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Ge Money Bank / Care Credit / Cheating, lying swindlers!

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Good God! I thought I was the only one that had a horrible experience with these ###. It's like this. I signed up for Care Credit to pay for some medical bills I had. I arranged to pay my bill online, as this was the simplest way of keeping track of everything. Two months in, my bank account info was stolen, which forced me to close out the account I signed up for with Care Credit. No problem, they said. Just give us your new info when you get it, and all will be right with the world. Great, I thought, a credit card company that actually cares about their clients.

Ha. After reestablishing my bank account, I submitted my new info to the Care Credit website, and, away we go. Not so fast there, ace. According to them, my bank account info was wrong, they couldn't get payment. Not so bad, I hadn't used up all my credit, so they just added to my balance so they could collect more interest. This was in spite of the fact I was looking at my online statement while speaking to the CSR and it clearly showed that I made payment on the due date. It took them a WEEK to determine that my bank info was wrong. Ok fine, simple mistake, these things happen.

But wait. The next month, it happened again. Then again, then AGAIN. For some reason they stopped sending me bills through the mail, even though I never asked them too. I spoke to a customer service representative that will most likely never achieve the final stage of nirvana with the attitude she had, and in her broken and heavily accented Indian-ish that they could not take the money out of my account due to a transaction error. In an effort to expedite the situation, I stupidly gave them my checking numbers over the phone (which I may add, sounded a smidge more advanced than two tin cans and length of string), and hoped that would be the final, ultimate end to this nightmare. Again, not so fast there.

Long story short, the CSR entered in my bank info wrong, and I got charged for their mistakes. When I finally got the correct number to call to speak to someone about my plight, I got a relatively nice person that calmly explained that in spite of the terrible customer service I received, in spite of the mistakes THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES MADE, in spite of the fact that I had made every reasonable effort to pay this bill on time with the correct funds, they couldn't correct the situation, and that the $145 dollar a month finance charges I had to pay were mine to deal with. Due to late fees, charges and whathaveyou, I now pay an APR of 30%, my credit is wrecked and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. I understand that they have a business to run, but a simple online check to verify the correct account information on their end would have saved me almost $700 in banking fees.

I have never had to deal with such deceitful, underhanded business practices. Rest assured that I will never have anything to do with this company ever again, and will recommend that no one else do business with them as well. If anyone is getting together a class action, count me in!

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  • Do
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Ge Care credit are indeed swindlers for the record books. They issued a credit card in my name to my ex-wife. They have the records to prove it. Rachel Barker, 1800-268-9131 makes my list of all time ### that work for GE Fraud. She sent half the information tho the officer in charge of the case in my home town and refuses to send the rest. The charges were signed by my ex-wife with a secondary signature that was a very poor and misspelled signature that was supposed to be mine. She can see it with her own eyes and still sent it to collections.

    When confronted about this she pushed responsibility on me, refused to send the rest of the information to the officer. I tried to explain to her that the only way GE would get its money was to help by being forthcoming with the information. She said she did not care if GE got their money, that was my problem. Then told me that she would continue to report me as delinquent on my credit report until I paid it.

    It is obvious fraud and GE is complicitious to it.

    I too called numerous times to get satisfaction and was treated very rudely. I was told that if I persisted, they would call the police for harassment. I told them to go ahead, I was in the police department all day already because of this stuff.

    I gotta go call again, I have givin the manager 10 minutes to call me back and still no love.

    Hey, wanna help? why don't you call too? Rachel Barker 1 800 268-9131

  • Av
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    Class Action suit? How do i recover 1300.00 in finances charges that I payed as asked from a Reprentative at the company. I called regarding charges being applied for $1300.00 in one month time a a deferred payment CARE CREDIT program. As soon as I opened the statement seeing the Finance Charges I called and was told to pay the balance of that Deferrment and would be credited with the finance charges. I did that immediately online. I then receive a letter from an ESCALATED SPECIALIST at the GE MONEY that they will not reverse the finance charges since I missed the Expiration DAte. Well on my statement it was showing that my date was 3 weeks out from the Finance Charge Date and there was no grace period. SCAMMERS FOR THEIR FINANCE CHARGES - This program will get you when ou have medical bills. I have called and asked to go to a higher level..I was told i was at that level and that i should re read my statements clearly. Very unfair - I paid my amount in full within 12 days of the expiration.

  • Ma
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    I had the same problem with GE. I payed the card off before the deferred interest would apply and they charged me over 900.00 and said the payment did not make it in time. I tried speaking to several people and had the receipt the day it was paid but to no avail. I ended up writing the dispute Dept of our newspaper here in Fl and suddenly the problem was resolved. They miraculously realized the mistake and bought us back to a 0 balance...I would suggest call your local news area that handles scammers. It worked for me!

  • Wa
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    I was in the process of divorce and relocating when I found a dentist in Wheeling WV. I was asked to complete applications for Care Credit, “just to see if I could get any financing.“ I had absolutely no idea at which point I had allegedly authorized a credit line because the dental office had all the wrong information and gave me two different accts with two different names addresses and acct numbers. At the time services were rendered, not one person spoke with me about Care Credit except to have me sign authorization to not accept the credit and pay as I go. I was never asked to provide consent to services and my appointments were rescheduled around the dentist vacations to Florida.

    Obviously a meeting with the dental office's billing clerk was clearly called for…

    (1) I asked the dental office for help after I got their itemized bill and saw Care Credit card payment credit for 5/14/2007
    (2) I was told to go online but the acct, address and names did not give me the proper combination to access information.
    (3) telephone conversation directly with a Care Credit was not possible without the correct combination either…I asked the dental office for help…for evidence of any kind . The dental office shred one of the credit cards and told me which account had been billed.
    (4) I still had no success in making contact-
    (5) I asked the dental office to have Care Credit call me to discuss…
    (6) Dental office informed me the account was turned over for collection and they
    provided a phone number to call.
    (7) I was told the “debt” was due and collectable, since February, and I got a lecture.

    Never once was there a discussion regarding Credit Care authorization or of the “approved amount” being utilized. I was attempting to provide my current address and clear up any confusion. I am elderly and living on a very limited income. The dentist and his staff certainly have given me cause for concern. I am suspicious of the dentist, his staff, Care Credit and the “debt collection people”. I have never seen the bill the “debt collection people” promised and they threatened several courses of action against me. My dentist office has their money. I have never seen the alleged bill, they did not have the correct name or address. The dental account history was mailed to my home 12/27/2007. Why did they not have my correct address in February, I provided it. The dental office cashed my personal checks with my address on it

    If someone else is out there has a similar experience, please let me know.

    Thank you...

  • Br
      30th of May, 2008
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    OK EVERYBODY...I too am a burned customer of GE Money Bank / Care Credit and have been researching people's problems online. There are literally thousands of examples of their disgusting attempts to steal from the consumer. The Better Business Bureau helped me a little but not enough to show this company that what they do to us is WRONG.

    So I propose this... Contact the State of Ohio's Attorney Generals Office and let them know that we will not stand for this.

    The phone number is 1 - 614 - 466 - 8831

    The more people who call, the stronger our voice!

  • An
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I am all for a class action lawsuit. GE Money Bank / Care Credit is the biggest scam around. I have been paying on this card since the beginning of 2005 and my credit limit was 4500.00 now in Jouly of 2008 balance is 3600.00. How is that even possible? Over three years have passed and my balance does not go down. Well, it is due to their finance charges and other bull crap they pull. I was in a desparate situation and had to have major dental work and this company took advantage of that situation. If I could not pay this card I would gladly do it, but it is in my mothers name too and I can't ruin her credit. I will NEVER do business with this fraudulent company again. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau in Arizona to see what I can do to stop this from happening to more innocent people in desparate situations.

  • De
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    So I have only had this card for 2 months. I needed to get some dental work done, and I don't have insurance. Anyway, I sent the first payment it six days before it was due. It shouldn't take that long to get there. They posted it to my account 2 days late, and charged me a late fee. BUT, they credited to my account on a Sunday. There is no mail on Sunday, so they had it at least one day sooner. And if they had it two days sooner, then it was on time! I tried to call them, but I cannot find any way to reach them after hours. All operators were busy when I tried to call before work. And there is nothing on their website that I can find with an email address or a place to send comments. I don't believe I should be charged for this. And as soon as I pay this off next month, I am canceling it.

    And while we're on the subject, avoid Best Buy's Reward Zone Mastercard. Their payment center is less than 10 miles from here. It usually gets there in 2 days. I sent it three days early. That was a week ago. They still haven't got my payment. AND, I paid online (a second payment) to avoid a late fee. That was on the 16th, and as of today (the 22nd), neither payment is posted to my account. I bet I'll get a late fee after all. Oh, they lied to me when I signed up, too. They said (and circled on a paper) NO ANNUAL FEE. When I got the bill, they charged me one. I had to fight them and threaten to cancel it to get it taken off. Just thought I'd warn anyone thinking of signing up.

  • St
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I originally got involved with Care Credit/GE Money when our son had some medical problems. The cost was more than he could afford and the doctors office really pushed using Care Credit. So we signed up. I had to be the main name on the account as my son did not have much of any credit rating yet. It has been one problem after another with them ever since! My son goofed up once and was a few days late with a payment. They called me at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning to tell me they needed their payment immediately. I could barely understand the person calling due to such a thick accent too. I told them I would check sith my son and get things settled as soon as I could. The caller told me he had to have the money by the end of the day the following day or they would send me a bill for the entire amount of the account! I told him there was no reason to start with the threats to which he said "This is only the beginning if you do not pay on this account"! Right after that they sent a message in to whomever to place a black mark on my credit rating! I cannot believe how quickly these folks get nasty. Money hungry non-caring all the way. I wish I had read the warnings and notes above prior to signing up with them. They are a total nightmare to deal with! If you have ANY other options, DO NOT sign up for anything with this company!!!

  • Ro
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    This company is truely running a scam. They know exactly what they are doing. I have a similar if not identicle story as all those before me. I have never had a late payment in my life, but the way they set the billing cycle up, you are bound to accrue late charges. My payments were set up on auto bill pay from my bank in accordance to the information provided to me from GE Money Bank. But for some reason, my payments were posting with them just 1-2 days past the due date and a $45 late fee was assessed. When I called to work it out (three times), they have a scripted response that clearly reflects they are trained to cover-up their fraudulent practices. There is no customer service...same story, they are rude and condesending. I had a feeling I would find more people out there with similar stories. It is wrong. They are a usery company with usery lending practices. I feel strongly that there should be a class action lawsuit for our losses. If anyone knows of any legal class actions in the works, or complaints in the State of Florida, please count me in. In the mean time, I will contact our Attorney General's Office and the BBB to see if there's anymore that can be done to level the playing field with this company!

  • Ar
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    File a complaint with your State Attorney General's Office.

    Also here is the website for the Consumer fraud lawyer, if we all did this, maybe we can get a class action lawsuit against GE Money Bank Care Credit:

    Here is link to some of the people who works for GE you can call:

  • Ar
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    I was told that this the address for the Corporate Office for GE Money:

    2995 Redhill Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Phone: 800-300-3046

  • Pa
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    I needed dental work and got the credit for $2, 500 through them. I tried to pay it off quickly, paying a lot over the minimum amt. required, about $200.00 a month. If you notice, even when the date comes up that the interest will accrue, they still only ask for a minimum payment of $15 or so. My bank merged with another bank the date that my last payment of $20 was due, which would finish my balance. The bank had problems and the payment didn't get there until July 15 instead of july 5. I got a letter from the bank and wrote to ExtraCare along with all of my past bank statement, they refused to honor my request to keep the balance at zero and now I am supposed to pay $625.00 in interests fees. I'm going through a divorce, am a single mother, I told them this, the customer service people were very rude, they told me they couldn't remedy this situation. I will try everything I can to get these people in trouble.
    Pam Grossman

  • Ju
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I've had similar treatment, and they are definitely lying scammers. It's sad that so many in the medical profession think they're offering their patients a "service."
    I would love to be in on a class action suit. If anyone pursues this, count me in!

  • An
      30th of Aug, 2008
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    hello everyone - and yes i have similar problems, just closed the GE Money Care Credit account and paid extra $340.00
    that was not disputed as promissed to me if i pay the full amount og the borrowed money for my surgery - I tried to contact a supervisor who promised this arrangement to me - Mr. Kelvin Judkins, Kettiring Office in Ohio, no luck!
    All other ruthless supervisors were trying to convince me that nothing was on my record that states the disputment of my extra charges.
    So much waste of energy - i just paid it and closed my account - but i woudl like to do more than that and help other not to repeat the mistake i had in dealing with them.
    This type of unprofessional attitude i never experianced in dealing with banks and credit card companies - specially if it wasn't my mistake - i was away for 2 months and my automatic payment for minimum amount just didn't go through and GE stated i should deal with my bank - but nothing was wrong with my bank - we just went bank and forth - but the point was that i was promissed a dispute of all extra charges if i pay yhe full amount of borrowed money and i could never prove it - the worst was a supervisor named Kim - actually they all sounded like they went to the same schooling how to be ruthless to their customers...

    I would appreciate collaborating with others on the potential lawsuit against this company that probably has the most of the complaints of all.

    Thank you and be safe and get rid of the GE Money account!
    with best regards

  • Mi
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I too am a customer(?) of GEMoney Grabber
    I had suspected these crooks of holding my checks until AFTER the due date before cashing to make a little extra in the form of "late charges" SO then the brilliant(?) idea of paying online seemed worthwhile, so
    like everyone else who still has to work for a living--pickup paycheck on Friday, stop at bank & deposit same, go home, eat, pull out bills, checkbook, & fire up the computer and hope the bottom line balances. So shortly after midnight sept 5/6, I wrote checks to creditors with whom I have not established an online account, the to the computer--Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's, Shell, BP, and then
    my newly established Care(less) Credit. A little research on Tuesday showed that everyone except GE had successfully received their money on Monday 8 Sept. Checking the GE MoneyBank web site showed that these crooks had presented the payment on Sunday!
    Of course they weren't paid, THE BANK WAS CLOSED. There was plenty of money in the bank to cover before the the deposit but the doors were locked--resulting in a $39 returned check charge. Looking back to the web site the words 'payments submitted after 6:00 or on the weekend will be processed on the next business day'. . . In this case Monday for most of us--but no them. In speaking with 'WILL' he stated "No, the next business day after Saturday for us is Sunday,
    What would you like me to do for you?" I replied that returning the $39 would be the least I would expect, which he assured me he could and would do. Wonder how much unearned income like this has made it into GE's coffers????????

  • Aj
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    I don't know where or why you people are saying these things, and if they truly are happening to you then I apologise on their behalves, but I have not once had a problem with GE, or CareCredit in general. Actually, quite the opposite. There were there when I needed something done about my vision and for eyeglasses, as I am unable to see much at all without a pair. Since then I have not had a single problem making monthly payments, and I haven't been cheated or swindled in the slightest.

    Perhaps it was simply the way you handle yourselves as far as customer service is concerned. I know there are bad support representatives and you might get connected to them sometimes, but as an ex-representative of another company (I decline to say in the event I'm not supposed to), I will tell you this. We got some customers that were extremely horrific to try and deal with. The phone-line and what transpires on it goes both ways.

  • Lo
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    So a collection agency calls to collect for an account I have never heard off, a JC Penny credit card. I tried explaining so i have never held that card, or made any charges other than on my regular JC Penny store card. It took five registered letters of explanation to return to the starting point, zero.

    So I called JC Penny, they gave me the address of GE money Bank, the issuer of the card, stating that they can provide me with details. GE Bank states that they sold the account to the collection agency, and the collection agency states that if I want to dispute the charges i have to do through GE bank. After several letters to GE bank I returned tot he starting point, another zero.

    This came about in the worst time when I needed to borrow money, so it smeared my credit report and lowered my rating. The lender will not give me the loan unless I resolve this issue. It is the only negative entry on my credit report. As for my JC Penny Store Card (not JCP Credit Card), it is up to date, never even been late once.

    This is truly disheartening. It has been 9 months since I learned about the problem, and still getting the run around form JC Penny, GE Money bank, and the collection agency. My only option is to get a lawyer which will cost me $500, that is about the same amount they are asking for.

    My friends say that I should pay, because it will get the issue resolved, while I will have no guarantee the $500 to the lawyer will resolve it. I have a moral issue with that. Even if I pay and continue with the dispute process, that will complicate the issue. Advice is appreciated.

  • Ra
      31st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Carecredit is a total scam ...I owe too much top payoff right away or I would. The keep charging me late fees everymonth and I am set up for auto pay. Yet everymonth I am charged 39.00 and then they raised my promo rate from 16.99 (what promo rate is that anyway) to 22.98% I never agreed to that interest rate in the first place. When I did my cosmetic procedure, I agreed to pay back x amount of monies within a certain timeframe at 0% it was never 0% when I called they said I had to talk to the merchant. WHAT???? I asked them to show me anything that I signed agreeing to 16.9% and then to 22.98% ...they couldnt do so they said I had to talk to the merchant. When I called and talked to the "manager" she told me that she was not the one to rack up the credit line so wjy is it her fault that I have to pay 22.9% RUDE PEOPLE DISHONEST CROOKS!!! DO NOT USE CARE CREDIT!!! THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS!!!

  • Vn
      12th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too was scmmed.. I had surgery doen, and teh doc said there was NO finance cahrge ( 0 interest) for the $3000 thru cared credit..I'd jutd make the payments until the $300 was paid off. i was down to about $300..They jsut tacked $687 "finance cahrge..thats ocver 200% on what I owed!!
    Theys aid the "promotional rate was over."!! I had ealier wanted to pay it all of, , but they discouraged me, saying " Youhave about $2700 in available credit that yiou can use somewhere else"
    i NEEd a class action lawyer, , also thibking of suing the doctor..maybe small claims court.

  • Kt
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    I just found out that I missed my cutoff date for paying off my deferred interests on my GE care credit debt by about 13 day's. I found this out when I received an email alert from my credit report monitoring service which stated that my credit score was lowered by 8 points based on a reported $900.00 increase of my GE credit card balance.

    So here's the deal, I'm in the military stationed overseas in a combat zone, the online statements I received stated that my deferred interest period was over on "12/08", which I interpreted to mean as the end of December, however, it appears that it meant it was over on December the 8th, 2008. So, not only is my credit score down by 8 points, but my balance is now up by $900.00 eventhough I've been making automatic monthly payments against the principal since June of last year.

    Here's what I'm going to do, I sent the payment in full the other day, minus the jacked up deferred interest amount of $900.00. I'm going to call and tell them I want them to close my account, report a zero balance to the credit score monitoring companies and submit a report to the credit bureaus stating that my interest increase of $900.00 was a mistake on thier part.

    If I run into any of the same problems I've read about here, I'm going to tell them that my letters to the head of GE, the Senate and House Armed Services and Financial and Consumer affairs committee's, as well as to my congressman and senators is on the way from the combat zone, courtesy copy to Stars and Stripes so everyone that's fighting will know they're into ripping off soldiers.

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