Giant Eaglefired due to illness

R Sep 28, 2015

On Thursday Sept 24, 2015 I was scheduled to work 9am to 4pm. I had to reschedule due to the fact that I was sick. I saw my family doctor who advised me not to work for the next 4 days. I was given a Doctors order slip to give to the company. When I called to tell them what I was advised I was immediately told that I no longer had a job that they needed someone who would be able to work when needed. I was able to speak with Jordan the manager of the Morgantown, WV Giant Eagle and was suppose to meet with him on Saturday, Sept 26, 2015 at 830am. I showed up to the store only to discover that he was not there. So I left to go get something to drink and was intending on coming back to the store, but instead had to be taken back to the hospital because of having issues breathing. When I got home I had 3 very nasty phone messages from Jordan the last message saying that he would not be calling me again. This company has some serious issues, and for me to be told that I have to let the store know of my every move is stupid. Sorry but my health comes first!!

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