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I would say, it is better to walk than take greyhound. The bus could be good if greyhound had some competion! If you can afford any other form of transportation, then by all means, do! Whenever I ask : Why haven't taken the bus sooner, it has been years in between when i have taken the bus. After doing so, I remember all of the crap I had to put up with with greyhound.I have used greyhound many times going across the country, just because I was poor.I have endured lost luggage, smelly bathrooms, ridiculous drivers, screaming kids, missed connections for all sorts of reasons, rude people, rough handeling of baggage. Don't think I covered it all. I hate how the bus driver is judge, jury and executioner. If you get put off the bus for some reason, which are many, you get put off and then they radio the cops and you get arrested because these surley, unhelpful drivers are mostly jerks, who have a different aganda other than their job of getting you there. You will get there, if the bus doesn't crash, or you get put off.It's tragic, if you read the rules of greyhound, things that go routinely wrong, Greyhound absolves themselves of it, by stating it on the ticket. They are not responsible for delays, missed connections, busses breaking down etc. I have had the people who unload the busses say"Idon't care, this isn't my first job, " meaning they have a second job which is more important that the one their doing. These bus terminals are located in the worst parts of town! Ever been to the station in Atlanta? I gave a bum a cigarette and then this overzealous, jerk of a cop comes up to me and asks if I'm just hanging out, or am I riding the bus. I said here is my ticket, he looks at it. I said if I was riding the bus, then I would be on the bus and hopefully leaving this place! I was thinking that this jerk was going to arreast me for being a jerk, first and then for me being smarter than him!I hate greyhound! I wwould wrather walk and be sodomized by a bunch of hillbillies than take Greyhound ever. I can go on all that is wrong with that establishment, but I'm tired.

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