered until Aug 2 showed up out of the blue. 4 large boxes (each as big as the washing machine drum) were delivered by a Fed-Ex van. Is this cost effective, the whole machine needed to be rebuilt. My repair appointment was scheduled for Aug. 23. I got the usual 8 hour window..between 8 am and 5 pm for service. I called 3 times that day trying to get an approximate time for the technician to arrive. Once I listened to the automated line, after putting in my phone number to verify the appointment I was told by the computer that my appointment was between 8 and 5. Twice I spoke to humans who told me the same thing, had an appointment between 8 and 5 but couldn't give me an approximate time, however both people told my I would get a call 30 min before the technician arrived. At 4:45 I hadn't received a call and called GE, at this point I was told that I didn't have an appointment scheduled (after being told I had earlier in the day) and that I was never scheduled for an appointment I was still on "parts hold"..funny I had the parts city in my house for 3 weeks. At this point I wanted that piece of Junk out of my house. I was sick of dealing with GE, I didn't want my washing machine repaired and the extended warranty company was totally useless. (they covered the parts ..that's about it). We placed another call to home depot...that night they reimbursed us completely for our 3 1/2 year old GE Hunk of Junk washing machine (including reimbursment for the pedestal, tax and shipping)..we picked out a new washer and dryer set. (NOT GE). The matching GE dryer is For Sale and the next thing to go is my GE refridgerator. I had GE profile refridgerator, stove and microwave in my old house and had no problem with them. I bought a refridgerator, washer and dryer for my new house because of my past I can honestly say I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GE PRODUCT. I will never have another one in my home, I don't care if it's given to me. General Electric has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I was transferred to at least 7 people in one phone call and I was told by one woman not to blame my problems on GE...hello...who made the faulty products? On the other hand Home Depot was very helpful...I wish I hadn't waited almost a month to call them, I would have had a loaner washer sooner. (Don't think I would by another extended warranty..their extended warranty company was terrible as well).

Mar 23, 2010 5:14 am

Oh how I wish I had read the above comments BEFORE I bought this big expensive piece of JUNK! The Adora is 13 months old and I 've had nothing but trouble since the beginning. Leaking from the door, rubber seal torn, OFTEN doesn't spin the clothes, OFTEN doesn't cycle all the way down to the end of the cylce, just gets stuck on1 minute left. OFTEN doesn't turn on for a second wash after the first.
Here is a PERFECT example of this: 17 yo puts clothes in washer and asks me to put in dryer in the morning. I go to move the clothes to dryer...they are SOAKING...didn't spin properly. Go to turn the washing machine on Rinse and Spin...doesn't do either, just makes a noise like it's trying to drain, but there's NO WATER IN THE MACHINE. Try to turn it off. Lights indicate it's off, but it's still running! Try to turn it on...WON'T TURN ON! Stuck with a bunch of sopping wet clothes and a daughter who will have no clean clothes for school. UGGGHGHHHGH! We've had a repair guy out here who couldn't fix it...GE sent us a new front panel which didn't help one bit! I'm just STUCK with this piece of [email protected]#$ because I can't afford a new mahcine. TRUST ME...DO NOT BUY THIS LEMON! What really irks me too, is that my previous washing machine lasted me about 15 years, with daily loads (4 kids) and I'm sure I didn't pay nearly what the Adora cost me. :( :( :(

wish I had read these complaints b/4 i purchsased

I wish I had read this b/4 I bought a GE WASHER MODEL WDRR2500K3WW top loader. It is doing about same as one in this article. I have owned GE appliances since 1962 and all my GE washers have been excellent and never had a service call and lasted about 15-19 years.

Only had this one about 2 weeks and already tub leaks. Had excellent service tech out and he said it was due to hose to washer not properly connected however it still leaks. It makes too much noise, in no way has 14 cycles as ad states and ad also says it is quiet which it is not.

Have a call into to HD right now waiting on Mgr to call me back . GE said they can do nothing about it but that store should take it back since I have not yet had it 30 days. Had planned to buy more expensive upgraded model GE but after reading so many GE complaints am not so sure. I bought new dryer GE at same time and so far it seems ok.

I worked for GE as did my husband in TV dept. and we are stockholders but GE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER LIKE THEY USED TO BE - SADLY DISAPPOINTED.

Jan 22, 2010 7:44 pm

Today is the final straw! On Monday for the 5th time in less than 4yrs the GE service idiot came to fix my washer yet again. He was here less than an hour and replaced a few pieces and then said "we're all set", however later that day when I went to use the machine the door didn't close. Funny thing is that wasn't the reason I called them. The washer has eaten more clothes then it has cleaned at this point. But the biggest disappointment is today, when I stayed home from work for another repair man to come and fix the now broken door and he NEVER showed up. I was given the famous 8am to 5pm window and by 3:45 pm hadn't heard a word and called them only to find out that they logged my service apt for another day. They even admitted to the error. I fought with them for over an hour and 15 minutes and still have no resolution. Sham on you Aron (messed up the apt), Ron (for doing nothing) and I truly hope that on Monday Bobbi does something besides say "I don't know how service handles that". They are all from customer relations, far cry from any customer service I have EVER received! GE gets a big fat F for product, service and quality.

Nov 06, 2009 9:03 pm

Someone said that the GE Washer won't last but six years. That's good news to me, because mine has been a piece of junk since the first month we bought it. It wasn't cheap and I can't wait until it dies so I can get something else. I will never ever buy another GE appliance or product. All of the problems I'm reading about on the web, lead me to one conclusion. Shame on you GE!

Oct 22, 2009 9:53 pm

JUNK, JUNK, JUNK. Thats all I have to say. 3 yrs. old front tub has stress cracks and is leaking very bad. $180 for parts for what for it to happen again, nope! Looking for a new brand name. GE never again.

Oct 12, 2009 1:57 pm

I bought the quiet GE Adora washing machine in June 2005, within the year I was calling with a problem of water leaking out of the machine onto my floor. The machine stopped spinning not washing the clothes. GE sent a repairman to my home; he stated the tub and motor needed to be replaced. The parts were replaced, machine still giving me problems. After several phone calls to GE the machine was replaced. 2008 here we go again. This machine is so loud you can not hear the TV, you can actually hear it outside of my home. Now my entire floor in my laundry room needs to be replaced. I think this is classified as a lemon...I will never buy a GE appliance again. How is it that nothing holds up and works like it did when we were growing up! With the latest technology you would think things would last at least 15 years.

Aug 12, 2009 8:28 am

I have a GE Adoras that is a hunk of junk! GE had the worst exteneded warranty and will NOT honor their lemon clause at all. After repair people to numerouse to count have been to my house they all say they don't know what is wrong. I have to use the rinser and spin cycle over and over or even just run another cycle without out soap to get the soap out. I use half of the recommneded amount of HE soap. I have terrible rattling noise inside as well. I had my last GE set got 10 years and only got rid of it because we are military and everywhere we moved had a set. Then we needed a new one...won't be GE after this set though. I HATE GE!

Apr 13, 2009 12:04 pm

I also have a GE Adora washer and dryer, I bought it in 2007. I think it is a hunk of junk. You would think spending close to $3000 on a brand new washer and dryer you would get a good product. My previous low end lower capacity front loader that cost half as much actually worked far better and handled more laundry. Since I bought this washer 2 years ago it has; chewed up numerous light weight clothes, of which GE reimbursed me for some, when it spins it makes a banging noise that would wake the dead, also when it spins it dances across the floor and we usually find it a foot from where it is supposed to be. I have had warranty work done by GE in the first year and had Home depot repair people out for the extended warranty and no one seems to find the actual problem and solve it. I am completely sick of it and today I have phoned GE to launch a formal complaint! There product is a lemon and I will never buy GE again, nor would I recommend anyone buy there product in the future.

Feb 16, 2009 3:12 pm

I have all of the same problems - clothes too wet at times and water leaking out of front. Thank goodness I found a post somewhere about cleaning out the filter behind the panel which sometimes fixes the rinse/spin problem. I will not buy GE again. For this amount of money, there are far too many negatives.

Jul 16, 2008 11:37 am

I also have been cursed; our washer has been leaking water from front seal. Repairman has already been out, he will be out again for more money. He told me that he has been on many service calls for the same reason. There should be a RECALL soon.

Jun 16, 2008 1:49 pm

We purchased our GE Adora washer & Dryer in 2006 from Home Depot and the washer has been leaking massive amounts of water for 8 months now...of course we did'nt purchase the extended warranty because we figured something new and this pricey with such a big name as GE would'nt need it! Has anyone else experienced this problem with their washer?

Apr 23, 2008 6:10 pm

GE told me I shouldn't have a load of towels and that I should mix towels with other items with no more than about 3-4 towels per load. What else do I need to wash in hot? Nothing, except towels. When a washer can't properly spin a load of towels, it's no longer a washer, just a piece of junk.

Jan 26, 2008 8:16 am

I recently bought a GE Adora washer/dryer combo back in Sept 2007, and I am having problems 4 months into the purchase with the washer. The water is not draining completely out of the tub, and the spin cycle is not spinning the clothes dry. This is causing the dryer now to do more work.

I have the repair man coming out on Tuesday.

I am beginning to second guess myself why I bought them. Good thing I bought the extended 5 year warranty, because it looks like its going to be a long 5 years.


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