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Ge Money Bank / Aon Integramark / Walmart / ridiculous practices/deceit/lies/wont pay or stand behind their pay. protection like they said they would after 7 months still have not paid

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I filed for payment protection due to losing my job back in FEB 2009 and todate (8/26/09) NOTHING has still been done. I have called and called and called and yet GE BANK who I had been paying payment protection insurance on my Walmart Credit Card will not do what they promised to do and that is PAYMENT PROTECTION. I was told at jump street that if I take out the insurance on the credit card (which I said no to first then actually said yes as the Walmart Credit Card Rep told me that if I lost my job or got sick etc it would be paid off) THAT IS THE ONLY REASON I EVEN TOOK IT OUT. I was paying for it on every cc statement and when I actually did need it and filed for benefits, its now been 7 months and all I am getting and have been getting is a runaround!!! They have asked over and over and over for document this and that then will ask for the very same thing again and again then lie and say they did not get this or that. I am sick of them they claim they did not get paperwork when they did and it was confirmed. One rep will tell you one thing and another rep will tell you something totally and completely different. One will give you certain dates, notes, etc and then they get amnesia. The supervisors defend their reps and make excuses after excuses and even go as far to say that they dont have the same notes that a rep had just a day or so ago. They give me the VERY VERY STRONG impression that they are trying to NOT pay off my cc balance. Just a few days ago one rep told me that on the 21st that they sent (SNAIL MAIL) to Walmart to request the amount they needed to pay and today (8/26) they are telling me that they are still waiting for me to fax certain documentation when this was faxed already 2 weeks ago and I confirmed it with them then bt now they dont show notes of any of that. I am going to find anyone, anywhere, any organization, agency, or what ever I need to to report this and get to the bottom of this unfair, crazy, deceitful, and very strange questionable practice of doing business. Come ON NOW 7 months???????????

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      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Ok now today I find out that Walmart has lowered my credit line from 500.00 to a measley 100.00 and I am damn mad. Anyone had this same problem? They are chastizing me for using what I paid for and that is payment protection. I spoke with customer service today and the first guy lied to me and told me that no manager was there to speak with me, until I finally hung up and called back and spoke with Micheal who is a manager who said that one thing had nothing to do with the other, YEAH RIGHT!!! Take my word for it, take out the payment protection, God forbid you have to use it, then they walk all over you and cancel your credit line. ###!!! WalMart takes your money for the payment protection and then they take almost a year to actually pay off your balance then punish you by making you send in one document after another after another after another and you get so damn frustrated and often they loose your paperwork (I believe conveniently) and make you resend the same paperwork in again and you keep on waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, then after 8 months they do pay off your balance as of the date you lost your job but what they LIE TO YOU ABOUT IS THEY PUNISH YOU FOR IT!!! THEY ARE a liar, and a JOKE!!! I am going to scream until someone hears me!!! How can they say they reviewed my file and decided to lower my credit line and lie and say it has nothing to do with me filing (and complaining to BBB/consumer affairs) and even said that it was just coinencidence that they cut my credit line now that I have used what was my right to start with (and plus I had been paying for----PAYMENT PROTECTION). I had tried many times to get an increase in my line just before this all happened and kept getting turned down. WHY DIDN'T THEY LOWER MY CREDIT LIMIT THEN?????????????

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      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Where can you find the details about what is and what is not covered under this plan? They sure make it difficult to find this info on the web!

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