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In the beginning of June I had to request Glocell to sent me my invoices. Then I noticed that I was charged for 1G of R149 that I didn't request. I also want to end my contract with Glocell on the 30 June, they cancelled it on the 13 June already and I had to buy extra airtime with money I don't have. I got refunded R34 for that. But after many mails to the "CEO" I still didn't get my money back. Last week I received a mail, they will refund me R124 seeing that I bought 100MB data of R25, but it's only R19 and I already paid for it, clearly stated on my invoice. If you look at all the complaints on Hello Peter, Facebook, ect, it's a worry, everybody is complaining about them and that they get charged extra. Are they trying to steel money from customers to pay for the boat trips and vacations!!!

Aug 09, 2016
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      Sep 02, 2016

    I am one of the unfortunate souls who was ported from Autopage to Cell C. The service we received from Autopage was terrible, but the service we get from Glocell is 100 times worse. I have read a lot of complaints on here about people being overcharged and I am one of them. This company engages in unethical behaviour and I am really very unhappy about that. As customers of the various cell phone companies who are at their mercies and they just do not care, because we are just numbers to them and so what if they lose us a customer, between them they have an absolute cartel and monopoly.

    My problem is as follows: 2 months ago I requested them to load an additional recurring data bundle, because I noticed that I have been spending a lot of money on out of bundle rates. In my cell phone contract I have the CellC SmartChat 2GB and the recurring bundle which they supposedly loaded, is the 3GB Smartdata Recurring Bundle.

    However, they were very sneaky and never loaded this bundle. Last month I thought the bundle was loaded and at the end of the month I got a bill for R4000 of data used in out of bundle rates and they still had the audacity to charge me for the new bundle which was never active in the first place.

    Today I dialed *100# on my phone and that is how I noticed that the additional 3GB bundle is not active and it all made sense to me, it was not active last month either and probably not active the month before either.

    I phoned their call centre, but during the attempt the call was dropped probably about 7 times!!! You phone and wait for 10-15 minutes and more and then your call is dropped, so I just gave up.

    I never asked for my contract to go to Glocell, I would have preferred for it to have gone straight to Cell C, for what that is worth, because let me tell you, dealing with the middle man is not very helpful at all.

    I would like to be refunded by Glocell, but I know they will just hide behind all kinds of legalise to cover themselves. They misled me by confirming that this bundle was active when clearly it was not. I have attached a screenshot to prove this.

    That is why I am saying that Glocell is engaging in unethical behaviour. I, for one am sick and tired of being exploited by cell phone companies in this country. My bill was R6000! R6000!!

    I am most definitely not renewing my contract when this comes to an end in December of 2016 and will explore my avenues of getting out of it sooner if possible. I know they won't care about losing me, as I am just a number to them, but if they would even bother to check they would have noticed I spent an average of R2000 to R4000 per month. However, I for one am sick and tired of being exploited like this.

    Cell phone companies deliberately make it difficult for us to manage our data spending. They also make it very difficult, if not impossible to add a spending cap and then they engage in behaviour like this: supposedly adding recurring bundles, but never doing so.

    I am willing to provide any evidence in support, should you even bother to come back to me.

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