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I hate greyhound bus company. I purchased a ticket to travel from Reno NV to Las Vegas NV but I had decided not to leave on that trip until the following week. So I called Greyhound in Reno NV and asked them not to ship my bags off to Las Vegas (they were holding them in the back room for me because I arrived early) and I will come pick them up the following day. So when I got there the next day they told me that they had shipped them off WTF. They are idiots because I had two luggage's one was tagged and the carry on wasn't. Therefore my carry on was put on a bus without a tag so now it's lost and only God knows where it could be. My other suit case that was tagged was located in Las Vegas. I asked one of the csr if they could send it back for me. She was a ### and very rude and I know she couldn't stand her job because she wasn't to pleasant about moving her lazy ### from behind her desk to go look for a bag. She ended up finding my bag and she said she would ship it back to Reno for me. We'll I talked to her on Dec 18Th and it is now Dec 27Th and I still don't have either one of my bags. I have filled out every form they told me to which was the tracer, and the complaint form. I am pissed off because all my clothes that I owned was in both of those bags and the only clothing I have is the ones on my back. Greyhound now tells me that I have to wait 90 days for it to show up and I have no idea what they will do next which I would assume NOTHING. I would never recommend this horrible company to anybody and if you do ride the bus I would stay be very aware of my luggage being put on ans taken off the bus so you wont have to go through any trouble with this company. Right now I can't do anything about this because of their stupid 90 day rule but if they don't do anything about this I will sue them and that is a promise. GREYHOUND SUCKS!!! THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS ASAP

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  • Pi
      Jan 07, 2009

    i hate greyhound. i am in texas from new york today with lost luggage. please tell me how they lost my bags when we were switching buses in georgia. the nasty employee lady told me that when i arrive in texas my luggage woluld be waiting for me. yeah right, its wednesday night, still no luggage. as if they even care, i had to go to walmart and buy some shorts, underwear, socks etc. i have tried to call the station in houston, nobody picks up the phone. greyhound is a big scam. i know that my stuff will probably end up in that thrift store in alabama. they also informed me that if the bag wasnt checked in that i shouldnt even fill out the form for lost luggage. it was checked in and they are telling me that they have no record of it. i did have some personal items in my bag that meant alot to me. all i can say at this point is that i am not done fighting with them, they messed with the wrong person. i am not done calling them everyday and leaving them nasty emails.also another thing, i hope enough people read this and put them under.

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  • Da
      Dec 28, 2009

    I rode greyhound from Detroit, Mi to Gadsden, AL on Sept 15th 2009 arrived on Sept. 16th 2009 without my luggage. I had it in Nashville I took it to the next bus bound for Birmingham Al. When I arrived in Birmingham I was told I could not get my luggage to transfer it to the next bus bound for Gadsden that the employee's would transfer it for me I tried to stay and watch my Luggage but I was told by the Security Guard I had to go inside Terminal I could not Stand there and watch. Everything I owned was in there including presents for my Grandchildren and Photo's of my Father which I can't replace. I just called Greyhound and was told they are issuing me a check for 167.00 for everything I owned which doesn't even cover the camera and my clothes let alone my Laptop. I want to find out how to get everyone who has lost their luggage together and file a class action lawsuit against them. They don't care about the customers at all. I'm really pissed off. I only rode the bus because my Sister was coming back to Michigan and needed a driver.

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