Hertz / poor service, bad attitude

Reagan National Airport Hertz, United States

12/30/2015 - Reservation for car rental in my name to pick up car at Reagan National Airport, had to change to my wife's name at the last minute due to arrival issues. When making the change advised agent we both would be driving the car. At the airport the agent would not allow me to be added as a driver (I made the reservation, I am Gold member so they have all my information). Worse, was the fact the office located on floor one said it was closed, no lights on and no one was in the office and to go the 3rd floor. My wife and other adults went to the third floor only to be told that so and so was scheduled to be working in that office until 2:30 a.m. and they had to go back to the first floor. Returned to the first floor, all the lights are still out in the office, all four counters say closed, but there is one woman who is talking to another apparent customer and another agent sitting in front of a window that says "open". However, when approached the agent says she isn't open and to go talk to the other agent. After waiting about 20 minutes the other agent finally completes her task yells "next" (my wife and her passengers were the only other people in the room) and eventually completes the transaction. Next is the car, it has 41k miles on it and runs like it has 80k. I have never had this kind of experience with Hertz before. Now I have to make an unwanted trip back to the airport with my wife (since I can't drive the car) to get this fixed. The remedy, either a credit or learn my lesson about continuing to rent from Hertz.

Dec 30, 2015

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