Googlegoogle adwords

Please let this post serve as a warning to all who consider using Google Adwords!

It seems they have changed their service making it much easier for them to help themselves to your credit card.

Where has the "manual payment" option gone so that once your balance runs out, ads stop?

What about the budget cap of setting an initial budget, and stopping ads once it hits that amount?

These two things are integral parts of creating a Facebook ad, but nowhere to be found on Google. There's no way to tell Google "DO NOT TAKE MY MONEY!" Turns out there's no manual payment option, and if your ads are not paused it'll just keep billing you and increasing your threshold, billing more and more, WITHOUT notifying you!

I signed up with a coupon, get $100 free when you spend $25. Now I've got a $350 adwords bill that Google won't help with and nor will my bank.

As an entrepreneur starting out, that's a giant amount of money. Of course a big company like Google doesn't care about the little guys, so I'm screwed out of it.

This is very shady business. The default option is to automatically bill your credit card for as much as they like? Facebook ads FORCE you to enter an overall budget and campaign timeline. Google, will just take your money until you discover they're stealing from you.

Beware if you're using Adwords. Better yet, don't use them at all. I never will be again!

Jan 11, 2017

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