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Agreed to purchase for $1.97. No indication of further charges without my authorization. Had to call my bank to understand from whom the charge originated. When called number associated with merchant; no response. Finally, was able to cancel after two charges of $47.50 (as a monthly charge) and one-time charge of $99.00 for the product.
Called number on results.
Called one number on results.
Called number under billing questions...was told I had agreed in the terms and conditions of the initial purchase; however, could not direct me to the terms and conditions statement that I had signed. Initial monthly charge made within 14 days; one-time charge made within 30 days; second monthly charge on same cycle as initial monthly charge (30 days later).
I cannot find the terms and conditions on the website.
I am disputing with my bank.

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  • Sw
      Jul 12, 2009

    The terms are acutally on the page where you give your credit card info. I was looking into this product myself as well as Google to Riches and thought what the heck I could order both for less than a $6.00 investment, if it didn't turn out oh well it was only $6.00. I was all set to give them my card info when I accidentally scrolled to the bottom of the page, where I notice the smallest print I had ever seen, it's even made to blend into the screen back ground to where you hardly notice it. but it states

    " I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions. By submitting this form, I am ordering the Google Profit™ CD trial for $1.97 shipping and handling, after the 30 day trial I will be charged $99 for the program. I also agree to the 14 day trial to Google Profit Resource membership for 47.50 per month there after should i choose do not cancel. Charges will appear on credit/debit statements as "GoogCD866-995-9812".
    For questions, call [protected] M-F, 6am-7pm, PST. "

    Luckily I did not order, the one for Google to Riches was just as bad... Lots of hidden charges... I looked on-line to see what people were saying and a large # of people have had to have their cards cancelled to stop the charges. I also found these two numbers, hope they help...

    How do you cancel?

    For Google To Riches, the number is [protected]

    For Google Profits, the number is [protected]

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  • Ch
      Jul 12, 2009

    For refunds - get your bank to do a chargeback:

    And file a complaint with the FTC:


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  • Go
      Aug 07, 2009

    I unfortunately didn't cancel within a day. I did not get the CD for 2 weeks, so I did not know UNTIL I was billed $81.32. After telling them I wanted to cancel ( Them being Gary "Customer Support Representative") he refunded $49.85 saying that was the best he could do. He said that would keep my account open until 8-6-2009, so I needed to make this work otherwise my account would cancel out. It didn't.

    Today 8-7-2009 I saw they charged me $49.85... again!. I called up again, now they tell me, I was supposed to cancel by the 6th. I told them No, I wanted it canceled last month. I asked if they recorded the calls " Yes sir we do" I told them to check the recording. I did not want this to go on. 55seconds later he (Some Supervisor) said I checked the tape and talked with Gary. HOW DO YOU CHECK THE TAPE OF A 10 MINUTE CONVERSATION IN 55 SECONDS?!?!?!? And how do you talk to the other rep. in that time?

    Long story short. They cancelled my account and kept my money. THIEVES! I just got done filling out a complaint to the Better Business Bureau @ and the Federal Trade Commision @

    With the state our contry is in now, financially, the last thing we need is more American companies lying and stealing from us. Why are there no more honorable companies out there?

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  • Go
      Aug 07, 2009

    And my spelling stinks, that should have said: " With the state our COUNTRY is in..."

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  • De
      Aug 18, 2009

    I did sign up before checking for further information, I was immediately charged the 1.97 but nothing else, yet.
    I then checked for backup information, Good or Bad, all that was out there was bad.
    I called the bank immediately, cancelled my card all I was out was 1.97 The person at the bank said I could dispute the 1.97, but it was probably the least costly lesson, but most teaching lesson I have ever learned.
    Maybe I will see the package, maybe not. But that is all they are getting from me. I will let you know what comes in the mail, Good or Bad.

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  • La
      Sep 08, 2009

    I just called my bank today to cancel my card. Apparently, this goggle profit company charge me $99.oo on 8/24 and just recently charged me $47.50. I filed a fraudulent charge against this company. Lucky thing that my bank is with Wells Fargo and they are crediting my account back for the $99 and the $47.50 that these ### should be stopped! Good people are hurting during this troubled economic times, people who are trying to do an honest living. I hate to admit that I was scammed by these idiots but I will not stop telling people to be careful of this ###! The people who work for this organization will have a real worst karma effect in their lives.

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  • Go
      Sep 11, 2009

    I just have to say that you people must by really dumb! Who in their right mind thinks anything is FREE in this world. Ya, its $1.97 for shipping and handling. Did you not see the word TRIAL? Terms and Conditions are clearly listed in the website. If YOU don't read them before YOU put in YOUR credit card number, YOU are the only one YOU can be mad at when your money is missing. I laugh at all of you on a daily basis. Maybe you will learn you lesson or you will continue to blame your stupidity on others

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