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Amana Brand Customer Service


Whirlpool Corporation

553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor
United States - 49022

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 616 2664(United States) 1 0
+1 866 587 2002(Canada) 0 0
Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Amana brand believes in putting the ability in affordability. That's why our appliances cost
less but really deliver - so both you and your wallet stay happy. Our quality products provide only the features you need without any of the hassle. After all, we know you work hard, so you deserve to put your feet up when you get home.
Whether you do the cooking and cleaning now or later, Amana brand is committed to
getting the job done and getting it done right, so you can get back to the things you enjoy.

Amana Brand Complaints & Reviews

Amana Brand / terrible customer service

JMiceli on Oct 30, 2018

Stay away from Amana. The cheap, plastic handle on my 2-year old Amana dryer broke off. I sent them an email asking them to replace it, as most reputable companies would happily do so for a customer. They took several days to respond and then asked me for the date of purchase. When I...

Amana Brand / clothes dryer

Robert S Florida on Sep 19, 2018

Purchased washer dryer set at HH Gregg. First mistake. After less than 3 years dryer starts stops and then doesn't run at all. Technician's have been here 3 days changing out parts and cleaning but to no avail. Machine was clean. New motor. New timer. Frustrating that I got a lemon and...

Amana Brand / Washer not finishing its cycle

Karla Kristina Depina on Apr 6, 2017

We called two separate times, and had two different maintenance workers come look at a washer that hadn't been working for two months(January to beginning of March 2017). Each time they told us it was a water pressure issue, and we spent a lot of money to fix the water pressure and...

Amana / Washer machine wont start


I purchased my brand new Amana washer March 2013 and it died completely November 2014. It wont come on at all. I checked the plugs and wall outlet and it works fine. My wife is pregnant and it close to Christmas and I have to put out extra money to purchase another washing machine. I wish...

Amana Stoves / New unit is damaged as well

nemess on Apr 12, 2013

I bought a window stove from Amana Stoves. This unit was used for about 3 months and the roof of the burn pot started to warp and form a crack about two inches long. I called this company and told them what was happening and they sent me another unit. Now the new unit is damaged as well.

amana/refigerator / evaporator fan fails new design

tired of junk fred on Nov 8, 2012

i purchased an amana refrigerator 1bout 3 years ago. the evaporator fan failed which seems to be a frequent problem with model afd2535des. Im very hand and replaced my self because you shouldnt have to pay for an extended warranty if the product is good. my moms frig lasted 20 years. well...

Amana / Bad service

Mimi2you on May 3, 2011

Amana does not make good on it's products... no replacement part so my range is garbage. Called them on the phone and back and forth conversation for 2 hrs. total in calls with no resolution. Spoke to a so called supervisor and got the run around. It is shameless to charge over $1...

Amana NAV5800AW / Extended warranty is a waste of money

David Sacerdote on Apr 6, 2011

I purchased an Amana NAV5800AW washing machine with a extended warranty. A year later it broke. A month ago I called Maytag warranty. They told me my claim would be turned over to a local dealer for repair and that I would hear from them in a couple of days. No one called. I called them...

amana refriderator / misinformation

c_woody on Feb 28, 2011

I make an appointment over the phone through an automated service when my dryer stopped heating up. Then I had to call back the next day to make sure they could also service my fridge that the ice maker stopped working on. This time I spoke to someone on the phone. I specifically asked if...

Amana air conditioner / refund

2009 purchased an Amana window air conditioner. It worked for 1 month! 2010 the replacement again only worked for 1 month., 2 months later, by then September, I was told they were out of stock. The refund would be reduced by 20% due to usage! What usage, 1 month! Promised refund on 9/22/10...

Amana ACS3350 / The worst appliance I have ever bought


I am trying to get some satisfaction after having numerous repairs on this gas range and now the oven door is warped and will not shut! Unbelievable, just was on hold for 20 min. with their call center and was told there are 3 call centers, so nearly impossible to get the same person I...

Amana top-loading washer / Does not drain or spin

We bought one of your Amana top-loading washing machines 2 1/2 years ago from C&M here in St. Joseph, Mo. All at once it stopped spinning or draining water. The cost of repair is outragous, so we are buying another brand of washer and will not buy Amana again or recommend it to others. We...

Amana / Total junk


Purchased-2006 1. Amana dish washer 2. Amana gas range 3. Amana freezer/fridge 4. Amana microwave that mounts above the range Problems so far since 2006…(4 year old appliances which we paid big bucks for) Amana dish washer: -Door handle broke completely off - Dishwasher loud as a...

Amana / A&E has crappy service


A&E factory service what a joke!!! I purchased an Amana washing machine back in June, a week after we had the washer it had a problem so we called Whirlpool and they sent A&E out to fix it. Well the repairperson turned on the washer stayed about five minutes and said, “I do not see...

AMANA Portable AC / Service non existant


I purchased a portable AMANA Air conditioner for a garage workshop for light summer use about a year and a half ago. I paid $400 for it so I expected it to last. It quit working about 2 months ago. Efforts to locate a service center through AMANA customer service yielded nothing. They...

Amana Refrigerator / Quality/Service


Since purchasing an over under, Stainless Steel counter depth Amana Refrigerator, model #ABC2037DES in 2004, I have had nothing but trouble. Thermostats failed several times, the defrost coils broke several times, the compressor broke and leaked. It seemed that the problems were elusive...

Amana / Washing Machine NAV2330AWW

We bought this washer in June of 2005. We decided on an Amana because it was a well known brand and the price was decent since we were getting a bit of a break buying all new appliances for the kitchen as well (not Amanas by the way) Now we know why the salesman gave us a get...

Amana / Scam and cheating


After reading reports of problems similar to mine from Pat and Joel, I felt compelled to write. I purchased my rather expensive, stainless steel Amana French door, bottom freezer refrigerator in about October 2005, but it was not delivered to my new construction until about January or...

Amana / stove takes out electrical main

CONSUMERS BE ADVISED!! Turn on burner on 10 month old oven on a friday eve to make a grill cheese and all of a sudden Boom!! thundered threw the house.Here we were in pitch black.Our pets were barking like crazy.Smoke was filling the kitchen.Partner ran down stairs to check on the stove...

Amana / Range electronics going bad

I have a smoothtop range, and for the last 4 years I had to have my repairman repair the electronics on it at least once a year, now I have been without a range for over 2 months. Repairman states the part is on backorder, Amana will only stand behind their own appliance by giving me a 15%...