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Absolutely ridiculous story. My wife got rearended and took our car in to get fixed. The hertz people tell me on the phone " Absolutely NO charge, only a deposit, the other persons' insurance is paying for it". When my wife got there, the agent tells her she has to get this isurance, so she called me at work to ask me about it. I said we don't need it but the guy says in the backround " It's only $38.00, and the insurance company fixing your car wont cover this so you need to." So I said whatever, no sence in arguing over $38.00. Our car took quite a while to fix, like 25 days quite a while, so my wife takes it back in and gets everything squared away and done, so she thinks. Later that day they call and say ' You owe use nine hundred and some odd dollars, ' ALMOST $1000.00!!! He mensioned nothing of this while she was there, he called her right before they closed for the day. He did not, I repeat did NOT tell my wife it was PER DAY!!! This is absolutely unethical and disgusting business. I am a business man myself and am appalled beyond belief!!

non payment of insurance claims

I had an accident over a year ago and the other party had a Hertz insurance. The accident gave me and my husband a soft tissue injury and we stacked up on bills like rented car while our car was being fixed, and other expenses we would never have incurred if we have not been in tha accident. There were witnesses and the police report stated that we are not at fault. Until now one year later we have not yet settled with Hertz. They have adjusters who are liars and have no regards for the law. The Hertz adjuster I spoke to, spoke poorly about the officers of the law who did our police report, and this I found disturbing. The company refused to pay our rented car, stating that there was no agreement that they will pay for those other expenses. What angered me about all this incident is that we never asked for this accident to happen. On my part, as an injured party, I only wanted to get what I felt was taken from me. My time, stress, physical pain, mental anguished and personal injury, and property damamge. My point in all this experience is that whenever you decide to get a rented car or even get an insurance make sure it isn't from Hertz or you'll only get harassed and a very long and disappointing wait.

  • Wa
    Waiting in Vain Nov 04, 2009

    Did you compile a (pre law suit ) claims package with bills and send it to Hertz ? I was struck by a Herz driver and have not heard a single thing from Hertz or had a phone call returned after leaving Messages twice per day.

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  • Li
    lilew Dec 04, 2009

    I had an accident caused by a Hertz driver (their fault) and am not getting any replies from Hertz. Three days have passed since the accident and no adjusters have responded, I only reach an answer service when I call the Company. TERRIBLE customer service. I used to rent cars from Hertz but will no longer do so. I think responsible drivers and companies should NOT rent cars from Hertz.

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  • To
    tom burton Dec 15, 2010

    my brand new 2010 chevy truck was hit with over $10, 000 in damage by a hertz driver and since she didnt pay for the extra insurance hertz says they cannot be held responsible so it will have to go on my insurance. i think that it is horrible they can allow a car on the road like that

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  • Mt
    MTR2817 Apr 17, 2013

    I was hit by someone driving a hertz rental 4/1213. I haven't recieved a call back after leaving several messages. I have only made one payment on my brand new 2013 ford fusion. All I want to do is to get fixed.

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  • hinaic Aug 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have Proven They will not Play Fair, Keep posting your experiences.

    I have a site, Will not post link out of courtesy to this site, specifically oriented to this complaint.

    My Insurance company will not assist me with an UNINSURED DRIVER claim, because the DRIVER supposedly was insured, and the Oregon DOJ, and Attorneys are just not understanding. Just because I won the Suit against the Driver, doesn't mean they have to pay it. Hertz only owns the car, and is self insured for the replacement of that car... not yours.. your car is crap, I can tell just by NOT looking, that you have the lowest trim, High Mileage, Bad Paint, Old tires, well, tires are tires, whether they are brand new or not, they don't count.

    Here is a comparison car, no VIN, Wrong Model, Wrong style, wrong trim, and they don't exist. I looked, 06/24/2008.

    You know they allow you to upload your images, MAYBE they will find them. Maybe not, depends on if they look or not. See also, CCC Valuescope, CCC one, and other CCC news in the archives, and you will see this is not the first time this has been brought to the attention of OUR State, as in 2007, one year before Hertz Rentals Driver hit my vehicle, Oregon Closed that loophole with ORS 20.080.

    Obviously didn't work, as I am still waiting 2, 683 days, 5 hours, 53 minutes and 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds for a fair offer.

    Best of Luck to you all and thank you for Posting your Experiences with Hertz Claims Management, even if it is so we don't feel alone. :)


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dirty car, no customer service

Car that I picked up at the airport from No. 1 Gold area was not cleaned, not prepped. Nobody working outside, only option was to stand in a long line.

Drove to the exit gate and discovered that they also hadn't put a contract in the car, which they're supposed to do for gold members
(we pay a yearly fee for this convenience).

Had to wait a long time at exit gate to get the contract. On returning the car, again nobody working there, long line of customers. Had to abandon the car in their returns paddock just to catch my flight on time.

Are Hertz laying off workers? I telephoned Customer Relations and somebody promised that someone would get back to me, but nobody did. Should I stop using Hertz and encourage my colleagues to do the same?

  • Er
    Ermaconnors21 Feb 20, 2009

    Yes you should stop using Hertz and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

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  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    First of all, it is not 'ARE Hertz'. It's IS... forget it. Yes, Hertz has laid off 40% of its workforce, in 2008. Thanks to Mr CEO himself. Hertz has also shrotened the fleet.
    Blame on the economy. Rather, blame on the republicans for the ### job they did for 8 years.

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ridiculously overcharged

My husband and I rented a car with Hertz in November while we were at home to see my Sister's wedding. We had the rental car for 3 days. Our Flight was supposed to leave St. Louis for Savannah to come back home on the 3rd day. We found out that we couldn't make our flight because of the time of the wedding, so we asked the clerk in St. Louis how much money it would cost to drop off the car out of state in Georgia. She quoted us an amount based on the mileage and number of days from her computer and said it would be about 150-200 fee to drop it that many miles away from the original destination. However, when we dropped the car off in Savannah, they charged us a 600 dollar "drop fee" for taking the car to any other city other than the one we got the car from. This is outrageous! If you are going to charge someone this much for your services, it needs to be printed somewhere we can readily access. It would have been cheaper to just fly at a later time. I will NEVER use Hertz again!!! NEVER!!!

breach of contract

The Company that WON’T pick you up: Tourist is stranded almost 3 hours in a mountain snowfall while...

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unethical charging of credit card

I hired a car from Hertz UK for two days. When I returned the car the agent looked at it, said it was OK and told me I could go.

Two months later Hertz charged my credit card for 220 euro.

I phoned them and asked why. They said they were charging me for damage I had caused to the car.

After my phone call they put internal record sheets in the post to me showing that some of the damage they had charged me for was already noted on the pre rental form.

For three months I tried to get clarification. In the end they referred me to the small print which says they can charge what they like.

They said my only choice was to refuse to pay the credit card payment in which case they would pursue me with a debt collection agency.

So the summarise the service Hertz offers:

They charge your card without giving you notice or warning
They don't tell you what they charge you for
They threaten you with debt collectors if you don't agree with them

I would advise people not to use Hertz unless they are willing to have their credit card abused.

  • Lu
    LucFouquet Jun 25, 2010

    I have a similar (negative) experience with Hertz rental in San Fransisco Intl airport. I had reserved (and prepaid) an SUV car, and when i got to the airport to collect it, they gave me a (quite big !) SUV so i was happy. Now it turns out that they charge me an (not asked by me!) upgrade cost as the car was bigger than the one i had reserved. People : pay attention at what documents you sign : before you know it Hertz will charge you extra for things you did not ask for !!

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bad service

This is just one of many complaints I have about the hertz agency at the duluth airport. I returned a car I...

extremely poor customer service

A friend and I both made car reservations through Hertz on Wednesday, January 23rd—for Tuesday, March 18-Monday, March 24, at the Merida International Airport in Merida, Mexico.

We both received confirmation e-mails and numbers (mine was D9023920862). My reservation was for a Chrysler Atos - Manual, with A/C or similar Manual Air. I believe my friend (Kathy Walton) made a similar reservation but requested an upgrade to an automatic transmission.

When we got to the Merida airport, we found out that our cars had been given away - even though we had called from the Houston airport earlier that day (3/18) to confirm the reservations -- because our flights were cancelled and delayed several times due to extreme weather conditions. (In fact, the Houston airport was actually closed for part of the day because of the severe storms moving through the state.)

Btw, when we called from Houston, we were told by customer service that our cars were indeed confirmed - and that they would be there when we got there. We even made a point of telling them we would be VERY late because of the flight cancellations/delays.

Again, when we arrived in Merida (at about 11:30 pm), we were told our cars were given away - and that there were none available.

Our group consisted of three women, a young man (college student) and a young woman (high school student).

We were left stranded - late at night - at a close-to-empty airport - in a foreign country. It can’t get much better than that.

The two representatives from Hertz turned us away without even an apology. Actually, they closed up shop and left. They didn't even offer to help us with a taxi or direct us to a hotel. They simply told us we would have to come back tomorrow and HOPE that there would be cars available.

So, we had to walk close to a mile (at midnight), hail two taxis, and find a hotel.
(We had already paid in advance to stay at a B&B for the week - but since we didn't have a car, we couldn't get there.)

When we arrived back at Hertz the next morning (at 8 am sharp), we were again told that there were no cars available.

Of course, there was an SUV parked right outside - but we were told we couldn't rent that because they were holding it for someone else. So...we couldn't take that vehicle but yet they had no problem giving our cars away to someone else the night before.

I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably poor the customer service was.

After complaining for almost two hours, they finally rented us ONE small car (which we put in Kathy Walton's name). We had to cram five people and all our luggage into that one car.

The kicker is that a sixth member of our party was scheduled to arrive in Merida the next day. That meant we would not have room for her and her luggage in that one little car.

I called Hertz over and over and over again over the next TWO days - to get them to find us another car. At the end of the second day, they finally found us an SUV but told us we would have to pay for the upgrade. So, after we spent money we shouldn't have had to - on phone calls, several taxis, extra gas, and a hotel room - they refused to give us a free upgrade. We ended up driving around in that one little car, and then we had to pay for a van to take some of us back to the airport at the end of the week.

To top it all off, we ended up paying over $250 more than the price I was given on the original confirmation ticket.

I am completely appalled by the unbelievably poor customer service we received.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Small claims court, baby.

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false damage claim!

4 months after returning our rental car to the Hertz Agency in Idaho Falls Airport, I received notice that a...


I worked as a vendor for Hertz Rental Car and was exposed to harrassing abuse for years. When I complained in a letter to the VP they supposedly fired the guy but would never re-instate my position as a vendor. I guess when you make a bad deed public, you are enemy No. 1. I was a very productive contractor who put up with a lot of verbal/degrading abuse at the hands of Hertz managers. These big corporations think they are not to be held accountable. I will never purchase a rental car from them nor will anyone I know. Be careful who gets your dollar...they may be an undesirable company with less than honorable working practices. Shameful.


I rented a car on August 22, 2008 at 8:30am from the above location. My daily rate according to the contract...

#1 club gold rip-off

I joined the Hertz #1 Club Gold membership for its discounts and fast service. I was making car reservations for a 2 week vacation in Hawaii. Before using my Club Gold "passport to savings", i decided to see what my old Alamo had to offer. Full size car for 2 weeks..$469.00. Well I knew my new Club Gold could do a lot better than that! Then I thought lets see what my Delta Sky Miles membership could do. Full size car x 2weeks, Hertz, 34.50, = $482.95. Old Alamo, 20.71, = $289.00 (tax and fees included). Heck, Old Alamo looks pretty good but I know my new membership with Club Gold would do better...Who was I kidding, even with the PC# they gave me which would give a additional $10. off per day...$147.50 per day!!! PER DAY!! Well you can do what you want with it. Me, I'm going back to Old Alamo.

rip off

We hired a car in Toulouse online, and seeing as it was only a short 4-day holiday, we agreed to upgrading to an Opel convertible when we checked in, for an additional daily rate.

In Mirepoix for two days, south of Toulouse, and some little criminal put a scratch along the door, while we were parked overnight. The next night, the car was scratched again, along the boot, most likely by the same little worthless criminal. Both times the car was parked legally, under a street light, and (of course) while we were away, sleeping.

The result? On return, we were charged 440 euros by Hertz, i.e. 220 per panel. To make things worse, we were told that due to Hertz policy, it was cheaper to claim the scratches as our fault -- if we insisted on declaring the scratches for what they were, vandalism, we would have to pay the full excess of 660 euros. Go figure.

This is criminal in more ways than one. Basically, we would have needed to stand guard on the car day and night, without sleeping the entire rental period, to have avoided this. Thanks to some vandal, we are now over £400 poorer, with no recourse.

The result? I am NEVER using Hertz again. It is quite clear to me that they do not make their money from rentals, but from everything else they can screw the poor customer for. And I intend to tell everyone (you too, reader) to avoid Hertz like the plague.

  • Rs
    RSHouck3 Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You got off cheap. I was charged 363.80 Euros for scratches on a bumper. Not vandalism but also not my doing. They were so minor that a good washing and a black pen would have saved me A LOT. But I had not even noticed them. My advice: try to get a body shop to handle these scratches before the big corporate rip off happens. This is the equivalent of the gas charges they apply for filling up.

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  • Rm
    rmn Aug 26, 2009

    Hertz Vienna Airport rentals should be avoided at all costs. I tried to prepay everything, and get as much insurance as possible as I remembered something about this, but I was still screwed. The car was scratched in Bratislava. So my card was blocked for € 800, and I was charged a total bill of € 1, 065.81 for a two day Ford Taurus stick shift rental - and I had prepaid € 300 already!

    Well, turns out there is an excess in spite of all collision insurance that Vienna Hertz promptly used up (well, half of it) in repairing the scratches. The rest was tax, travel duty, highway duty, etc etc.

    Cheaper to buy a car and leave it at the airport when you are done. Frankly, leave it in the Hertz entrance (if you can find it - worst signage in the world)

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  • Ra
    Rago Jun 14, 2010

    Wow man you are a odd one. When you have the car YOU are responsible!!! If it's your car and someone vandalizes it who pays for it? YOU or your INSURANCE!! Why the hell do you think it should be any different in a rental?

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  • Be
    BethOcomplaints Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter nor my self rented a car from Hertz in November 2010. Yet Hertz gave my address and my daughters drivers license info to the Napa, CA police department. Be ware if you use Hertz. We have in the past. I dont understand how they can say we ran a red light in Napa with their car! They also will not show me any documentation that we were the ones that rented this car. [email protected] or by phone at 877-977-5771 will not give me documentation stating that we did not rent this car. My daughter is 22 years old, how did she rent this car?

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  • Fl
    flyhi152 Oct 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was going to rent a car from them and their CSR wanted to force me into an insurance contract saying that the system would not allow him to take the additional $ 10, - for partial insurance out. This was after he had entered my credit card information and after he had put a charge of $ 385, - onto my card. I did not sign the agreement and told him that I would get a car from a competitor. I went to Avis and their agreement explicitly says: "Renters are not required to purchase loss damage waiver (LDW). It is not mandatory. Before purchasing LDW, Renter should check if own insurance covers damage to and loss of the car"

    The next day I saw the charge on my credit card and went back to Hertz to ask the guy how he could charge my card without an agreement. His answer was that Hertz always does it like that, charging the credit card before the customer has a chance to see the agreement and to sign it. He told me "You have to make that out with your credit card company..."

    I never signed any agreement and never authorized Hertz to charge my credit card. Their employee did not even tell me "I am going to charge your card in the amount of $ xxxx . I was not even aware of the amount of $ 385, - before I saw the charge when I went online into my banking account. I did not get a credit card slip either. What kind of company is that ?????

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$60.00 unauthorized charge

I had initially signed up for a plan, because there was a Hertz Rental center down the street from my home, making it very convenient to do business with. Unbeknownst to me, this same site had gone out of business. I immediately contacted the Center with in 2 days and spoke with a women who stated she understands and will cancel the plan since I had never used it. The strange thing is this charge did not appear on my card until months later.

false refilling charges

I rented a car from Hertz Bordeaux. I returned the car with a full tank and produced a receipt to prove car had been filled completely only minutes before returning the vehicle. I got an invoice the following week for refilling the car with 51 liters of diesel - this is utterly impossible and Hertz has failed to respond to any of my emails. Looking at the web it appears many other Hertz customers experience the same.


paying for extra insurance

On May 15 2008 at approx 3pm I showed my reservation to the only teller at Hertz Car Rental desk inside the...


My wife was involved in a hit and run accident. she got the license plate number of the car and it turned it into the police and it turns out to be a hertz rental car. I called hertz and they are acting as if nothing ever happened and they can't get a hold of the person that was driving the car. This is by far the worst customer service ever. Now i'm stuck with a wrecked vehicle thanks to Hertz!

  • Fo
    Former Hertz Employee Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Believe me, I used to work for Hertz. They will put this off as long as possible because they owe money but if you owe Hertz money, they will ride your ### so hard you will feel like you are permanently attached to them. That is their MO. Mark Frissora is a piece of ### and has ruined a once good company. Also, Joe Eckroth is ###ing is secretary.

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  • Tw
    twentysixes Aug 05, 2009

    te ### is your problem? dont you have your own insurance? just call them and give them the police report, they'll go after them... end of story!

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item left in rental stolen!

I recently rented a car from Hertz car company; it was a one-way rental from New Mexico to California. I...

very sour note on a great trip

A great month long trip through five European countries ended on a very sour note. Returning a rental car from Hertz's European division at the Frankfurt airport in Germany, a small nick of about an inch was found low on a front piece of plastic. Had I known about it at the time, I would have fixed the problem myself with some sandpaper, filler and matching color (black). The materials would have cost me maybe 50 Euros and the work would likely have taken me a couple of hours. Instead, Hertz in Germany billed me almost 675 Euros without tax. This figure was "justified" with 85 Euros for labor, 338+ Euros for painting and paint and 248+ Euros for replacement parts. The total conveniently stayed under the deductible limit of 750 Euros for the insurance. But there is another culprit in this sorry saga. Hertz had information on my Regions debit card, which purposely only had $222+ in the account without overdraft protection to prevent a big financial loss in case of theft. I didn't realize that thievery can also have a corporate face that can override any protections I myself devised. The day after I got back to the States from my trip, Hertz had already gotten the entire sum of money they felt they were owed from Regions - an almost $700 overdraft. The bank never asked me if I agreed. I was only notified after the fact. To sweeten the pot, all overdraft fees were dropped. But any leverage I would have had with Hertz's European division was now also gone. It was as if two corporate giants had conspired to give me a nice fleecing. It took weeks with the help of my AAA booking agent (one organization wouldn't even deal with me personally) to get to Hertz headquarters, which referred me to their European division. My letters of complaint got friendly responses and kept referring me to yet another address, until I had enough and decided to write this post (I had warned Hertz's European division that I would do so). As for Regions Bank, there was no way of getting a hold of headquarters after getting "we're sorry" from the nice ladies at the regional office. A message I posted at Regions website remained unanswered. Bottom line: Buyer beware! Be careful what cards you use (credit, debit) and with whom, what cars you rent and with whom and in what shape they're in at all times.

  • To
    Toma123 Jun 21, 2009

    Hertz anywhere is a bad choice of a company to deal with. You must realize that the bottom-line is that they will soak you for as much as they can whenever they can Best bet is to steer clear and avoid them no matter what they may say. Many other companies operate this same way! Always avoid these types and never ever listen to their deals always far too much fine print. You would need to be a very good lawyer just to comprehend there legal traps.

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  • Sa
    say_what?? Mar 21, 2011

    Agree with both the above. The European franchisees have been exhibiting particularly odious behavior ever since the Private Equity takeover of Hertz Global. I can only assume this behavior is filtering down from the top.

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  • Fe
    felicitas johnson Jul 12, 2013

    Made reservation in USA and got a quote of $724.00 without insurance as I requested. When I picked up the car at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany nobody mentioned any other fee. At the counter I said again "No insurance" and the only conversation was" all looks fine with your reservation sign here for the keys and car. Must admit, I did not read anything, I did not mark anything, after a 11.5 hour flight I just wanted to get out of there. Signed what I assumed was release of car to me and left. Upon return I was presented with a bill for $2500.00. Somehow I signed for some additional insurance that was 3x as much as I was quoted originally. No complaint helped, they just said I signed something.
    You would think that an amount like this would somehow be pointed out, they obviously saw my initial quote. I would have never agreed and rather walked to my destination. BE AWARE!

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customer neglect!

An Hertz employee by the name of Nick was extremely rude to me when I asked for his assistance. I had a...