Glocell / overbilling and disgusting service

Gauteng, US

Glocell, please see below... Please can someone assist me, there is a problem somewhere, I need someone to call me

Dear glocell 2017/11/21 cell number [protected]

I make reference to this email sent 5 days ago that no one has replied to. You claim that my account is almost r6000 in arrears, and again you have threatened to cut me off. How can you send me screen shots of my so called short palings, you have not sent me any invoices, to show me what exactly I haven't paid, and you do not send me a response to let me understand what exactly I haven't paid. Where are the invoices to show exactly what the shortfalls are. Why have you not called me to tell me I have short paid, normally I would be cut off immediately. Please send me your managing directors details so I can resolve this, or allow me to work through this with you, this is crazy, i've been a contract customer for years, closely, this service is disgusting, help me, [protected] james
Hi this makes no sense to me, could I please come through and see someone on monday to resolve this

Guys, please can you explain what all these payment reversals are. This makes no sense to me. My debit order should of been stopped before you guys even took over. Im also shocked you would carry on billing me for over a year without telling me. I haven't used that account in 2 years. How is it possible though that you cut me off the minute im late on a payment, and then im turned back on after ive paid by transfer, but now you claim I owe you r7000. Ill be sending you every payment we have made since you have taken over, please look at this is detail, ill be sending it this evening

Glocell, you have just cut me off!!! This is crazy, ive never had such disgusting revolting service from any service provider in south africa... You can't give me detail about what I owe you this money for, yet you have just cut me off... I am going to every newspaper, and social media platform to tell this entire country what disgusting service I have received,... I have been a contract customer for years, and you can't tell me what these reversals are for... This is disgusting... Turn me back on now

Nov 21, 2017

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