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Complaints & Reviews

still waiting for my fridge to be repaired after 6 months

Last year August i called to report that my Defy fridge freezer side is not freezing up anymore. i am still under warranty. a tech came to look at the problem and said it was the computer box he will order one a replace it, never saw him again. I called again another tech came and said it is the element and he will order one. never saw him again. i called there office spoke to a Manager who said he will sort it out. never heard from him again. My warranty will expire in April this year. My Meat as gone off because of this, 2 of the freezer draw broker because only the bottom side freeze.

dishwasher repair

I logged a service call early in December. It took 15 calls of following up from myself just to get the tech out to my home in January. Then a part needed to be ordered. Again, no feedback from either the tech or Defy. I eventually received a date the tech would be out. He was more concerned with me paying than he was the time it had taken for him to come out and the repair of my dishwasher. Once he repaired the issue I tested the dishwasher. It was working except that now it would not open after he had left. I phone him to tell him to return but he refused and said he would come the next day. He then advised that the mechanism was broken. This was not the case before he had handled the machine and now he wants to charge me for the part to repair what he broke. I refuse and I want this sorted out with more urgency than it has been.

dishwasher repair

last week I bought a defy fridge from russells furniture in richards bay, the fridge was delivered today by mams russells in mamelodi

The fridge was sealed ok, when opening the box and then opening the fridge we found that the fridge had some damages on the upper door and also the drawers inside the bottom door are also falling apart, we then took a video and contacted Russells furniture, the feedback we received was that they have a logged an issue with Defy and that the technician from Defy will come and fix the damages to the fridge.

Russells order number is [protected]

Delivery Address 222 Segwagwa str
Moretele view
Mamelodi West

I only bought Defy Fridge because I wanted quality, I wanted something that will last long for my daughter.

But what I got from the box is not what I expected from Defy, seriously Defy needs to tell me what is this exactly, how come they packed this damaged fridge into the box for their customer?

I attached the video that was taken by my daughter just after opening the box and getting shocked finding the fridge damaged like this.

I will be paying for 24 months starting from the end of the month I do not think that this will be a pleasant journey for me, please resolve this issue for me as soon as possible because I do not want to escalate this matter further.

Yours Faithfully
Nelisiwe Mtshali

poor after sales maintenance

Good Day,
I've reported my Defy F790 Fridge/Freezer to Makro Wonderboom on 18/12/2019 at 10h00. The Freezer side stop working and is making a hell of a noise. They did lock a call. Job number 1217925. The Technician was scheduled for Friday 20/12/2019 08H00. Nobody pitched up. After 3 calls to the Call Centre, the technician phoned me in the afternoon and said he will be on site late afternoon. Still up to now Saturday 08h45 nobody pitched up or even phoned me. I did explained to all that I'm going on leave ( Western Cape) on Saturday and can't leave unless the product is fixed. This morning I phoned the Call Centre only to find that they are not working on Saturdays.
I'm highly upset on the poor after sales maintenance. The product is not cheap and one expect better from Defy. If they don't fixed it on the latest Monday the 23rd of December 2019, I will take it further and you can take the product back and refund us.

refrigerator repair

On Saturday, 15th December 2019- 11 am, I called defy to request repair services for a technician as the fridge stopped working. the fridge is still under warranty- the administrator Elias, said that the technician would call back to set up the appointment. We received absolutely NO response to this call until Tuesday, 17th December at 4pm, by the administrator to follow up! Even after having called numerous times to find out about the technician.
To which i advised that we already sorted our problem out, NO THANKS TO DEFY!
I then received a call on Wednesday, 18th December, 11:30 am from the technician to set up an appointment.
Absolutely pathetic service. If i hadn't found another resource to fix the fridge, everything would've gone off! No sense of urgency, Unacceptable!!!


I have recently logged another complaint 3 times. No communication from Defy. My child is currently sick and I need to keep the meds in the fridge that has just decided not to work again. Over the past 3 years I cannot even recount the amount of times the fridge has been faulty. You are welcome to recall it all on my cellphone number. My child has been sick for over 2 weeks so I haven't had the opportunity to baby Defy by calling them every other day and now this. I need this matter addressed urgently. How can the same fridge have the same problems over and over, it gets sent for repairs then it's long after being "fixed" it breaks again, obviously there's something wrong or there's something wrong with my logic. Awaiting your response.

defy cooker hood

I have been liaising wih defy agent since 21 August 2019when my cooker hood malfucntioned. I have at that date reported a problem with my Defy slim line cooker hood.
I called again on:

To date this service agent or repair person has not been in contact with us to inform us of the issues relating to the cooker hood.

Today I called defy and discovered that the repair person had cancelled the repair. I had spoken to my husband 1 time during this entire period and his service is truly pathetic.

I cannot put it any other way, his service is lacking on so many levels including not calling the customer [myself or my husband] to come to our house; not informing us what the problem is with the cooker hood; or giving us specific time frame sin which it would take to fix the device.

This is tremendously unethical and con-compliance on a service delivery basis.
He just comes to my house when neither of us are home, we cannot allow that the gates and doors just be opened without us knowing who will be entering our home, it is not safe, he does not liaise with us regarding anything to do with repairs or just in general.

This is unacceptable practice from a big name such as defy.

Please address my dissatisfaction urgently in this regard, dissatisfaction since it has been 3 almost 4 months since placing the claim with the defy. I hope this is addressed urgently as I have not be able to enjoy my product for the past 4 months.

double door fridge/freezer/defective product

My Defy fridge/freezer Model F640(out of warranty) has big holes on the inside back panel. Lots of rust oozing out of holes. Your complaints website has numerous complaints that are similar to mine. This is not normal no matter how old the fridge. Looking at all the similar complaints it is obvious that this is a manufacturing defect. Also a health hazard!!
I therefore request a total refund on the defective fridge/freezer.


double door fridge/freezer/defective product

defy microwave

I purchased a defy microwave from Game. It was purchased a little while ago and started rusting and peeling by the second month. The microwave has peeled and rusted extremely badly. I am extremely disappointed at how defy could manufacture products of such low quality as these appliances are not cheap!!! It is also an extreme health hazard as the intense odour of the rust is very fumigating. This is so unhealthy. I always look for good brands and Defy was one of them but now i will consider other brands.

defy microwave

defy 300l chest freezer

597416 Good day I had purchased a new Defy 300L chest freezer from Game stores at the Greenstone shopping centre on the 06-09-2019. The freezer was delivered on 07-09-2019. Upon...

washing machine

I bought a washing machine from game - 1800 twin tub This will be the third time they come out to come fix this spinner last week 2/9 Only on the 9/9 a technician came out...

defy appliances

The 5 year warranty stuck on the appliance is not worth the plastic sticker it is printed on. My Defy upright fridge has failed not even halfway through its warranty period. My woes started when even Makro, where I bought the fridge from struggled for several days just to get a call logged with Defy. It took several calls to get a technician out to assess the problem, and of course he did not have spares. Worst is that Defy does not keep the particular spare at all. I have now been waiting for over a month, and after numerous empty promises and lies about a technician coming out, I still have no solution to the faulty fridge. I have taken unpaid leave to wait at home for the technician that never arrived. When you ask to speak to management, they are never available, or their phone just rings. Defy never again!

Defy — defy fridge

I bought a brand new double door fridge on Feb this year. It had a funny sound and early this year I started smelling something like flames coming out of it when I checked the...

fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup

We have had our defy f640 fridge/freezer since 2010. During the last few years the fridge have rusted extremely on the back panel so much so that it's got exposed pipes and insulation on the inside. The holes are between 5 and 10cm in diameter. Surely a product of this coat should have better panelling on the inside especially since you have to store food products on the inside.

fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup
fridge/freezer f7640 extreme rust buildup

service on defy oven

I requested a replacement glass front for my single defy oven, an agent called Ashley responded to my website query and I had a quote within a day.
However, he has been unable to send me an invoice despite given him three different email addresses to try. Its been almost two weeks since the quote was given over whatsapp and he just promises to try again. This is poor service, I can't to wait any longer. Please escalate and assist?

defy stove

597416 Good day Ref no. 1147580 I am a residence at Coral Beach Estate, Winterstrand. I reported a problem to our electricians with our brand new defy stove on the 27th of July. They...

defy double door fridge

I saved for just over 2 years to get the fridge of my dreams and was horribly disappointed with my quality product. I have spent the last year googling and paying people to fix this fridge.

The fan in the freezer burned the housing and burned out. R800 later it makes horrible noises.

The water dispenser has not worked properly since I got this appliance. I have to put my finger into the mechanism and pull left for it to dispense water

No one can get these doors straight. I have been trying since I bought this item. For the love of all things quality, the instructions are rubbish and I cannot handle these scew doors anymore.

Your service and South African offices only have telephone numbers and I hate being put on hold numerous times only for the line to go dead.

I am at my worst end. I am ready to start saving for another brand just so that I dont have to look at these scew doors and listen to this motor anymore. I am so very disappointed.

defy double door fridge

defy stove

Its so disappointing to be dealing with call centre consultants who do not value the client and understand the clients frustrations. I am frustrated that the stove was not fixed and defy coming up with endless excuses. The stove was faulty from onset but now we are requested to make payments for something that has a guarantee. I spoke to Kabonina Phadziri who is very rude and does not know how to speak to clients. She called and hang up without warning and she speaks over me. I WANT THE STOVE FIXED AND CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH YOUR CONSULTANTS THE VALUE OF DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS. WHAT A DISAPPOINTING SERVICE FROM THE TECHNICIAN AND CALL CENTRE AGENT 😡😡😡😡.

fridge / freezer

Hi bought a fridge a year ago. Since I received the fridge I have had endless issues with the freezer door not closing causing my inside freezer draws to freeze up. The technician came to me on 4 occassion trying to repair it but on the third attempt he said he will order a new door. That was replaced and yet the same issue. No one from your customer service office has called me back since the 14 June. Sydney or Gordon the manager refuses to call me. Ismail took my call but couldnt do anything.

I want a replacement fridge and a call back.

I am extremely irate as a customer and I will take matters to the consumer protection by the 10 the July if this matter is not resolved.

No threats just Acton. I am giving you this week to remedy my case and I want a callback urgently.

fridge freezer

DB Barnard I purchased a fridge / freezer at Makro Montague Gardens on the 10/12/2016 5 months after the expiry of the warranty my fridge has packed up. 1. Compressor not...

twin tub

I am so angry with the service I received from Defy on the 20 May 2019 I called to tell the 08 number and told them my washing machines spinners water runs out at the bottom I got a reference number 1108140 and was told it will take 3-5 working days including the day I called as I called early on the 23 May 2019 I have not heard anything I then called back and asked to speak to a manager I then spoke to Ismail he asked me to hold and spoke to the senior technician and was told he will be here at 13:00 he came out and I was told it was a rubber he then replaced the rubber and told me that we must not push down the washing on Saturday the 25 May 2019 I decided to do washing and not my washer or my spinner wants to work I then called back and asked to speak to Ismail again and was told Ismail is buzy I gave the agent my details and she then told me that the senoir technician said he needs to get a gear box for the washing machine I then told her that I want a other washing machine because the only thing that was broken was my spinner that was working but leaking no nothing is working. I then called the Monique gardens branch and ask for a Manager there explained the same story again to Morgan gave him my references number and told him I need to get my washing machine he then said his going to speak to the senior technician and call me back now I then asked him will it be with in a hour he then said yes and that was at 08:58 he has not called me back I have been calling back but his not available I spoke to the switch board lady and told her it seems his avoiding me she just giggled and I'm sitting with a warrenty washing machine that's broken and all I'm asking is for a twintub washing machine that is working as soon as possible. I really do hope that I get some sort of feed back as I am extremely angry and disappointed with this horrible service even from management these people do not deserve to be in these positions

defy wtl13019m washing machine toploader

My machine has been broken since december. It rotates left only when it is supposed to be washing. My problem is that defy has sent me people to service and they have not fixed my machine. And it's the same people. The last time they came they inspected the machine and said the gears where not working and instead of replacing the gears they put the old gears back in. My machine is still not working. I am so disappointed with defy. I will never buy a defy product again. You send service agents who are unable to fix anything. I will warn all my friends to stay away from defy and I will do the same.


597416 We have to throw some of our food away due to Defy Branch in Cape Town. Last night the fridge stop working and i call them first thing in the morning. I was informed by the call...

warranty service on fridge/freezer combo

First contacted on 19-03-2019 to log a call - Ref. 1075935
21-03-2019 Technician visited site and advised part to be ordered
28-03-2019 Follow-up with call-center regarding feedback, spoke to Selina
04-04-2019 Follow-up with call-center again regarding no feedback, spoke to Sibosiso
05-04-2019 Follow up with call-center again as no satisfactory feedback was provided, spoke to Tim
05-04-2019 Spoke to Claudine in Cape Town [protected]), requested to speak to a manager. Spoke to George who promised he will revert before close of business with feedback - No feedback and/or call-back received

This is pathetic and unacceptable service, especially for such a large company
I would not advise anyone to support this company if this is how they do after-sales support

Defy microwave and defy kitchenaire 621 - rusting

We are an Elderly couple recently retired to live with our son, with Only a Sassa Pension.
We bought a Defy Microwave and Defy Kitchenaire 621, 2- 3 years ago, when we moved into our granny flat with our son. Microwave is rusting inside and peeling off.
Stove we had to replace bottom oven element already, plates are rusting.
We have purchased all of the Defy items over the years and never a problem, until now. We would appreciate a replacement.
Carol Mustard Cell [protected]

Defy microwave and defy kitchenaire 621 - rusting
Defy microwave and defy kitchenaire 621 - rusting

Guaranteed getaway promotion

On the 26th August 2016 I purchased a defy 8kg top loader washing machine. The reason other than need a washing machine was because I was promised a free holiday. Please see the images attached. I have attached the card with my unique code upon purchase of the washing machine and my proof of purchase. To this day I have not received the promised free getaway if I bought the washing machine. My email address is tayla. [protected]

Guaranteed getaway promotion
Guaranteed getaway promotion
Guaranteed getaway promotion

parts departmane

The service I experienced at your spares department is the worst ever. Telephone are not answered and so I had to drive from pretoria to find out if my part had arrived.
After tens of an-answered calls and six trips over a period of 3 months I received my part. Something must be done about your customer service. If you don't want to deal with the public, then make it known.

parts not received

Good Day I placed an order for my Defy Automaid 600 DAW 317in November 2018 with a sales agent at your Cape Town Head Office. I was told the parts would be ready mid January...

washing machine

I bought a defy twintub washing in February of 2018, the spinner motor stopped working in October of the same year.I then phoned the dealer to log a complaint to defy because the machine was still under guarantee. I waited a full month after phoning defy directly to see if there are any records of the complaint that was logged, and it was so .The consultant told me at the time that I will receive a call from the techician to set up a day when I am available for him to come assess the damage.I waited another 2 weeks but no one called.I then phoned again and again the same story.Eventually the technician arrived to assess the damage ( 15/01/2019)and told me he will b back on the 18/01/2019 to fit the parts needed (it was the spinner motor).The 18th January nobody pitched.I then contacted defy on the 22nd January 2018. The consultant I spoke said I need to have patience because they are out of stock of the part needed.I then phoned defy Milnerton parts department and they said there is stock of the part that was needed.I then phoned back to defy claims department (spoke to a other consultant )told her the whole story and now they are coming tomorrow to sort the machine out .How pathetic defy has become ...will not buy a defy product ever again...after sales sucks.


Good day I trust that you are well. I am very disappointed in defy, I am brand loyal and all my appliances in my kitchen are defy. When I moved in our offplan home in november...

faulty ac split unit/control board

Purchase date: 17/11/2018 - Macro Vaal
Invoice Ref No: [protected]
AC Split unit - AH12H3

My Phone number: [protected]

The unit was bought from Macro vaal.
I am qualified electrician and due to my experience and practical experience on
electrical systems, repair and installation of air conditioning units including ammonia systems I felt confident to install the unit by myself.

After installation the unit was running perfect with no problems at all.
Ten minutes later the unit shut down and everything was dead. The display only indicate 88. This error code do not exist. After faultfinding I could pinpoint that the control PC Board is faulty.

I logged a complaint by defy. REF No: 1003995. The very first question they asked if I have installed the unit. Fair enough, but this has nothing to do with a faulty control PC Board.

After numerous phone calls I agreed that defy must send their authorized installer to come and do inspection on the installation of the unit as well as if their is any issues done wrong with the installation and what could be the problem with the installation if any and the unit.

Servisure was send out. I paid R 400 (invoice no 12814) for them to come and do inspection and to also do fault finding. They confirmed that their was nothing wrong with the installation and everything was done to the book. They also confirmed that the control PC Board is faulty.

This left me with a problem. No one is willing to help. Numerous phone calls to defy, all they have in mind is that I installed the unit and this is their escape door. There is basically nothing I can do wrong to damage the control board. The unit come standard with a 3 point plug wired in. I wonder who must do the electrical installation for the plug point ?

All I want is for Defy to send me replacement Control PC board and I will install it by myself.

Thank You

oven and hob set

I bought a oven and hob set last year on the 25 of November. This year in July or August I experience problem. I went to Makro where I bought the set. They told me they will send...

product and service

597416 Hi My mum bought a fridge from house and home. Defy Dac 612. The demo was on the shop floor. After much deliberation she settled to buy this particular spec in light of the fact...

fridge not cooling

I called House and Home where I bought the Defy fridge and they said that Defy will be in contact with me to schedule a date to come and fix the fridge. Defy came to my house...

repair call out request 1017532

Hi. Put in a request for a technician to sort out my Defy 731 multifunction thermofan stove during the week of 10 Dec 2018. Been following up since 18 Dec 2018 and was advised...

side by side fridge freezer f790

I bought my fridge in Feb 2018 and in October 2018 it gave an error, the fridge was not colling and frizzer was as good as a fridge. The technician came in and fixed what ever wa...

defy double door

597416 We bought a double door fridge and was delivered yesterday afternoon It is brand new and we already have 2 problems on the fridge 1 - the 1 door is slightly higher than the...

replacement of fridge/freezer dac 423 serial number [protected]

Dear Sir/madam

Appalling SERVICE from Cape Town. Waiting 7 weeks to replace faulty Fridge DAC 423 sold and same day leaking water. Replacing it hopefully with a working fridge. No return calls during this time. Only after many from my Cellphone and having to hold on everytime.
People started to avoid and refused to answer my calls because I have been waiting for a replacement since I bought this one on 18 October 2018.

The person delivering the replacement NEVER called to advise of the time of delivery and my wife and I had cleaned the defective brand new fridge and keep our frozen foods in cooler box since 07:00 this morning. When I got hold of Mr Leon Diedericks, he was supposedly unaware of my long delayed service of waiting, but he did not care or showed the courtesy of advising when delivery would be done. Only after I phoned him on [protected] at 14:42, did he advise me that he would be delivering it between 17:00 and 18:00, today, 4 DECEMBER 2018.

Hereafter, I tried to contact the Manager, Mr Christopher Tomlinson, at [protected] from 14:41 eight (8) times before requesting the Receptionist to give him a message. Again he avoided responding and I had again at 16:35 to make a call to the receptionist, who advised that she did give him my earlier message, that he did not call me back. Only here after did he call me, but he made as if he did not know why I asked him to give me a call. How bad can it get, as he said thjat it was just one of those days (an excuse????). This is the most pathetic and appalling service I have EVER experienced

André Mitchell
Nat Dipl Public Admin (Pret Tech), BA (Unisa), Advanced Dipl in Public Admin (UP),
Master of Public Administration (UP)


Good morning. I am so incredibly frustrated. I have bought a Defy fridge from Game in Bethlehem on 31 October 2018. My water dispenser leaks terribly and therefore I cannot use...

defective product and poor customer service

I am very dissatisfied with the product and service I have received. I purchase the a Defy. I purchased their C455 fridge on the 3/11/2018 at Makro Carnival mall and at first i...