GE Appliancesge side by side refrigerator/freezer model no. gscs3pgxcfss

This model has a water/ice dispenser in the freezer door. The Dispenser Control Board has a plastic panel with labels for "Quick Ice", "Cubed", "Crushed", and "Water" and by pushing the labels a consumer switches between these options. My refrigerator is about 7 years old and the Dispenser Control Board functions perfectly however where the plastic panel is labeled "Water" through normal usage there is a hole in the panel and the "Cubed" label is about to wear through.

I contacted GEappliance parts to request a new plastic panel and was informed the only way to repair is to buy a new Dispenser Control Board Part No. WR55X10907 at a cost of $173.00.

My complaint is that the part was inappropriately engineered and GE should have tested the plastic panel to assure it would remain intact for the estimated life of the refrigerator. Since the company failed to do this the replacement Dispenser Control Board should be available to consumers for a cost appropriate for a replacement plastic panel in the range of $5-$10.

GE Appliances

Jun 09, 2018

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