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Greyhound Bus Line - Dallas, Texas / bus failed to stop for my child!

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Letter written to:
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Mr. Steve Gorman, CEO
Ms. Robinson
P.O. Box 660689
Dallas, Texas 75266

I would like to inform you of a disturbing incident that took place on May 18, 2007 aboard your Greyhound bus. It was caused by one of your employees and was exacerbated by the fact that does not list the address of bus stop locations on your website.

On May 18, I purchased a one way ticket to Lemore, CA at the Paso Robles, CA Greyhound station for my 16 year old daughter, Vincenza Zenobio. Before boarding, I personally spoke to the Greyhound bus driver and confirmed with him that Lemore would be the second stop. I was told that the first stop was Kettlemen City and the second stop would be Lemore and the driver acknowledged that he would stop there for my child. My daughter checked her luggage which was tagged to Lemore with the driver. There is no question that prior to boarding the driver acknowledged that he understood my daughter would be getting off in Lemore. We had made arrangements for my niece to be waiting in Lemore for my daughter when the bus arrived.

The problem is that the driver forgot to stop in Lemore! My daughter questioned the driver after he failed to stop and he informed her that the next stop was Hanford. My daughter called me on her cell phone, in a panic, and said that the driver would now be dropping her off in Hanford. I then informed my niece of the driver's mistake and told her to drive to Hanford. The problem was that my niece had no idea where the Hanford bus stop was, and when I searched your website to find the location for her, I discovered that Greyhound does not list the bus stop addresses on its website. So now I have my 16 year old child that is being dropped off in a city where no one is there to meet her because your driver failed to stop at her final destination; and we have no way of knowing the location/address of the drop off point.

I am upset because the driver failed to let off my child at the proper bus stop and because Greyhound does not list the bus stop addresses on their website. The safety of my daughter was placed in jeopardy, and as a customer who pays for your service, I am outraged. The fact that my niece was able to ask around at a Hanford hotel and get directions to the actual Greyhound bus stop, is fortunate for both parties but does not change the fact that there is a flaw in your system.

I would like to have receive a written apology form the bus driver that failed to stop for my child. I would like to receive compensation for a ticket that was purchased and turned into a nightmare and near disaster. I would like to see Greyhound list the bus stop addresses on its website. What would the liability have been for Greyhound if some tragedy had befallen my child in Hanford?... hmmm?

Richard Zenobio

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  • Ai
      26th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    something is not right..

    why didn't you ask the driver for the address?

  • Ri
      10th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    My daughter was only 16 and was caught off guard by the driver failing to stop. She was dropped off at the next stop and The DRIVER should have become involved in communicating to us where she was. Yeah, something was not right.. the driver failed to drop her off at the right stop and then correct the situation by working with us. He could have called on her cell phone to us. In a perfect world, my daughter would have asked the right questions, but when you buy a ticket, and your father speaks directly to the driver before departing, you would think a company like GH whose sole function is to take people from point A to point B would be able to get it right. As a follow up, I asked Greyhound to refund her ticket, at least. They wrote a BS form letter of apology and nothing else. I was more insulted by their failure to look into the situation. Yeah, something is wrong- Greyhound

  • Mw
      11th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    ALL stations and agents of Greyhound are listed on the website, PERIOD!! If you are too inept to plan a trip then blame it on yourself, not a company that handles thousands of passengers on a daily basis, they cannot and will not babysit you or your responsibilities, in a pefect world YOU would handle your greatest concerns instead of dropping it in someone else's lap. As to the drivers, stop blaming them for tarnished customer service because they deal with the rudest ###s that exsist, once again, on an hourly basis, who can't be ADULT enough to act properly on a bus with 40+ other people, it's soo sad to see people tring to be a social center of attention on a ###ing bus!! give me a break!!! Grow the ### up people and you will be treated like an adult!!!

  • Al
      29th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    the greyhound website under station locations does list hanford but when you click it for the address it does not even say the address or where the bus stops in hanford california. when u click hanford on the greyhound website for the address it only says

    Bus Stop
    Bus stops [identified with a (B) in Greyhound Ticket Center] provide limited schedule service for a large number of locations, which do not support a full-service terminal or agency. As a general rule, no ticketing, baggage, or package express service is offered at these locations. Some of these locations may be at a local airport or transit center, while others may simply be a stop along a highway route, without an enclosed waiting area.

    Passengers should be aware that no Greyhound ticketing facilities are available at bus stop locations.

  • Ma
      24th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    im up set why the bus driver never tell you how much time we got for used the store o use the beth room im customer for long time, before they play movies and now they play what they want, so you tell me the, wy they use the cell whent driving, and play music what they want to lesiting this is my fith time to meke this report how many more, you tell me and this is an AMERICANOS BUS LINE, AN ONE MORE, I GOT SOME MANY COMPLAINS NO TV, TALKING AN THE CELL WHENT DRIVING, REST ROOMS REALLY BAD, NO COMUNICATIONS WHENT THEY STOP EN ANY STATION, HOW LONG HE SI GOING TO STAY AN THAT STATION SO WE CAN BUY SOME THING TO EAT O USE REST ROOM, IF I PAY FOR A SERVES YOU NEED TO GIVE THAT SEVES YOU OFERT !!! HOW MANY MORE DOU YOU WANT ME TO REPOT, AN YOU NEED TO CHEK DOES OPERATORES AMERICANOS BUS LINE OPERATORES !!!EVEN I CALL CUSTOMER SERVES IT WAS CLOSED, WHAT SERVES IS THAT

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