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I signed up for what I thought was a business kit on line with Google Revolution who I thought was "Google" but they are in NO WAY affiliated with Google. They charged me a couple of dollars for the kit. I was to receive something in the mail and also an e-mail. Consequently, I never received anything but a bunch of charges all for the amount of $73.83 and they seem to keep hitting my account every two weeks. They keep changing the name everytime they run my card through. So I have cancelled my card at this point. Fortunatley, my bank is fighting this for me. So contact your banks and tell them it was an unathourized charge on your card and that you never received any goods or services and they will credit your account.

Google Revolution
6/11/2009 -$73.83
7/10/2009 -$73.83

Migoto Technologies (Las Vegas, NV)
7/28/2009 -$73.83
8/26/2009 $73.83
8/13/2009 -$73.83

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