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fraudulent-ripped me off, big time!

Hertz (Aka herts) auto transport is such a fraud, they mispell their own name! They ripped me off for over $1300 and never performed the service for which they were paid. After making a duplicate charge on my credit card, and two weeks after the date they were supposed to pick up my vehicle, they refused to answer their phone or return my calls or return my money! This is now being handled by my credit union as a fraudulent transaction. These folks need to return to the country they came from (Not the usa) and rip off their own fellow citizens. Based out of miami, fl and doing business nationwide... Consumers beware!

terrible service

I am a hertz gold member and I rented an hybrid at the Hertz geneva (Switzerland) location. When I landed, the car was not ready and never got an hybrid car. They gave me another car and I had to wait for an hour to get it. They did not have a car ready even though, you are technically suppose to get the car key and go.

I brought back the car three days later to pick up another car. I had another gold memeber reservation and again they did not have the car. I had rented a midsize car automatic and the only car they wanted to give me was a compact. I refused and the young lady was rude and would not want to give me either a midsize or a larger vehicle as it is normal practice if they don't have the category you rented for. I finally ask for my money back as it was prepaid and the other person working at the counter saw I was upset and finally got me in a car wher I could put at least my suitcase; this was again after one hour of discussion. This is the 3rd time I rented form this Hertz location and this is the worst I have seen. Inefficient; they spend more time chatting together and would care less about customer service.

When I asked for the manager; the answer was there is no manager. They should fire the people in charge at this location. It is a disgrace and I will not rent anymore from Hertz. The girl over there I found later never got my gold card back on top of that. In any case I don't need it anymore.

Bye Bye Hertz; you're a joke of a company; FIRE HERTZ GENEVA AIRPORT STAFF (the one at the return / pickup location)

  • Se
    ServiceProfessor Aug 23, 2009

    I will never rent from HERTZ again. After waiting 30 minutes at Chicago O'Hare airport for a HERTZ shuttle to take me to the service counter, I had to wait 30 minutes in line to be told I had to wait another hour before my car, which I had reserved online, would be ready. While I understand things can sometimes get bottle necked with car rentals, the real frustrating issue was that there were only two people assisting customers, while several other HERTZ employees were walking around in the back office. Finally, after waiting with my luggage in a crowded service waiting room for an hour, I was told the car was ready. I was sent to a stall on the far side of the lot. I struggled to get all of my luggage to the slot (another 15 minute adventure) only to find that there was no car. I went back to the service counter, with all of my luggage again, told them the situation and was offered an economy car, (I had reserved a small SUV), with no rate reduction. After yet another 20 minutes I was directed to another car and was able to leave the lot.

    How did HERTZ attempt to recover from this extremely disastrous customer service experience? I was offered a $25 discount on my next HERTZ rental. I told them this would be of great value to me if it was for a competitor such as Budget, given that I will never ever rent from HERTZ again.

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  • fessa 78 Sep 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I rented a HERTZ car at the Lausanne office in Switzerland where the tires were not balanced. I had to drive from CH to NL and no one in the office in Lausanne could help me. They redirected me to 5 other Hertz locations. The trip to NL was a nightmare. HERTZ Netherlands confirmed that the tires were worn out and that such a car should not have been given to a client. They wrote a letter to the colleagues in Lausanne, Switzerland to confirm the findings. From April to today September, I still have not heard anything back nor I got my money back. The service from Hertz is a shame for the company and scandalous for Switzerland. The company should be closed or train people better.

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  • Pa
    Pablo Costa Feb 03, 2013

    I agree fully. I have rented cars with Hertz Geneva twice and the service is awful. Barely speaking english, expensive, and on the top of it double charges on my credit card... I will never use them again...

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I was charged for a rental car toyota was going to pay for

I took my vehicle into toyota on october 31, 2009 for servicing. Since they were going to have my vehicle for several hours they told me that they would pay for a rental vehicle from the hertz dealership on site so I could run my errands while they were working on my vehicle. I only had the vehicle for 3 hours and retuned it in the condition that it was rented. In november hertz charged my credit card 352.00. I have called toyota and hertz several times a month since then and keep getting the run around from both. I have it in writing that it was their mistake...yet...they still havent refunded my money. If you do go there for service...DO NOT GIVE HERTZ YOUR CREDIT CARD 'JUST INCASE'...they think it is funny...they say it happens all of the time..it is not funny!!! Who in this economy can afford to go for 5 months with a fraudulent charge on their credit card?! buyer beware!!!

fuel surcharge scam

It seems Hertz Malta have a nice little scam going. I recently returned a car only to find a surcharge applied to my card for fuel. This is complete nonesense because the car was full upon return.
Incedibly the charge was made 2 days after retuning the car. Does this mean that someone at Hertz Malta drove the car for 2 days and then decided to charge the fuel to my card.
Of course Hetrz refuse to make any comment and are unable to substantiate their charge.

  • Vd
    V DeBono Mar 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Hanson,

    I have looked in our records for a rental with your name, however we do not have you on record.

    Kindly feel free to contact me on my e-mail [email protected] so that you can give us the details of your agreement and we can look in the matter.


    Veruschka DeBono
    Sales and Operations Manager
    Hertz Malta

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  • Ke
    kerronk Sep 22, 2011

    Rip off - If for eg you rented a car and only did a few miles, you would still be charged an extra, and exorbitant, amount for a full tank - This is dirty business and happened to me recently in Mallorca

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  • An
    a nony mous May 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This happens to me every other time I rent with them. Each time (so far) they have credited me back the mistaken charge. It happens so often I gotta believe they do it on purpose knowing that a certain % of people will not bother to question charge. Good racket if you can get away with it

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pricing gouging

I had made a reservation with Budget car rental at the Birmingham airport, but when I arrived to pick up the car, I was informed by Budget that they did not accept debit cards for payment. The CSR informed me that Enterprise and Hertz accept debit cards as payments, so I went to Enterprise, they were out of rentals, then I went to Hertz. I was informed that cars were available and asked what type of car I wanted. After I gave my information and gave my debit card to the CSR, she informed me that she would have to run a credit check for the rental...though I had never experienced this I said it was ok for her to run my credit. After she ran my credit, she informed me that I could rent a car and said that there was a Camry available...and then here comes the blow...she informed me that my rate would be $164.64, I informed her the would be fine and then she said "a day". I stated to her that price for a 3 day rental for in-state would be over $300 and she said yes, but it seems that you have no options, your the one who needs a car, either you can rent with us or you can thumb your way back home or to where ever your going. I was very shocked that she said this to me.
I felt because she had seen me going to the diffent rental counters that she knew that I was desparate and needed a vehicle. She was right, I had no options but to rent from Hertz. I am aggrevated and I feel cheated because the price was gouged due to my need for a car. I was charged $329.28 for a 3 day rental. When I reviewed my bank statement, I noticed that the charge from Hertz was $529.28. I called the car rental counter in the airport asking why was there an additional $200 charge to my account. After the CSR had reviewed my rental information I was informed that this was a security deposit and that it would be added back into my account. He also mentioned the rental rate. I informed him of what had happened. He apologized for the female's rudeness and did not mention the fact that I was price gouged to the extreme, he just said that the rate should not have been that high and ended the call. I would like to know the real reason why the rate so so high for the rental because as much as I have thought about letting this issue go, I can't because I feel as if I was taken advantage of because I there were no options left for me.

  • harry_palm69 Feb 18, 2010

    Dear Stupid ### with a debit card.
    First : Why don't you have a regular credit card? I can answere that : - You may not not a good credit history! or you may not have enough money. Am i in the right 'ballpark'?
    Second : If you felt that Hertz' prices were a bit too high for you, you should've walked. If can't afford it, don't buy it!
    Thrid : Next time, you should consider taking a bus. It's less expensive and there are no credit checks. Ok?!
    Get lost.

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  • Da
    David DiLorenzo Feb 20, 2010

    What kind of ignorant ### are you?? Have you nothing better to do than respond so rudely and judgmentally to genuine complaints, the likes of which may in time help to bring about improved customer care and service.

    I'm guessing that you're American.

    The kind we have to stomach on Jerry Springer?

    Do us a favour... if you can't stop writing your crap at least stay where you are and never ever go abroad!

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price gouging

After thoroughly investigating car rentals in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica in December, 2009 I made online arrangements with credit card pre-approval of $404.12 through American Express, I decided on Hertz (or should I say Hurt$ ) and upon depature the total was $681.00+..!!

I arrived in Liberia @ apprx 9:30 pm and was picked up and rushed to the agency..This was my first encounter with Mr. O.L. Vargas..They rushed me so much they actually left one bag on the curb at the airport to which I had to return and get, and thankfully it was still there..

He demanded that I presign a BLANK credit card slip, to which I refused..I said I would once I returned the car..He then said I had to leave the lot and he put my bags outside the gate in the dark on the highway..I was in tears...Obviously I had to consent to his terms as there was NOTHING nearby let alone telephones to make alternate arrangements..

He asked me about insurance and I said my insurance covers all vehicles that I drive including international travels, and he said to return the car full of fuel. Besides the fact when I actually left it was 1/2 full, I did fill the tank 10 minutes prior to return of the vehicle and I showed him the receipt..Get this, he thanked me for the gas and refused to take the $59.99 fuel charge off the receipt.! Never mind the fact the car was incacble of holding that much fuel, when in fact it was closer to 2 tanks of gas ..

I had arranged for an economy car as my needs were for local business only, so I received a manual Peugeot that was an ABSOLUTE wreck..The key did NOT work on the drivers side so I had to climb over the passenger side and the gearbox..Throughout the 2 weeks I had 2 tires that had slow leaks so I was constantly looking for fuel stations ( which is no easy task in Costa Rica ) to fill the tires..It left me incredibly insecure of my safety.

And now Hertz who asked for 2 weeks to investigate these allegations, in one day denies any liability ..."Our records indicate the difference between the approximate total quoted and
the amount billed is due to the Third Party Liability and Fuel Purchase Option (FPO)." ! Basically all they did was thank me for informing them of their inferior vehicles..

Oh yea they also put an unauthorized possiblity of charges for $1500 on my card...I find this so incredible astounding and I guess typical of Hurt$..

Oh yea, upon return to Sacramento airport at 11 pm. two weeks later Enterprise gave me a 2009 Ford Escape for $23.99 a day with NO hidden charges...

For your own safety and economic future NEVER rent from HURT$

  • Kk
    kkdman Mar 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You were lucky, my contract agreement was about $450 and I ended up paying $950. Usually the cost is about doubled because the government imposes a mandatory, non negotiable, liability insurance of $18/day. This is in addition to the $15/day collision insurance which can be waived with credit card insurance. What kind of insurance is this that cost $33/day or $12, 000/year. Pure rip off is what it is. They lure you in with their low rates and then stick you once you're there with these exorbitant charges. I have tried several times to file a complaint with Hertz but the sites/addresses they gave do not work and the ones I finally found don't respond.

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  • Pa
    PaLomaX Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am still in dispute through American Express..BTW if you are referring to the Guanacaste Hurt$ may I share that he is either already closed or about to..I sicked my resident atty. on him and in discovery it was revealed that MANY complaints and NON-compliance with their gov. regulations PROVED he is fraudulent...
    BTW my bill GREW after and during this process to which Hurt$ cannot explain. The putz kept adding charges after he AE cannot ignore that facthad filed..

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verbale fine online

I have received a verbale fine on line at 18:04 hrs. in Novate Milanese totalling 30 EURO which have been...


We rented a car for a week from Hertz at the Manchester Airport. When we returned the car we filled it with...

wrong invoicing

Hertz file FP9637/18

I am a Canadian citizen who spent some time in Sydney, Australia, in December 2009. As a tourist, I spent thousands of dollars there.

On December 1st 2009, I reserved a rental car from Hertz Corporation for a one day rental for the following day at the Hertz Sydney downtown office in Australia. Reservation number 9FKMPW.
I took charge of the car at the Hertz Sydney downtown office on William street at Sydney downtown on December 2nd 2009, at 8:00 hours. Rental agreement [protected].
I returned the car the same day at the Hertz counter at Sydney airport at 23:15 hours. The counter being closed at that time, I dropped the keys in the night drop box.
The following morning, December 3rd, I called Hertz office on William street, where I had picked the car up, to check the status of the car. The Hertz employee on the phone said he could not make the verification I requested but that I had not to worry.

Hertz charged me for a three days rental on my credit card, saying that their records show that the car was returned December 4th at 11:00 hours. I can prove that I was far away from the airport at that exact time. I argued through emails with Hertz Customer Relations but they would not ear anything. They did not answer any of my arguments, simply saying that after investigation, they stand by their original decision.

Because I returned the car on December 2nd at the airport counter (I have a witness), my point is that Hertz employees did a poor job by not checking the night drop box at the appropriate time, by not noticing the returned car sitting in their parking lot for 2 days, by not answering me correctly when I called their office on William street to check if they had the car returned in their system. As a customer, I do not have to pay for their employees’ negligence, so I ask that they correct their mistake and issue me a refund.

Any help to solve this issue would be much appreciated.

Gilles Morin
Montreal, Province of Quebec

  • Py
    PyramidSoul Aug 14, 2012

    Do NOT RENT WITH HERTZ Car Rental - Windscreen Damage

    Hi Guys/Girls, As part of my insurance with agreement with AAMI I get a rental car when my car is at repair. When I picked up my rental from Hertz/Franklin Street, Melbourne yesterday, I asked the gentlemen that I wanted to go over the car for any more scratches (5 scratches recorded/existing on the rental agreement. He said all scratches are recorded and you may go now).
    Trusting this Hertz employee I started to drive to my work. As soon as I got into traffic I noticed there was a small chip on the windscreen. Thinking this was a windscreen Thrifty has repaired, I tried calling them about 5 times through my 30 minute trip to work and then another 6 times during the day. The staff at Franklin St did not pick up the phone and the message said they were busy and call back again later (These called are recorded on my telephone account for future reference). I finally got hold of Hertz this morning and the lady who answered said bring the car in and they will swap it for another. When I drove in at lunch time, the Gentlemen looked at the car and said I was the one cause this damage and I will have to pay for the windscreen of $350. Now AAMI who have a partnership with Hertz also took the Thrifty side and said I am will have to pay the excess. I am totally pissed off with Hertz and AAMI for their unprofessional manner. My future business will not be with both companies.

    I found out it cost $195 for a Toyota Corolla to get its windscreen replaced.

    I am sure Hertz have cameras in their underground parking in Franklin Street to go through the footage and see the damage when I left the Hertz office yesterday morning!!!

    I intent to take this all the way.

    Please inspect your rental car before you drive away. Don't depend on the quality of checks by the Hertz employees!!!



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terrible company

I rent from hertz every week, gold customer, you would expect they would care!! Returning the car at hertz philadelphia airport I left my blackberry in the car, discovered this within 30 minutes and called right away to ask them to pick it up and return it. To cut a long story short, in 48 hours I left about 15 messages on their customer service desk, asking for someone to look for the device and call me back. I then discovered that my phone was fraudulently used which means one of two things: it was stolen by their employee, or they cleaned the car so badly that they rented it to someone else who took it. Customer service won't call me back, the branch manager won't call back, hertz customer service tells me they can't do nothing, "call the branch manager". Needless to say I am now going to rent from someone who "tries harder".

  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    whaaaaa "i lost my blackberry"...
    whaaaaa "they stole my phone"...
    You whinnie piece of crap. Next time, make sure you take all your belongings.
    Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to return your vehicle and run for the airline.
    Gold Member, eh?! Well, sucks to be you. Gold shmold. ### YOU, ###.

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  • Fr
    Freddy Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I rent from Hertz every week, gold customer you would expect they would care! Returning the car at Hertz, Philadelphia airport. I left my blackberry in the car, discovered this within 30 minutes and called right away to ask them to pick it up and return it. To cut a long story short, in 48 hours I left about 15 messages on their customer service desk, asking for someone to look for the device and call me back.

    I then discovered that my phone was fraudulently used which means one of two things: it was stolen by their employee, or they cleaned the car so badly that they rented it to someone else who took it. Customer service won’t call me back, the branch manager won’t call back, Hertz customer service tells me they can’t do anything, “call the branch manager”. Needless to say I am now going to rent from someone who “tries harder”.

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I booked a rental car for one week in Italy at the end of September with a guaranteed rate. I picked up the car at the Rome airport and intended to return it there. However, the traffic was so bad I inquired in Chiusi if I could drop the car off there and take the train in to Rome. I was told by two different employees on two different occasions that there would be no penalty or drop-off fee. Imagine my surprise when I found my credit card was charged an additional $480, almost double the total cost. Hertz refused to budge. And my credit card issuer, Bank of America Visa, was absolutely no help. Don't rent from Hertz in Italy!

pending litigation

Dear Sir/Madam:

I realize that Hertz claims to provide exemplary services to its customers, but this letter is intended to provide Hertz notice of the fact that in my particular case Hertz fell far short of such a self-serving boast which in all candor proved to be hollow as more particularly set forth in the remarks which follow with respect to my particular case.

Suffice to say, the Hertz vehicle which I rented on or about July 8, 2009 was less than adequate inasmuch as there was no oil in the engine when the vehicle was delivered to me and as a result therefor it was simply a matter of time within the rental period of 30 days that there would be a major problem, which in fact ensued. On or about August 8, 2009 the vehicle began to exhibit smoke coming from under the hood which obliged me to stop the vehicle several times on the side of the road to allow the engine to cool off and thereafter that same day when I brought the vehicle to a gas station to be inspected, I was informed much to my consternation by the attendant, that there was "no oil in the engine."

As a result of the foregoing, I was incurred a loss of $ in anticipated wages as I could not make several appointments later that day with respect to my working schedule. The foregoing was next compounded by Herb Chambers dealership failure to timely comply on August 13, 2009 with its commitment relative to the intended pick up of the vehicle which resulted in an inordinate delay causing me to further lose time from work and to suffer unnecessary anxiety and stress.

In light of the foregoing circumstances, I am entitled to be compensated for both my lost wages in the sum of $ and commensurate damages for the anxiety and stress that I suffered as a proximate result of the less than satisfactory contractual commitments of Hertz, its agents or servants.

Accordingly, unless I receive compensatory damages in the sum of $ no later than 14 days after receipt of this correspondence I intend to file an appropriate claim with a court of competent jurisdiction.

Very truly yours,

Sally Wynn

deceptive advertising

Hertz rips of customers through deceptive practices!

Confessions of another hertz sucker:

Hertz decieves customers about benefits of joining hertz fidelity club and horizon card services.

Beware the hertz #1 club rip off scam

I signed up for hertz #1 club in the belief that I would be gaining fidelity points that could later be cashed in for a benefit.

I was wrong. Despite my fidelity (Over 15 rentals in the space of 6 months) I later learned that I had gained no points at all because I had failed to check a small box on the hertz web site. Why would anyone sign up for a card with no benefit?

Beware the horizon card rip off scam

I also suckered into buying a hertz horizon card (50 euros) in the belief that there would be some benefit. Wrong again. There is no benefit whatsoever to buying a hertz horizon card. You get better rates any day by simply reserving at the hertz web site than you do by walking in to an agency with a horizon card. Also there are no fidelity points attributed to horizon card holders

Hertz pretends to offer deals or point to regular customers but blocks the same people from getting any credit or points from repeted rentals.

Lesson learned - avoid hertz.

customer service

When flying into Miami International Airport i strongly recommend you do not pre hire a car from Hertz car rentals, when i arrived at the office to pick my pre ordered car up there were over 50 people waiting to be processed before driving away, i queued up for 2 hours until i got to the end of the queue, the operation is grossly under staffed.
Not the best way to start a holiday. When i returned the car at the end of my trip the office was as full of people as when i had arrived.

Mr. C Mcswiggan

  • Mo
    Mohammed Sayani Jan 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Reseve a car from Hertz but do not expect the car will be there. The website does not guarantee the car after you make the reservation. i got stranded in Effingham Illinois after my car broke down and only game in town Hertz took the reservation and did not produce the car. Try calling them and leaving them a message it is a joke no one will return your call or no apology no feedback. I will think twice prior to making a reservation with hertz. Does anyone has similar story. Please share and send a message to this corporate giant a little man still has boycotting power.

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theft of gps on rental car property by employee

I returned my car to the Rental Return at Advantage Car Rental, they are owned by Hertz... I left my gps in the return car slot and the attendant went to the car to get the mileage and fuel information. My gps was right there in their eyes.. they could not miss it. The shuttle came and took me to the airport. Two hours later it dawned on me I had left the gps and adapter in the console of the car. I called immediately and they gave me a lame excuse that a man had come and picked it up for his wife. I got this answer from the manager. I called Hertz and it has taken 3 weeks for someone to get back to me on my complaint. Meanwhile I contacted the police department in San Antonio and they said I had a valid theft complaint. They would do a police re port and check out the incident. Hertz did get back to me today. Marva a very nice lady but they took no responsibility for the matter. An employee stole my gps and they only apologize. Not responsible for theft. Even on their property and by their employee. Do you think I will ever rent a car from Hertz or Advantage again????

  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    PROVE IT. It's word against theirs. Perhaps you left this GPS somewhere else. But it's easy to blame the rental car employee. Next time, use Hertz' GPS. Sucka!

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lied about drop off fee

As I mentioned when I spoke to you, Kaitlin did not mention a drop fee of $125.00 the first I heard of the fee was from you. I see you went ahead and charged me anyway.

I am sending a copy of this email to Hertz to let them know is the kind of customer service I have received from this location. Just so you know, I charge will not come from my pocket. My company will pay the charge, so it's no benefit to me. Your staff should be more honest when dealing with customers.

I will not rent another from Hertz and I will let this experience be known to the rest of UGL-Unicco's employees in hopes they feel the same and choose another vendor.

scam for not proven damage

On 31/08/2009 I deposit at hertz parking the rented car. No damage, 100 km driven in 3 days. Documents of car and keys have been accepted on 31.08.2009 at 8h10 in the morning and everything was ok. On 02/09/2009, I received pictures by mail and 300 lvl was taken for damage on the car. A not by me filled in or signed incident report form was joined. One general picture of car, washed, taken on different spot and sunshine reflects on car. Three other pictures of right back wing (With dust and rain traces). On first general picture of car, the sun shines from a different site then on other 3 detailes pictures!!!. Also different persons took the pictures (can be seen on reflection on car). It seems also that too many colours appeared on pictures and it clear somebody used a software with a brush tool. No official invoice was sent on car rental, rental agreement was tricked and falsified. We asked several times by mail to send us actual pictures of the car. Of course, no answer. Hertz claims it is the back wing.in my opinion it are pictures of the front wing!!!
By phone, we asked to have the name of the general manager of the company (Hertz franchise). Ther is none. We sent a complain with all our arguments and after 2 weeks, we still not have an official answer, however 300 lvl was debited by them on 31/08/2009 without our knowledge, agreement, etc.. Can somebody give us n

scam for not proven damage
scam for not proven damage
scam for not proven damage

  • MichaelJJ Sep 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Riga. Just came to the website. Didn't expect to see any complaints about our small country. Thank you for the warning. What did you wanted to ask in the end of your complaint?

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legalized theft

I booked a rental car with hotwire for June 1 at 12:pm for $172.61 total cost charged to my capital one credit card. When arriving at the airport, Hertz rental did not have a car available, and stated I would have to wait until a car was returned. An hour to an hour and a half wait was expected. In addition, they would require an additional $200 dollar deposit, and " I could have a seat in the airport lobby until they called me. When asked again for a time frame, they stated that they did not know how long the wait would be, it would be until a car was returned and cleaned, any where from an hour to an hour and a half." I told them to forget it, I did not have the time to wait around, since I had timed vacation travel. I immediately notified my credit card company, within 3 hours I notified hotwire customer service, in addition I sent an email to Hertz Management. This delayed my scheduled departure at least 3 hours.
Hotwire has refused to refund my money stating I decided to leave instead of waitfor a car, so therefore I canceled and am not entitled to a refund. Hertz, stated they are sorry they did not have a car available, however they did not charge hotwire, so therefore I needed to contact hotwire, and my credit card company for dispute. Capitalone stated they are standing by Hotwire and will not refund the charge. Capital one is charging my account over the limit fees as well as additional finance charges. I have contacted and faxed all three management headquarters and they refuse to refund my money. I can not believe that these companies can get away with charging for a service they did not deliver, this is legalized theft. Do you think it is possible to find restitution in small claims court?

  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    Google it and you shall find a solution. Try www.bbb.org. They are usually good and will try helping you. Good luck.

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billing problems

I recently rented a car from Hertz and had the rental billed to a business credit card. When I got my...

discrimination, harassment, non responsive and damaging mental anguishness, dishonesty and lack of integrity

Hertz is highly dishonest and lack of integrity and they dont care for customers Hertz customer care at...

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