Greyhound Bus Serviceslosing lost luggage!

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I am currently suing the busc company for forging fake signatures claiming I cashed a 250 dollars check plus losing my luggage Feb 21st at Oklahoma City during a busswitch. Their NYC attorney Laura Mazzari is crooked, corrupt and lied about me cashing a 250 check I mailed back to their Dallas offices as a insult. I am seeking 5,000 dollars in damages and want people to join me in a class action lawsuit against this crooked bus company who lost people's luggages.


  • Da
    david fitts Dec 30, 2007

    I was not told of an unscheduled bus change and by the time I was notified the original bus I was on was not only gone along with my carry on bag but nobody could tell me what bus I had been on as there were two buses coming from the same city. I was told to get on the new bus and they would handle this problem at my final destination. Yeah, right. Nobody helped or cared. My bag is gone along with several thousand dollars worth of stuff. I am a truck driver who was coming home after an accident so I had EVERYTHING in that bag. GPS system, computer, satellite radio and worst of all, memory cards that contained the only pictures of my children that I've taken over the last two years. It was stuff I didn't want left in my truck while it was being repaired. I was told not to check it, keep it with me to make sure it was safe.

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  • Ch
    ChocolateChip8782 Dec 28, 2008

    If u plan to sue them can u tell me what I have to do also. They have lost 2 suit cases of mine which had all my belongings in. Every time I try to talk to a csr or someone in corporate they all give me the run around. I will do whatever it takes to make it known how horrible this company is and I refuse to let them get away with all the negative things they have done to innocent people who pay them money just to have a decent trip. please respond asap thx

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  • At
    athea Jan 26, 2009

    My suitcase was lost July 28 between San Francisco and Seattle. Greyhound wrote me months ago that they were sending $250 under separate cover; it has never come. What should I do? Please advise [email protected]

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  • Im
    ImpossibleMan Jul 31, 2009

    My girlfriend and I were taking a greyhound bus from Gallup, NM to denver on July 28 2009 because my car had broken down and cost too much to fix. The guy who sold us tickets said they never lose bags so I didn't consider the option to insure your bags. It wasn't posted anywhere except on the ticket it small print, after the fact. We asked the bus driver if we needed to move our bags when we transfered but he assured us they would take care of it. In Denver the bag was gone and we couldn't file a claim for 48 hours. Well we sure didn't have time to wait around because we both work in fort Collins so we went home. After the 48 hours we get an email that says they could not find the bag and have 90 days to find it aka we don't have to pay you for 3 months. We lost most of our clothes, her moms camera, birth control, and important documents. So we went to the station in fort Collins and it was closed which wasn't indicated on the website. Since you must file a claim in person, we can't go to Denver we can't file a claim. We are in, they falsly assured us and have lost over 1000 dollars worth of stuff not to mention emotional stress

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  • Ju
    Judith Booker Sep 17, 2017

    @ImpossibleMan Need to help my son and his girl-friend secure compensation for lost luggage containing clothing jewelry sports equipment and baseball cards collected over a 10 yr. period. Would appreciate your direct contact: [email protected]

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  • Da
    Darlene Capelle Dec 28, 2009

    I rode greyhound from Detroit, Mi to Gadsden, AL on Sept 15th 2009 arrived on Sept. 16th 2009 without my luggage. I had it in Nashville I took it to the next bus bound for Birmingham Al. When I arrived in Birmingham I was told I could not get my luggage to transfer it to the next bus bound for Gadsden that the employee's would transfer it for me I tried to stay and watch my Luggage but I was told by the Security Guard I had to go inside Terminal I could not Stand there and watch. Everything I owned was in there including presents for my Grandchildren and Photo's of my Father which I can't replace. I just called Greyhound and was told they are issuing me a check for 167.00 for everything I owned which doesn't even cover the camera and my clothes let alone my Laptop. I want to find out how to get everyone who has lost their luggage together and file a class action lawsuit against them. They don't care about the customers at all. I'm really pissed off. I only rode the bus because my Sister was coming back to Michigan and needed a driver.

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  • stanley loveel hall Jan 07, 2010

    Iwas coming back from my grand mother funaral, she died Sept 11, 2009 Greyhound bus pick me up from Manning [email protected]:50 am on Sept 21, first stop Savanah Ga, once we arrive to Savanah, i ask the bus driver do i stay on this bus too go back to Atlanta, she say yes and we will be leaving in 10min, ok i come back in 9 min she pull off and make annocenment, that first stop Jacksoville Flordia i walk to the front of the bus ask why did you tell me that this bus is going to Atl, let me off and can i have my luggage, she said your luggage should be on the you should be on, so i awlk 5blocks back to the Grey hound depot, and the employee i spoke to earlier ask what happen and i told them, and they said well your luggage is in the bus you just left.Ifiie a claim waited 90day mail the inventory of what was in my luggage and gave them what they ask for and mail the orginal claim ticket which is dv954599 they tell me its been denialed, because i did not mail the orginal a lie a shame, yesterday file BBB of Dallas, and file with FDC, if they cannot find my luggage they will pay me, and i will not let up they have the wrong one

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  • Mo
    montanaruth Jan 30, 2010

    my daughter went from Montana to Kentucky in November. Greyhound lost her oversized duffle bag, which had all her clothes in it, and I had to pay extra to ship it. No one can tell us where it went, I get a runaround on most of the phone numbers, if I call corporate, I get left on permanent hold and forgotten.

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  • Mi
    MichelleSnowflake Jan 07, 2019

    @montanaruth I know exactly how you feel. I'm in that process with Greyhound since Christmas Eve of 2018. The place I call is rude. To much back ground noise and can't get a English talking person when that's the only language I know

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  • Di
    Dianne Moyer Sep 30, 2010

    My son was assaulted and robbed by the Greyhound bus station in Baton Rouge, LA after being left in the middle of the night with the station locked up tight. The website says it is a 24 open facility, however, that must be incorrect. The bus he was on going to Dallas, had a stop that was supposed to be 45 minutes and the bus left after 30 minutes. His luggage, of course, was carry-on and went with the original bus. Then Customer Service had the nerve to tell me, after being able to confirm, there was a ticket purchased, that there would be no promises he could get on the next bus. I had to purchase another ticket from Baton Rouge to Dallas in order for him to get on the next bus, which was 12 hours later. The customer service Supervisor, however, did say that they would be able to refund my last ticket I purchased for my son when he arrived in Dallas. Apparentally there was no security at the building, in the middle of the night...and the station is in a high crime area. DAH!!! I am inquiring to see if any legal action can be taken against Greyhound and their false claims to their facilities being open 24 hours...Assault, battery and robbery, quite the deal in front of a bus station...ATTORNEYS...PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS CASE. [email protected] -------

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  • Gw
    Gwain Sep 26, 2013

    My Bags also dissapeared today. This is the second time that I have been through this with Greyhound . The first time I eventually received my suitcase...but it was empty! I was only compensated $250 for my loss. Now it is happening once again.

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  • Te
    Terri dereoit hughes Dec 16, 2013

    They stoles my laggage ofd of the greyhound bus...and the bag had a special handler tag on it so that the only people who had my bag was thw greyhound workers...they stole all of my husbands dead belongings and my mothers memebera of my family died and those items can never be replaced...i had brand new toys for my grandkid and brand new clothes shoea ans clothes brand new movies from a movie rhat iappear in the movie thw soloist and the documentary film lost angels..thos movies have my life story in them...all my clothes were stolenand my important papers..why steal from me...damn i just my money from Greyhound...they owe me big time.

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  • Se
    Sentimental Value Jan 28, 2015

    Grey hound lost my luggage from Charlotte NC traveling to Long Beach Ca, greyhound assured me with the specail handling ticket that I didnt have to keep checking to see if my luggage was on the next buses. Well, 2 months passed since then, I was issued a check for 250.00, dollars, I had clothes, quilt and other items in the luggage. I also paid the extra 15.00 since I had 2 put under the bus. However, I did receive one luggage and not the other one. I believe I should have been refunded the 15.00 and the value was worth more than 25.00.. I rather have my luggage insead of two hunded and fifty dollars.Now, since this happened I am scared to travel grey hound with luggage

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  • La
    larabeaudoin Apr 04, 2015

    This just happened to my fiance tonight. He was also trucking and had to come home with all his stuff...including important personal papers which were stolen right off the bus at a stop. He wasn't allowed off the bus since it wasn't his stop and the other passengers were allowed to just grab whatever bags and leave with no one checking if they own the bags or not. He is so mad and upset I'm sure he'd be glad to join in on a class action lawsuit!

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  • Pa
    pam31037 May 19, 2015

    I was told by a greyhound station employee my luggage was sent to Dallas TX after the driver gave my luggage to the wrong person and she returned it. Greyhound says they can't find it. My life's in that suitcase!. Told by employees at greyhound station they don't actually look. What do I do??? [email protected]

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  • Au
    augdance Jul 04, 2015

    I purchased a ticket for my daughter to ride the bus from Ft. Collins, CO to Kansas City, MO.
    She boarded the bus in Ft. Collins after she finally found it (since the website gave 3 different address for the bus station). She arrived in Denver where she was to switch busses to continue on to Kansas City, MO.
    She was ready to board the bus, the driver told her to get a tag for her luggage. My daughter asked if she had time since the line was quite long. The driver assured her she had time. The driver took her bus ticket and while my daughter was standing in line to get her luggage tag, the driver left her in Denver, all alone for her very first bus trip. No money. No transportation. She knows no one there. She was left alone and frightened for first bus trip. She was coming home to see her dog before the dog died of bone cancer, and to spend the holiday with family. She contacted her friends in Ft. Collins, but had to wait almost 2 hours in a place where she knew no one, everyone was rude, the employees and drivers would not help her.
    I contacted the customer service line four times and was put on hold for such a long time that I finally gave up and called back. No resolution with those four calls. Then my husband 4-5 times to speak to someone to get the issue resolved, but he experienced the same treatment. The customer service people transfer you and you remain on hold until you give up. Worst service and customer care I have ever seen!

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  • Ar
    Arbre Jan 13, 2018

    Greyhound lost my luggage on January 1 I’m just getting it back today on January 13, now that I have it back a lot of expensive stuff is missing. They are really rude and careless and I want to sue them for stealing out of my suitcase but I don’t know who to call or how to start . Any pointers?

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  • De
    deborahmazzone Jan 26, 2019

    Good old American Grey Hound is run by outsiders in Manilla. Call centers are useless. Missisng bag, from Mt Laurel NJ supposedly was stopped in Newark NJ and was to be returned to Mt Laurel NJ. Mt Laurel claims never received it, but they didn't check the bus when it arrived, then was told it made it to Pittsburg PA again it's so hard to get a direct number to these locations phone always goes to Manilla. Bag was supposed to be returned from Pittsburgh to Mt Laurel. Bus to arrive today at 2:15 we will be at the station in Mt Laurel waiting... this is the most ridiculous and poor customer service. They give you a tracking/claim number but then when you call back they say it's not in the system. This is worse than the airlines.

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