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Intercape Complaints & Reviews

Intercape / lack of communication and extreme delay at pick up

Francois-82-Davis on Mar 18, 2019

Was told to be at the pick up point 20 minutes earlier. We waited for an hour and then was told in a cold manner that the bus we were supposed to take is now going in for a service. The staff could not give us information of when we are going to be picked up after that as they said and I...

Intercape / delays, delays delays intercape

ThabsileNn on Mar 14, 2019

So here I am, myself and the rest of everyone on the bus here with me. Left durban to go to jo'burg at 22:00 last night, 4 hours later after 2 unexplained delays, we are stuck in estcourt, the problem: "the bus is overheating and the water pipe is bust". I thought intercape "checks their...

Intercape / service

Griffin James on Feb 13, 2019

On Sat 9th of Feb 2019 at 5:50am, myself and my very good friend Mary Jane Zimri went to the intercape bus stop at Intercape office, Mabel street nr 8 for a 6:35am departure and 11:55am arrival in Mosselbay. This being our very first bus trip in our lives and with the trip getting us to...

Intercape / refunding and wrong bank details

Patricia Rayners on Feb 4, 2019

Good day I've cancelled a ticket on the 12 th of December 2018. The lady asked for my bank details and said it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for the January there was no refund. I called and one lady rudely explained that the money was refunded on 11 January 2019. One week went...

Intercape / the drivers

Lunga4921 on Feb 1, 2019

I called the call center and it didn't help. The drivers are being rude and are blocking everyone in the bus to sit at the back. Registration details: ICG 707 GP. They are rude, when I asked them why are they blocking us they were being sarcastic about it. My details: 0812129349 Ticket no:0202190130TP612 I'd appreciate if I'd be called back today

Intercape / service

Itumeleng H Padi on Jan 17, 2019

Hi I am an unsatisfied client in the bus Intercape bus Number 202 Going to Johannesburg Toilet is not working from Bloemfontein we haven't got to a stop for bathrooms. And there was a time the bus stopped for no reason. Still in the bus can you atleast call this driver and ask him to...

Intercape / very unhappy


To whom it may concern I am extremely unhappy with the service intercape offered me on my trip from paarl to humansdorp. First we get to somerset west, then there is something wrong with the bus. So they bring another bus after standing a hour min waiting. The bus gets there then we are...

Intercape / the bus

Ms Caroline Chauke on Jan 8, 2019

Hi I Ms Caroline Chauke and my family of 5 we took bus from Pretoria to Durban on the 21 December at 8:15 the departure time was late and the bus was not in condition was no aircon, toilet dirty, chairs not comfortable and the way it was hot kids have to undress and second on our return 28...

Intercape / transport

Valencia 84 on Dec 19, 2018

Booked my ticket a week ago came the day I had to travel got into a bus no 1 said anything only when on the way already they started telling us that they don't stop at my destination which is Qumbu and they said we must either get of at mt frere or mtata wher do we get the money to go from...

Intercape / customer service and communication

Cresenda on Dec 16, 2018

Me and my family took bus 132 From Cpt To Pe there was absolutely no communication from the intercape staff the bus arrived 2 hours later In Pe, we were not notified that we are going to stop for a break I traveled with 2 kids top seats in bus I didn't know if I can take them to the toilet...

Intercape / no refunds if bus has been missed

Probell on Dec 12, 2018

10.12.2018 - booked bus ticket from Durban to Cape Town. Unfortunately due to a slight case of food poisoning, I missed the bus. I then attempted to drive to Pietermaritzburg to get the bus there, because I was told I cannot change the ticket. The nausea and stomach aches became so severe...

Intercape / poor customer care service

Nwara on Dec 10, 2018

i called the call centre on the 03-12-2018 i spoke to the gentleman by the name of Unathi. i was confirming if my ticket that i booked for the 12-12-2018 was valid, apparently the ticket was changed so i queried the change of that ticket without my request. he then listen to the call i...

Intercape / refusal to board the bus

gwebu77 on Nov 28, 2018

On trying to check in intercape they find that amongst my luggage is a bottle of whiskey and they tell me that they do not allow alcohol on board.I agree that I will leave it behind but they refuse me because there is alcohol in my stomach.How they arrived at this absurd conclusion when...

Intercape / service delivery

The Ice on Nov 2, 2018

We embark the 219 bus on the 1 Nov 2018. Driver left the bus and we are stranded with 1 driver and waited for a second one. Bus broke down at Citrusdal stranded for 3 hours. New bus arrived in the early hours. Bus running late for almost 5 hours. No entertainment no plastic bags no sound...

Intercape / employee

Zizipho Languza on Oct 28, 2018

On the 29th of October 2018, I was booked for a bus from Cape Town to Ladybrand at 16:30. I got to the bus late but I managed to get it. I could not go to the office. The driver was kind enough to explain to me that I was suppose to check in and weigh my luggage but since I am late, he...

Intercape / I am complaining about arrival times that is more than 30 min late

Meinie on Oct 27, 2018

Evety time we stop to pick up or drop of people the smokers on the bus gets off. And takes 20 to 30min to get back on. We should have been in Midrand by 20:00. We are only leaving Pretoria station now. My family has already been waiting for me before 20:00 and is still waiting. We just...

Intercape / complaint-intercape bus travelling from pretoria to durban

Matome Kabelo on Oct 23, 2018

Dear Intercape I would like to lodge a formal complaint to Intercape Bus services. I am writing for the attention of your customer experience team. I bought my dad a bus ticket from Pretoria to Durban My Dad boarded the Intercape bus in Pretoria Station at 06:00 am to come visit me in...

Intercape / intercape bus cape town to umtata 20/10/18

Tarita Pacé on Oct 22, 2018

We took the bus from bellville to humansdorp on 20/10. The toilet was disgustingly dirty, had a horrible urine smell, no toilet paper (luxury bus!?!?!) The bus was full but more passengers got on and sat on the floor!!! With that people was a toddler, that was walking up and down the whole...

Intercape / service

Marcus1916 on Oct 13, 2018

The bus left Durban at 11pm and for and it was stated that we'll arrive in joburg at 6:15 for that reason I booked a second ticket to go to Mpumalanga when I arrive in joburg and here we now arrive at joburg at 07:30 and the driver is not telling us anything at all he just stops whenever...

[Resolved] Intercape / service

Mangx on Oct 2, 2018

Your drivers are very rude, i am travelling from butterworth to johannesburg as we speak i had a parcel to give someone at ultra city, the driver would not even allow me to speak to the person i am giving the parcel to let alone a 5 minute refreshment some of us dont like using bus toilet...