Home Depotgas grill lost - 5 calls to get it delivered by on-trac - online order wa44091606

Ordered a gas grill on-line November 23rd which was scheduled to be delivered November 26th. After more than 5 calls to your customer service, it appeared the shipment was lost and I never got any new schedule of tracking which still indicates "will deliver on the next day - in transit" by your On-Trac supplier (which is the most "unreliable" carrier I ever seen. After all complaints I did with your customer service, they were in touch with them to trace my package, they always confirmed they would ship next day, but they never did. (See tracking C12606424243277).

This carrier hurts your reputation. Final complaint I issued was November 28, in which I took time to explains what was going on with the delivery of that gas grill. Your employee, Yakima Johnson, issued a case # [protected], November 30th, stipulating I had to call or text for delivery, which I already did on 5 occasions, but my order never got updated by your carrier. I added pictures to show that order was lost somewhere and there was anything I can do to get my delivery.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mesa, AZ I was so frustrated that I took the time to detail what happened and that I got that impersonal letter.

I told her I wouldn't call one more time, because I did every effort (and more) to get delivery of this damn gas grill. I asked her that Home Depot do their job, that she ship me another one and that she makes arrangement with your carrier. By the way, on my letter, I told Home Depot that I had no phone number, no email address, I mean there was no way that I can contact your carrier or Home Depot customer service to be able to get my order delivered.

When I hear your advertising to order online, this is absolutely not the king of awful service I was looking after. So, we're stock at home waiting for your carrier who will probably ask for a signature.

We are a seasonal customer and constantly bought lists of material because we refurbished a house here in à Mesa Arizona. Service was always good in the past. As a positive feedback, I can tell that your after sale service, is non-existent.

Christiane Béland
Mesa, Az

Dec 02, 2018

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