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Intercape reviews & complaints

Intercape complaints 217

Jan 22, 2022

Intercape - The bus had left but had never arrived at the stop

Goodmorning, I'm here to comply a complaint on whereby I booked a ticket from Graaff-reinet to Bellville on 22 January 2022 for the same date/day the bus was supposed to depart from Engen Garage @22:50 pm. I got there early but already there was an Intercape bus, I approached the driver of the bus and he had said to me that the bus I had booked for(Budgetliner) he the driver had left the bus behind at Cradock. And he stated that his driving a Mainliner and he was supposed to pick up a person in Beaufort Wes. I called the call center an hour later to ask about the where abouts of the bus I had booked and they had said the bus had departed @22:48 pm.

Desired outcome: I would like to be refunded my money back

Intercape - Bus was late and staff was rude

Today the 16.01.2022 I was suppose to catch a but from Johannesburg at 6pm to Cape Town however the bus was 3 hours late and in those hours waiting we not offered anything to drink nor snack on... EVENTUALLY WHEN THE BUS ARRIVED AN INTERCAPE MEMBER WAS VERY RUDE AS HE WAS CHECKING THE TICKETS, CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS VERY BAD AND WOULD NOT RECOMMED IT TO ANYONE IF THIS IS HOW CUSTOMERS ARE BEING TREATED.

Desired outcome: Compensation for the delay and bad customer service

Bus was 3 hours late and received very bad customer service from intercape staff.


Intercape - Service

My son is currently travelling to Mthatha from Midrand by Intercape bus number 602 using route 0209. The drivers are very rude. The first incident happened when he took a bus at the Midrand, Big Birg Engen Garage. He had a luggage bag and they refused that he goes in with the bag. They requested that we go back to the check-in office and we willingly took our bags when the driver started to shout and said the child must put the bag in his laps. In the process the child forgot his ticket and we took the picture and sent it via WhatsApp. The drivers threatened that he cannot travel without the printed ticket and they didn't explain what can be done to mitigate the problem.
Drivers deal with people who don't understand the processes of the company. The least they need to learn is to willingly explain to passengers.

Desired outcome: The complaint must be addressed.


Intercape - Bad service and experience

Good day

I want to bring the following to your attention that was quite an appalling and emotionally wrecking experience my mother had on one of your busses. I made a booking for my mother to travel from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, return on 21/12/2021 and 03/01/2022.

When we got to the bus in Port Elizabeth at 06h30 I specifically went to the driver and assistant and asked if they perhaps had an additional step as my mom is not able to lift her leg very high and that she will require assistance getting in and out of the bus. They informed me that there was no step and assured me that they will provide assistance to her for getting in and out. She had to also transfer onto the shuttle to Paarl in Somerset Wes.

Absolutely no assistance was given and my mom was eventually helped by some fellow travelers. At the transfer point she tried to get into the shuttle bus, again without any assistance as non was provided, and she had a nasty fall. She was again assisted by fellow travelers who also had to pick her up from the floor as she could not get up. Please see attached photo's of her legs taken two weeks later when she returned via AIROPLANE from CT.

My mom was so traumatized by this experience that we had to buy a plane ticket as she just could not take another trip on your bus (note, a return ticket was bought for your bus). I am shocked and appalled that this is the service given, taking into account that most of your travelers are elderly citizens going to visit their families etc.

One thing I can definitely say for sure is that I will never make use of your services again and will definitely not recommend Intercape to anyone I know.

Another FYI, only hands were sanitized when entering the bus, no-one's temperature was taken or monitored.

Desired outcome: Some sort of feedback, sent an email a week ago

Intercape - Driver and conditions

My aunt bought me and my two small children bus tickets from intercape through shoprite. From Bethlehem to Amanzimtoti for the 02 December 2021. The bus arrived late and on arrival the bus driver...

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Intercape - The intercape bus

Good afternoon this was my first time booking intercape tickets form cape town to Durban on the 22 of December we traveled with the 904 bus from cape town to Durban and the bus has broken down twice we have come for a family vacation and we lost the hole day we only arrived in Durban on the 24th I was so disappoint and I am still disappointed also on top of the all my luggages was soaking wet I really don't think it's right my name is Candice Johnson the tickets numbers are 2212210145YA563-2212210145XC302-2212210145LB90-221221045QE125 if so I need you to compensate me on our return tickets home because I really don't think it's right my number is [protected]


Intercape - Service and health concern.

As I write, I am currently in the Intercape bus departed at 07h30 from Durban to Johannesburg. In this present moment myself, my wife, 3kids which 2of them are minors, as well as other passengers on board carrying infants have requested to the driver for a slight reduction of the highly felt air-conditioning.
Not only does he refuse but dismisses arrogantly and sarcastically. Health issues are of major concerns as we will be stuck under these freezing conditions. As an adult I am already experiencing the discomfort of the oozing breeze at the back of my nostrils, not to mention the infants in our midst.

Your immediate intervention will be highly appreciated in this matter.

Many thanks: Xolani Mlipha.

Dec 27, 2021

Not America. South Africa.

Intercape - Service

Disgusting and unexceptional it is a horrific experience toilet stinks and these no water no charging facilities no sanitation sick and disgusting

Desired outcome: My money back extremely disgusting

Intercape - I am complaining about a driver

Driver was rude from durban when packing bag but he finally did .Then on arrival to vereeniging he was worse telling us that our bag are suppose to be on top while he was the one packing ended up telling to climb the trailer and pick out my bag.couldny get his name cause he ddnt have a name tag and asked the guy he was with he refused to tell hia name but the vereeniging mc donald security and other passege my witness.he was in an uniform please sort it out fast before i involve my lawyers my bag is taughn cause he threw it down and left .please fix is bus from durban to vereeniging

Yours Miss Mofokeng

Desired outcome: Solve him to come apologise


Intercape - Bus 073

This is the worst experience ever... This is my first time using intercape and my first time in a bus in 6 years and I regret it
I'm in bus 073 and we have been stuck by the side of the road for more than an hour now and no one is addressing/informing us what is happening and what the plan is. The call center isn't taking out calls and their WhatsApp line is not being answered.

Booking the bus was easy, calling to confirm bus times is easy, but addressing issues concerning us, our safety and time, they are no where to be found.

Desired outcome: Refund


Intercape - Drivers and Resources

I would like to inform Intercape of their rude and unprofessional drivers. I was travelling from George to Cape Town on 18 November 2021. Firstly this bus was scheduled to arrive at 13h45 and it arrived around 14h40. When the bus arrived I was busy packing my bag properly. As I finished and reached for the door, one driver closed the door on me and two of them were talking in a degrading manner asking why I was seated but I see the bus. I tried explaining that I was in the middle of repacking hence I got off the seat when I did. They were both talking over me rude and undermining as though talking to an idiot and like I was inconveniencing them or speaking rudely asking for my ticket.

They had such a horrible attitude these people and really distracted my day.

In the midst of this, there was a third voice which carelessly said "go sit down sisi".

I was so annoyed but I told myself that I would just go sit and report them. they were seriously acting like they own the bus or they had paid for my ticket themselves.

Secondly, this bust had NO working USB ports for charging, like the whole bus!
This was such an inconvenience for me because I had to request a ride and call home as I was arriving in CPT at night! This is not acceptable at this day and age to not be able to charge your phone on such a long trip! You need to ensure that ports work!

Ticket Details:
Confirmation Number - 811210146AI287
ORDER NUMBER - 8485346


Intercape - Incompetent

I was supposed to travel from Cofimvaba to Cape Town. But when I got to Cofimvaba I discovered that tge bus doesn't stop there. Had to use extra amount of money so that I can catch the bus at Queenstown. Wrote them an email and the responded saying thay have given me a voucher as token of an apology. But when it was time to redeem that Voucher discovered that the was no voucher number included. Had to contact them again via WhatsApp and they just gave me R66 discount, what an insult!

Intercape - Baggage Theft

On my trip from Belville to Christiana my baggage just disappeared in an overnight trip. It was uploaded in Belville and when I got home, there was only one suite case. My pink suite case and a bag with my laptop and jewelry, was missing! It was obviously stolen at a previous bus stop.

The Intercape bus driver, Frans Ramoganyaka, told me that I had to travel another 400km's to Johannesburg. There everything will be off loaded and I can search for my suite cases.

I travelled all the way and found nothing in Johannesburg. I had to pay from my own pocket just to return to Christiana the next day.

My stolen property is not ensured and Intercape takes no responsibility for the theft. Surely they were negligent!

It seems that all you have to do is travel by bus and at the first bus stop, just take bags and suite cases you want! There is no control!

Desired outcome: Refund my bus tickets and let insurance pay out for my stolen baggage

Intercape - Bus breakdown refund or alternative trip on or before 20 october 2021

The bus which my mother and father were passengers booked on the bus which had to leave Kathu at 14h20. My parents were on the bus when the driver informed all passengers to all get off due to a...

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Intercape - Terrible bus service at Intercape

I am very disappointed with the poor service I have received from Intercape, my family member of 89 years fell ill a few hours before the departure time, which was supposed to be on 10 October 2021...

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Intercape - Wrong date

Hello, i bought a ticket on 6th Oct from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg from Spar in Baysvalley complex. The date on the ticket was suppose to be 9th October but instead it was 8th October, so when I got to intercape offices thats were i was told my ticket is wrong and I'll have to buy another ticket, they tried to get me a but everything was full🙁. And the saddest thing was that i couldn't get a refund and i was stranded not knowing what to do, then i had to popout more money from my pocket to purchase another ticket then wait hours for the next bus it was cold. How do i resolve this because it was not my fault?

Desired outcome: Refund

Intercape - Landline services

I would like to complain about the intercape service I got from landline no [protected]. I could say they don't care about the customer.
I've spent the whole morning and afternoon trying to cancel my ticket and get the refund.

I've spent a lot of airtime with no solution because you wait a long time in the cue still when you get assistance problem not resolved.
I've sent more than 2 emails trying to cancel still hoping for the response but nothing . Could you please assist. I don't know where else to get response for intercape buses. They gave me whatsap option it's not helping.

Intercape - Refusal of basket

I bought a bus ticket to George on Friday the 1 of October 2021. As I usually travel with intercape and I had all my bags well packed up and I had a busket with which I was told I can't take it with me because there was archar inside, the lady who helped me with weighing my bags asked me to open up the busket I did, she asked me if there was oil inside, I said no because I just bought it there and 20 kg can't be sold mixed unless it is going to be sold on that day. She then asked one of her colleagues working next to her if the archar had oil and she said she doesn't know, all she knows is that the are searching in Johannesburg and they don't want busket. Little did they know am the regular traveler... I kept quiet and went in the bus left my busket outside, called my siblings to come and fetch it there. Can you please assist me, on how your company works with parcels? Because last time I checked intercape have trailers... That are meant for extras and I only had 20 kg that I was willing to pay extra from yet I was told that I can't take. And I had to pay extra courier for things that I could have traveled with using bus... Is it fair treatment or there're some aspects that needs to be explained?

Desired outcome: Clarify

Intercape - Intercape bus

I booked a bus from Stellenbosch to Port Elizabeth. The shuttle arrived at Stellenbosch at 18:25 and drop me off at Somerset West at 18:50 where I waited for a bus which arrived at Somerset at 21:15, meaning I waited outside for a bus for more than 2 hours. The shuttle driver said we can not wait for the bus in the shuttle as he has to go home so we were left stranded at a garage with zero communication from intercape. Nothing was sent to me about the bus delaying or something you were just quite. Not only have you wasted my timebut made me wait at a garage outside for more than 2 hours which is very unsafe and not good for my health and when the bus finally arrived the driver was very rude and disrespectful. Your service is very poor.
Ticket number: ‪[protected]‬QP901
Contact number:[protected]
Email address: [protected]

Intercape - Bus

To whom it may concern

I would Like to complain about the service I received and would like to get a refund on my ticket.

The bus was stopped at Mount Ayliff on the 24 of September 2021 by traffics and we spent 5 hours waiting for someone from the company to assist.

We had no access to water or food and our bodies were tired as passengers and our scheduled time of arrival delayed by 5hours.
C/o Paul Kruger and Scheiding Str, Office 4, Pretoria Station
Thu 23 Sep 2021 5:30PM
Shell Ultra City, N2 Highway (NOTE: 6KM OUTSIDE CITY CENTRE)
Fri 24 Sep 2021 8:30AM
Duration 15 hours,
Ticket Number 2309210637RL479
Traveller Lukhanyo Mtshingana
Price R650

Desired outcome: Refund on my ticket.

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