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Google Treasure Chest / scam, fraud

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I have fallen for the scam from Google Treasure Chest. I ordered a cd for $1.97 and had no idea that I just enrolled in a monthly scam of charges to my credit card. I have disputed my charges with my credit card twice now. They keep puting the charge back on my bill because they say I did not supply them with the cancelation number of the product. The problem is I can not contact Google Treasure Chest in any way possible, to cancel or even return the stupid cd they sent me. I have no email address, every phone number I call is disconnected. I can not talk to anyone to get anything cancled. I need help with this. Can anyone provide me with contact information so I can resolve far they are charging my capitalone card $72.21. I also would like to know who I need to contact to file a complaint with these scammers, they should be sitting in jail for what they are doing.

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  • Re
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    what size throne do you sit on that you have never made any mistakes
    your comments are usless we reject you superiority complex

    you dont have a prob to post yet you spend your day with nothing else to do
    but comment on other peoples problems
    if you have an issue with a company post your complaint
    if not get a life

  • Na
      15th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    we found the website that was used for this: I don't understand why Google doesn't these people down for using their name and logo! It doesn't look very good on them, imho

  • Ch
      8th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    There is some more info on this scam (Google Treasure Chest scam aka Google Money Tree scam)

  • Pa
      14th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    This is of course a scam. What I would like to mention to anyone reading this is that the company who answers the phone at 1-888-705-1275 is an outsourced call center. I have managed a call center for 10 years and have never dealt with anyone like these people. I am going to find out which company runs that call center and make sure they are boycotted in the industry. I work with call centers all over the world and have never been told they have no managers or supervisors able to get on the phone and they will hang up on you if they don't like what you are saying. It is crazy to think our world has come to a point where not only are there tons of scams out there but major corporations are now getting involved in them!!! I am contacting the State Attorney Generals Office in Wyoming where Google Treasure Chest Main office is and I reccomend all of you do the same thing. Don't let others get ripped off like we did. If you would like to be involoved in further action feel free to email me directly as I am currently awaiting a call from our corporate attorney!!
    My email address is:
    Info you need to contact the Attorney General in Wyoming:
    Attorney General's Office
    123 Capitol Building
    200 W. 24th Street
    Cheyenne, WY 82002
    (307) 777-7841
    (307) 777-6869 FAX
    (307) 777-5351 TDD

    Give them the following information to make a complaint:
    Google Treasure Chest
    970 W Broadway
    Ste. E347
    Jackson, Wyoming 83001

    Thanks, Pamela Allen

  • Al
      14th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Never beaten a dead horse! BUT .. this time im going to. This is flat our robbery! Thanks for info Pamela, I, m calling AG right now to complain.

    IF YOU CATCH THIS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR ORDER- Call Google Treasure Chest and tell them you want a Refund for your charges. You have to explicitly tell them that you want your refund AND want to cancel. IF YOU JUST CANCEL YOU WONT GET YOUR REFUND.

    During these times of economic hardship, these activities are un-American.

    Alex P

  • Do
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    To those of you wondering if the "info" CD has anything in it.

    Oh yeah, there's something on the CD all right.


    Pure, unadulterated GARBAGE. Stuff on there thats over 5 years old!

    1. Call 866.951.1406 NOW to cancel. DO IT NOW.
    2. Cancel the Debit or Credit Card you used for the original $1.97. DO IT NOW.
    3. Call or write Wyoming's Attorney General and file complaints. DO IT NOW.

    This is all a 100% SCAM.

    They need to be put UNDER the jail. Not in it.

  • Io
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I too had this company rip me off. I never went to their website and had no idea who they even were. I contacted them by phone and email. I also filed a complaint with the utah better business bureau. After very aggressively going after them I recieved a refund. If you ahve not please do not let up. They are obviously a fraudulant company.

  • De
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    April 24, 2009

    AUSTIN – Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged two Utah-based defendants with operating a fraudulent work-at-home scheme. The state’s enforcement action names Infusion Media Inc. and Jonathan D. Eborn, whose “” promised six-figure earnings for conducting specialized Google and Yahoo Internet searches.

    According to investigators, the defendants promised big payouts in order to convince Web users to spend $3.88 on shipping and handling for a “free kit” that supposedly would show them how to make money from home. Those who purchased the kit were later surprised to discover they were being charged $72 a month by the defendants.

    The state is seeking an injunction, civil penalties of up to $20, 000 per violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as restitution for purchasers. Texans who believe they have been misled by similar business practices may file complaints with the Office of the Attorney General toll-free at (800) 252-8011 or file complaints online at

    Full details:

    So people start filing complaints with your local Attorney General's office against any of these Google kit scams.
    I filed mine this morning with the California AG office against "GoogleATM" aka "" aka "Pacific Web Works" based in Nevada.

    They are also involved in the "Government Grant CD" scam found on various websites.

    We must take action in numbers to get the authorities fired up!

    It took only 13 complaints for the Texas AG office to launch their initial investigation.

    File your complaint today!

  • Ch
      4th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Dig - this has nothing to do with Google, the scammers are just abusing the trust people have in the Google brand.


  • Co
      6th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am an attorney in Los Angeles representing consumers. I am submitting this posting to offer my services to right this possible scam that resulted in unauthorized charges. I would gladly assist in recovery of the funds that were stolen as explained in the numerous complaints lodged at this website.

  • Wa
      14th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I complained to the Attorney General. This is just like looting during a crisis.

  • Wi
      22nd of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    just emailed the WHITE HOUSE ...the PRESIDENT is for fair
    business so OBAMA should be made aware of the situation

  • Ch
      23rd of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Report a scam to the FBI:

    Report a scam to the FTC:

  • Co
      26th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    This 72.21 scam is also Blazing Keywords. I found this out from my bank fraud dept. I did sign up for the .99 trial. They don't tell you there is an international fee associated and after 2 1/2 weeks I have still not received the CD. I spoke to their customer service (866-200-5473) and they supposedly cancelled my account. She then referred me to (THE COMPANY-Blazing Keywords) and said I had to send a letter to REQUEST a refund. Are you kidding me? I demand a refund. Also was told to return the product with the request. WHAT PRODUCT? For all of you who are trying to get to the bottom of this, try Blazing Keywords, it is part of this Google scam. The customer service # for Blazing Keywords is 888-258-9765, don't expect them to answer the phone, my bank tried also, but hopefully this might help someone.

  • Ja
      26th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I paid like $2.00 for a make money at home cd that was sent to me then I was charged 72.95 without notice or authorization.

  • Me
      26th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The same thing happened to me, just wanted to add that some are advising to read the terms and conditions and when i clicked on the button it took me no where, so the only way to read the terms and conditions is to pay the 1.97 so called shipping and handling fee for the information. Also, there is a breach with the FTC in that the amount of withdrawl in my case 77.82 is hidden in the terms and conditions and it is suppose to (abiding FTC regs) to be listed on the site page not a email link that is emailed to you later and not in the terms and conditions section!
    So what they are doing is illegal but enough people have to report them to the FTC and the BBB before anything will be started legally on them.
    They go by several names and several links throughout the internet not just Treasure Chest but as Easy Goggle Money (which has nothing to do with google) and will be advertised as James makes money, Keven something or ruther and on and on...
    By the way the address they give you to cancel the subscription is invalid address they are really not even in the USA or Canada, they are out of the country and therefore your subscription will not be cancelled. The only way to stop them will be to cancel the card you used and get a new account # for your card. It is a hassel but best to do it, because sometimes they wait months and then come and get more from you account when you are least expecting it.
    They change the name of the withdrawl company taking the money from you account so that it looks like a completely new company doing it when in reality it is them again, and again and again until the only way to stop them is to cancel the card debit or credit that you used to get the 1.97 or did not use but have currently. Get new ones, a hassel again I know but believe me if you don't it will cost you again down the road!!! Good luck out there...I too learned the hard way and a cancer patient hoping to make extra money online...shame on me ...but shame on them as well...

  • Ag
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    So I see that THIS BULL ### program is a HUGE ### SCAM. Therefore this company is using the Google name and they are not even associated with the Advertising Internet Giant? Is this really what I am hearing. Now this really sucks. I was hoping that making money online was the REAL DEAL. Nevertheless, now this makes me trust on NO COMPANY especially ONLINE company OUT THERE trying to get OUR money and DO WHAT EVER they PLEASE with it. This is an OUTRAGE. The webmasters from such INLEGITIMATE and ILLIGAL and CRIMINAL sites should be allowed to CLOSE DOWN this Web Sites Operations. Now knowing that this is not TRUE and everything, why ...WHY do the GAZETTE NEWS from MIAMI Newspaper letters and many other Newspapers around the country saying "WORKING FROM HOME & MAKING DECENT INCOME IN STRUGGLING ECONOMIC FREFALL" now why is this being PUBLISIZED if it's NOT EVEN TRUE?!?!?

    I need an answer and I need it now.

    Sincerely. H.R.V.

  • Da
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Most of those newspaper articles that toot the praise horn for the google work scams are just another "bait" website to get you to go to sign up. They are usually created on some wordpress blog with a premier newspaper template. If you bother to read all of the page they are published on it will usually follow the pattern of praising the bait, show you glowing comments at the bottom of page by supposedly satisfied consumers but not allowing you to comment due to spam, and they post some kind of disclaimer at the bottom if they have mentioned a real entity or company so as to protect their butt.

    Take this article for instance
    Read that article carefully. It reads at the top
    This publication is an article advertisement for Easy Google Profit.

    Since it is an “article advertisement” for the SCAM what would you expect to read but “more high praise”, and at the bottom it has the same cutoff of any consumer comments which all the scam sites are doing. Any of the links on that article lead to a sign up for the SCAM just as all the “bait” websites do. Down at the bottom in small print are the words:
    Author and publisher is an Affiliate of the company offering the business opportunity and are remunerated by advertiser.
    If you read the small print further at the bottom it tries to cover their (the scam people's) butts on any kind of liability they can think of. But if you choose to sign up for that scam all of that small print will not show up next to the place where you give your financial information as it is required by law to be placed and disclosed for you to read.

    This is just another twist on trying to cash in on your belief that if it is printed by magazine, newspaper, shown on TV, etc or is connected with some known logo name such as Google, CNN, etc then it must be legitimate. Most of the time if you bother to read all the print on the page carefully you will see a disclaimer that it is not associated with those logos-- thus it is probably fake as they won't dare risk getting sued by the real company or person.

  • Da
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Most all of these type scams are trading on the “Google” name as this places their ads and websites high on the search scale to be found, plus, most surfers trust that the “Google” connection means it is legitimate. What these scams have in common is that they bait you with some kind of “kit” which you think is your only cost. What they are really selling is membership in worthless websites filled with ads and software that can be found for free anywhere on the internet. What they are neglecting to do is inform the consumer that their intent is to enroll you in a monthly membership and pass your financial information on to other cohorts. Just having an obscure link of terms and conditions that is buried at the bottom of the page is not sufficient to fulfill FTC dot com law on showing what their intent is. The law requires that businesses must show disclosure (intent) in clear and conspicious easily read disclosure near where you submit your financial information if other terms or conditions are part of the transaction and should also have a place for you to check showing that you understand that further debits are going to be made when you submit the transaction and your financial information. All terms and conditions of a transaction should be disclosed before they have your financial information. These scammers are claiming you should have read the t/c before you signed up but they are the ones that are not complying with FTC law on clearly and conspiciously publishing their t/c along side where you submit financial information so you can make an informed decision.

    Please go read this to get more of an idea how these scams work.

    I was caught in the Google Treasure Chest scam myself but was lucky enough to get my money returned under the 30 day guarantee (see next paragraph) that GTC has but I used the refund phone number that was connected with the $72.21 unauthorized debit showing up on my bank account statement. I was never able to get any answer to the GTC support phone number, my e-mails were not answered and my mail sent to Google Treasure was returned as undeliverable. I was even able to keep their worthless dvd kit as I guess they did not want to refund that $1.97 also under the 30 day refund guarantee. I made a complaint report to the Utah BBB against GTC and when BBB sent my complaint to GTC it was returned back to them as “undeliverable”.

    30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Requirements
    At any time during the first thirty days, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may call customer service at 866.951.1406 for a refund of your monthly subscription and the shipping fee. When you call, a customer representative will give you an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. The kit must then be returned with the RGA number. You must be able to confirm delivery to receive your refund. Please ship your kit with a delivery confirmation to our fulfillment center: 405 East 12450 South, Suite G, Draper, Utah 84020. Note: This address is for returns only. All other correspondence must be sent to the address on the website.

  • Ch
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    "This publication is an article advertisement for Easy Google Profit. "

    Yep and on today I found the name of there advertisers - contact this company and ask why are they working for these scammers!!
    358 South 700 East, Suite B147
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

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