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I aked GE to come out a check my oven. I explained my concerns and he said they were normal functions of the oven (ie. smell of gas and heat ventelation out back of oven). The tech. proceeds to bait me by engaging a conversation regarding the ovens self-cleaning mechanism. The tech then draws out a diagram on a piece of paper showing me how the oven's temperature fluctuates. At this point I figure if nothing is wrong with my oven maybe I should have its internal temparature checked to make sure its holding its heat. This required the tech. to take a trip to his van(laborious)and stick a wire in oven(back braking)and wait. All of this cost me $120. I was charged for customer education. I NEVER asked to be informed about the operation of my oven, I know how it works. Besides, I would never pay for someone to come to my home to tell me the ins and outs of any appliance; all that info. is free online! I believe GE trains its techs. to bait the customer into laborious, jaw flapping education that the customer never asks for AND is not even given a choice to be educated (for a fee) or not educated.

In my opinion, I was bindsighted. If you call a tech to come out to your home, you better ask every time the tech. opens his mouth if your geting charged for verbal labor.

ge retroactively ends warranty without notice

This complaint is twofold: 1) ge consumer electronics refuses to honor a printed warranty valid at the time...

Resolved fraud and scam

GE Appliances used to have a good reputation - not any more. The GE refrigerator we bought had problems within one year. The service would come at no charge to 'fix' it and within a few months it would be broken again. This happened over several years. They put in new doors to try and fix the problem. That didn't work. They put in a 'kit' for the ice maker. That worked about one year. Now we have a refrigerator that has been nothing but trouble and no ice. They said they would give $400 towards a new GE. Considering that we have only had from the beginning a refrigerator worth about $400, it's not a good deal. And why on earth would we but another headache called GE Appliances? No thanks.

Since they sent them over seas to be built, they have gotten worse and worse. Even the salesmen at stores admit this. DO NOT buy a GE appliance unless you enjoy dealing with repairmen on a constant basis. They know that there is a problem with their appliances but apparently would rather pay lower wages than have them built right!

  • An
    an2009 Apr 08, 2009

    MICROWAVE GE PROFILE - Yes, repair man charges min $90 to just step in the door +$190 to replace the part- magnetron in our stainless GE Profile +TAX - don't forget, almost $300 to fix, when brand new costs $600. I am outraged. It's a SCAM!!! I ended up paying the repair guy his HOME CALL price - $90 so he would leave. We'll order the part online for $80 + and replace it ourselves. For you who are reading and want to replace the magnetron in your microwave, be careful not to get shocked by 2000 volts. make sure you read info on how to discharge the voltage.

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Resolved refrigerator water supply freezes

This is regarding a GE refrigerator purchased from Lowe's. The model is # GSH25SGPC SS. The water dispenser in the freezer door keeps freezing up and will not dispense water, I keep a hair dryer in the cabinet next to the fridge and thaw it out every two days. What a shame to have to do this on a new refridgerator that cost around $1, 000.00. I have called GE and they keep saying they are not aware of the problem and have not had any complaints. This is an out and out lie since there are many web sites where consumers have registered complaints including this one. Check "GE GE refrigerator water supply". I have contacted GE about 5 times and Lowes twice about this problem since it was new. Lowes says it is GE's problem and GE says there is no problem. I have complained to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. I even went up to someone in Lowe's that was looking at a GE fridge and warned them not to buy. What recourse do we the consumer have when criminals like this will not stand behind their product once they get our money? I wonder if this is something some ambitious young attorney would like to get into and pursue? Surely we can all band together and force GE to do something. Check some of the web sites, I suspect there are probably hundreds of us with the same problem and even more that don't know where to turn. I have been trying so long, to no avail, that my fridge is now out of warranty which GE loves and uses to their advantage. GE did say they will be glad to come out and replace my faulty door at a cost of over $500.00 to fix their manufacturing defect! How thoughtful! Lowe's would not do anything to help either. I guess this was a $1, 000.00 learning experience. I will NEVER pirchase another GE appliance and will do everything I can to discourage others from buying GE! Total trash with absolutely no customer service.

Resolved ge dryer - 3 motors in 2 years - junk

Bought a top of the line GE profile dryer - 10 months of use and it blew up - after 2 months of weekly phone calls emails I got warranty repair - new motor and electronics - lasted 2 days - then they replaced the unit - I insisted I did not want the same model - but there was no other option from them - so I took it - this unit has now lasted 13 months - and it blew up - I was in basement and my husband & daughter upstairs and they thought someone shot a gun - after I started screaming they found me downstairs with a smoking dryer - JUNK - do NOT buy GE

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Resolved Improperly Installed New Microwave

I had an extended warranty on my GE Profile Over the Range Microwave Oven. When My Microwave was not working properly I called GE for service. They sent 2 technician from Dial Appliance to check the Microwave, and they discovered that Magnetron Tube on the Microwave was defective and they ordered new one. Upon receiving the part they came back and installed it but the Microwave was still not working correctly, at that point they discovered that now the transformer was kind of broken because they saw little smoke coming out during the test. The technicians left with the information that they were going to order new transformer from GE . Week later I called from GE extended service dept. informing me that they received the repair status form the Dial Appliance and decided it is not cost effective to invest any further in repair cost towards the old microwave, instead they offered me the new replacement at 50% of the cost since it was 10 years old.
I decided to take the replacement option at 50% of the cost and the new microwave was delivered with in couple of weeks. The new Microwave was delivered by Turay & Sons Trucking Corp from Bronx, NY. During the installation process they took wrong measurement through the template that was provided with the new microwave. due to that the microwave screws could not go in straight from the cabinet, therefore leaves about more than 1/4 inch of gap from the cabinet. The Microwave is loose due to only two screws installed instead of three and is not very secured and I am afraid due to his heavy weight (68 lbs) it may fall on my gas range any time. I tried repeatedly to contact the GE and the delivery people but it was of no use. GE informed me that I should contact delivery people since they are the ones they installed it, but the delivery people refuses to come back to fix the issue, because they know there is nothing they can do since they have already damaged the kitchen cabinet with too many holes and there is no place to drill any more holes to do the correct installation.
I would advise every one to carefully think before purchasing any GE appliance or the extended warranty from them since they give it to third party to do their work. I guess I will have to take this matter to litigation to resolve this issue.

Resolved ge wall oven carbon monoxide

My GE wall oven was defective from the day i purchased it, under 2 years ago. It releases carbon monoxide fumes due to a faulty broiler, which Public Service and their own repair man verified.
GE is insensitive to my problem, and refuses to pay for the labor cost.
I am completely frustrated, and cannot get help from store of purchase (Oberg & Lindquist in Westwood, NJ) or GE customer service.

  • Lv
    LVanon May 04, 2009

    Find the evidence that this has also happened to others who own this model of GE oven. Go to the sites where people buy this type of thing and review it and see if they talk about the same problem. Collect all that information and when you call GE get names, numbers, times and any department title or extension number. If your warranty says the labor should be covered, sue them. That is dangerous. And if it has happened to other people for the same reason it happened to you, it may even be time to file a class action lawsuit. Send them the evidence if you must by fax and tell them you will make good on your threat. If you have a receipt proving that you purchased the oven and it was still in warranty when the defect was found, they must cover it!

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Resolved poor customer service

An example of Mediocre Service :

January 21st 2009

Stove : We order ordered a GE cook top from arrived dirty finger print all over the stove...we re-ordere the stove a total of 3 times and had simillar problems everytime...we canceled the order.

Customer Service : It is very difficult to find a phone number that will get you someone nice and helpful at the other end of the phone...when you call a number get a message to call another number..when you call the other number you get a message to call this other number and it goes on and on.

Phones : The phone model number GE 28300EE2 is advertized as expandable with up to 6 handset but you can't purchase or find the acessorie handset one has them in stock.. USA or Canada.

Be careful General Electric does not have long to live.

  • Se
    serviceguyky Mar 11, 2009

    ROFLMFAO!!! It was dirty? waah! The customer service people was probably laughing so hard that they couldn't take you seriously! Have you ever set foot in a warehouse? It is dusty and dirty and people naturally sweat when doing physical labor, that normally causes fingerprints to linger. To make matters even worse, those delivery trucks don't have showers!

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Resolved ge cafe refrigerator

After purchasing a brand new GE Cafe Side-by-Side refrigerator last week, it took only 13 hours to began smoking. I pulled the plug. The inside temperature was 95 degrees. After it cooled down, I opened the door and saw a yellow burnt spot in the back with a large crack in the wall. Had we not been home to pull the plug, there would have been a major fire in our home. I will never feel safe with a GE applaince again.

Yes, our money was refunded by the store but GE has not responded to my complaint.

  • Ta
    TAmine Apr 13, 2017

    I purchased the GE CAFE SERIES side x side refrigerator approx 6m ago and it has been a nightmare. The first refrigerator that was delivered was eventually replaced, not by GE but by Lowes. Was not long until the replacement refrigerator started doing the same thing as the original one. The Keurig works for a short time and then does not function. The water does not dispense through the cartridge instead it leaves you with an empty cup of coffee and the water leaks into the door which then releases through the bottom of the door and inside the refrigerator/freezer and onto the floor. When you open the door the keurig is located on the water pours out all over . I have had GE service out multiple times, they say its the cartridge getting clogged so they send a new cartridge, works for 2 cups of coffee and back to the same problem. Now the ice maker is not producing ice as it should. I am extremely frustrated with the quality of this very expensive refrigerator.

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  • Tm
    TMcW Jul 14, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have a three month old GE Cafe Series refrigerator and have already had a service call on it due to a very noisy rattling compressor, a sticking water dispenser button, and peeling silver tape that covers the front of the shelves and drawers. The service person fixed the sticking button, told us that the refrigerator is "just loud" and replaced the two peeling shelves. We now have two more peeling crisper drawers and when I called GE this morning I was told that the warranty on this refrigerator does not cover defective decorative issues. When I asked what I was supposed to do the representative told me I could pay for a service call, or I could try to talk to the supplier, but that the Manufacturer's Warranty was very clear and she could not help me...

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Resolved bad service

In Nov. 2007, I purchased a General Electric Profile washer and dryer from a local appliance store. About two...

Resolved refrigerator

I swear to god I want the people in the consumer relations and service department to just fall over and die. I have had nothing but horrible experiences with my refrigerator that is a couple months old. Today was the 3rd scheduled service call where they just decided not to show up without any reason. This is unacceptable service. The 2nd time I called to complain about it they said they will extend my warranty a year, well now it's happened a 3rd time and what another year extended but no service available? GE better try and figure out a better way to deal with customers and not just flake out when I've lost 3 good days at work, which I should just charge them for!

  • Ni
    Nimeshpatel Mar 23, 2010

    We bought GE Profile Refrigerator and GE Profile Dishwasher about 3 months ago and both of them are not working properly

    GE Profile Refrigerator compressor make huge tremendous noise and GE dined to replace the compressor since it will bring more issue to a unit and GE Profile Dishwasher does not clean dishes and also smart dispenser on dishwasher does not function properly. We will never buy GE appliance again. GE profile appliances are expensive and they do not work proper and GE has the worst customer service where they do not care about customers after they sell their junk appliances

    We had 5 service calls for two new appliances and one of the call, technician did not show up and all the other 4 service call, technician refused to fix the problem. Technician also refuse to replace the refund the product as well and to deal with GE customer service rep is the worst experience because they do not listen your problem and they do think we are calling just for refund or replacement. They do not have any plan or curtsy to help the customers. I would stay, STAY AWAY FROM GE APPLIANCE

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  • No
    notoday Dec 15, 2012

    I also have a GE Profile side by side refrigerator that is currently about 94 deg. Sometimes the light stays on and heats it up. This is the second time in 3 days it has done this. I dread having to deal with the expensive and ignorant GE repair people.

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Resolved dishwasher jenn air

I bought a jenn air modle #jdb108oaws dishwasher from home depo almost two years ago. I bought the exsended warenty. Not even months had gone by
And the dishwasher had problems. The electronic panel wen't bad. So I could not use the dishwasher at all. The company that they called took there time.
They got out and had to order the panel. Well they had to make the panel
Because the dishwasher had been discontinued. So they told me they do not have it in stock. So it took them 6 month to make. Then the second time
It happened again. Now here we are again. The dishwasher was not cleaning
And the panel would only work on the rince cycle. So the company. They sent
Out ordered the spinners and replaced the shelf brackets that came off. That took a month or more.
They said they would order the panel. One month went buy, two, three, I called the company collins of hagerstown, md and she kept saying. It had not come in. It would take a lond time to come in. So I called general electric.
They called collins and collins applince said they had closed that ticket out in october. I said what. Why did they do that. She said they told her it had been repaired. I said new to me. I told her well why did I call there and they tell me it was on order and it would take awhile. She asked when did I call, I said two weeks ago. She said she did not know. I ask to speak to consumer relations. She said she was. She said she would call and get them back out. I said what it would take another 6 months or more again. Yes. Pretty much oh well. Nothing they will do, I told her how about the lemon law. She said it would have to happen 3 times in same year. I said it would of if I would not of had to wait inbetween for then to order the part, so here I wait for then to call the same repair compy that screwed up to come out. It has been over a wek I call because I got a letter that said call. So I cal and they said that it was in a reviw board to see if it is cost affected to replace it. She said she would call me in two days. She left a message on my husbands phone saying that. They were going to send the part in the mail to me and when I get it to call the appliance collins to have them put it in. So I guess it was not cost effective for them. Not that I have been put out and have got to use my dishwasher 3 months since I have bought it. So here I wait for god knows how long to get the part in. I did with out my dishwasher for thanks given and now christmas. Iknow this company does not give a darn, I have told them I have a fractured back and I just broke my knee cap in half. Do you think they care. Nope. All they care is that's it's cost effective. Thanks g& e consumer relations. Nice relations job there, charlene

  • Lv
    LVanon May 04, 2009

    GE should offered an equivalent model replacement if they truly cannot repair the one you own. There are also laws, I believe, about how long a company must continue to produce parts, whether the parts are for a vacuum cleaner, an ink refill for an office printer or a dishwasher. A company simply cannot bring out a product one or two years back and then discontinue all serviceable parts a year or two later. That's probably illegal in your state. And if you have the extended warranty read it, because it will say somewhere in there that you will receive an equivalent replacement in the event that nothing can be done to repair your item. This idea that the product was custom made just to repair your dishwasher is probably a lie. These companies will keep on running circles around their baffled customers until their customers read up and get smart and are willing to play hardball. Don't buy into this idea that they don't know about your problem or closed the ticket. They are willfully denying the warranty coverage and that, in itself, is probably a breach of the law if it can be proven.

    Contact your attorney general (state) or your state department of consumer affairs to learn your rights. Until we consumers know our rights, they will take advantage of our ignorance.

    Consumers, in general, should understand that the government or an attorney's office is where to go for help because there is usually an office or department for every type of consumer concern, and certain states give you even more rights under warranty than the manufacturer does. So don't take some low level GE employee's word for what is legal or not (regarding lemon law or anything else). It is even illegal for them to give you legal counsel without a license!

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  • Lv
    LVanon May 04, 2009


    If you bought the extended warranty through another company, they are the ones who are wronging you by not honoring the warranty. You need to name the name of the company that actually denied you the service. Calling GE if some independent warranty provider is now covering your item after the factory warranty expires would be a mistake. Keep ALL paperwork and receipts and make sure you are complaining to the right person.

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Resolved ge profile washer

Purchased GE Profile washer year ago for our new home. Thought I was purchasing a step up in quality...

customer service/repair

Late October 2007, I purchased a brand new set of GE washer & dryer ( electric ). These were purchased in SC----then approx. 6 wks later we were moving to WY. From day 1 there had always been an issue with the water fil cycle of the washer. It could't be looked at in time before our move, however it was looked at after our move. I have spent countless hours & days calling number after number in hopes of getting SOMEONE to take the "bull by the horns" and get this washer fixed...I continue to get nothing but the biggest run-around from every GE call center & service departments.
I should mention that I purchased an extended 4 year warranty for these products...The customer service with GE SUCKS!!! Once again, on Monday Dec. 1 I was told by a "representative" on the phone "you will receive a telephone call within NO LESS than 24 hours to address this ongoing issue. Well, here it is Friday Dece.ber 5, 2008 and STILL NO PHONE CALL FROM ANYONE!
What is a person supposed to do wo get assistance, short of contacting our governor's office???????????????

  • Ma
    Mark Weidler Oct 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First let me say that I own at least 6 GE appliances, totaling more than $3000. Each appliance has either been in need of repair or has required total replacing. I will never again buy another GE appliance. I can understand that a single appliance breaks - no problem... things happen. Thats why we have repair companies; but... washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher - all "top of the line" - broken... each one needing repair, as if there was some sort of timepiece inside of each one indicating EXACTLY when the warranty period would run out.

    The single greatest complaint I have is of an appliance I has services during a warranty period - I opted not to have the costly repair done on a refrigerator. A month later, I received a bill for nearly $100 for a service call that did nothing other than diagnose a problem and then leave. I attempted to deal with "customer service" but that proved to be a waste of time - either I would get hung up on by the automated service, or have to deal with some imbicil that would resfuse to pursue any option other than billing me the full amount.

    I actually made it through to Mark Pfeiffer, of GE "Customer Service" - the focus of my Formal Letter of Complaint - and the SOB forwarded my account to collections, after my having told him that I already mailed the payment.

    I am through with GE and I strongly encourage anyone who wishes not to deal with this type of customer-disservice to follow suit!

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  • De
    deborah mccaul Jun 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a GE dishwasher in September of 2008. I have had the service technician out 3 times. Finally this last time they wanted to charge me $189 to repair a $500 dishwasher that is less than one year old. I will never purchase another GE product again.

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  • Re
    Really Disatisfied Apr 21, 2009

    Never, never again with GE. I bought their Monogram refrigerator -- I've owned it 5 years and have had to empty the refrigerator 7 times because it stops working. I have spent over $1300 repairing the refrigerator and have replaced almost every part (except the compressor). Their "service" staff have offered to sell me another refrigerator at a discount -- as if I would ever put another GE product in my home.

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  • Ge
    General Electric Feb 04, 2010

    After calling customer service or should I say CUSTOMER NO SERVICE and telling them I had a problem with a new GE Telephone that I had brought about 4 months ago, I told the person that I talked to, what I did to try to fix the problem as listed in the troubleshooting guide but this person did not have a clue and did not know any thing, why have a person in customer just sit there and answer the phone and not know anything, I can now see why these big companys are going under, no one cares and nobody know from nothing. After about a day I e-mail CUSTOMER NO SERVICE again told them again what I did in the troubleshooting guide, sent off the e-mail and have still not got a reply back. What a company to deal with, I guess if the CEO of this company does not care, why should the employees? Good luck if you buy a GENERAL ELECTRIC product, you will need it.

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  • El
    EllenJane Dec 18, 2017

    I today have had enough of GE and will never purchase another appliance from them. I have a dryer that's just 2 years old and every part needed replacement. First replacement for timer which had sparks they fixed for nothing but i paid $100.00 for serviceman. Today I need a new motor and they offered me the part for $50.00 plus I would have to pay labor and the $100.00 fee again. Customer service was nasty and he couldn't tell me how much labor would be. It that ridiculous. I use to have dryers that would last 10 years. I sent certified letters to ceo and customer relations asking for reimbursement and that I will buy a product from another company. I will take them to small claims court just to aggravate them...a big corporation like that doesn't care about anything but money.

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appliance breakdown

To Whom It May Concern:
All. I wish to relate my GE experience to you. My decision to purchase a dryer was a toss up but I felt the GE name would give me the edge. So I bought a GE profile series dryer.
It was delivered, installed by the local appliance store and when turned on made so much noise that I call the appliance store back and they swapped it out. When the replacement was turned on it made some squeaking but not much. A call to GE said squeaking was normal.
Now barely 2 years after owning this dryer we started having major noise and then the dryer would rumble and walk. My son finally figured a work around and this was low heat. Only trouble was this took a long time. So I called the GE answer line and they said it was out of warranty. I asked to speak to someone who I could discuss my displeasure. This person politely said the best that could happen was GE would pay for the service trip.
So I thought about fixing myself and called back to get the owners manual. I tried online but the site did not recognize my model. So I called in to figure this out and the representative could not get this online so she faxed and sent US mail the owner’s manual. Not a good day for a Fortune 100 company when their site cannot even be navigated by employees.
She also sensed I was not pleased and gave me the number to a Kim Freeman. I called Kim and left a message that was returned by a Mary Beth Culver. Now everyone was very polite and professional and Mary Beth said that GE would cover the service trip charge and parts and for me to cover labor. I agreed and the service man showed up 2 days later. He also was very polite and professional and in 25 minutes had my dryer working better than when it was originally purchased.
He then said the labor charge was $110. I commented that this was $300/hour for labor. Now he was very good but he was not a cardiac surgeon. I paid the bill and called Mary Beth. She said that all job labor charges are based on what is replaced/repaired and this insures a consistent charge if a serviceperson takes longer than others. I explained to Mary Beth that I was still not satisfied but she insisted GE had been quite fair. I explained that customers relate poor experience more frequently than good ones and I would be relating my GE experience, both solicited and unsolicited.
As a Realtor I have many opportunities to discuss this. Now I am faxing this to you as I prepare to leave town for a week. When I return I plan to post my GE experience to every blog and site I can think of. It is unfortunate that companies cannot stand behind there product but if a deficiency is found than consumers should be aware of this. After all, we are the customers. Thanks you for your time.

  • Ed
    E D Roach Aug 25, 2009

    I agree with anyone who complains about GE. Especially those gawd awful people who are their "Customer relations". I have been fighting with GE for over three months about a defective wall oven. I have talked witha dozen of these "So called - customers relations personnel" and I can tell you for a fact they are the most uncooperative, arogant people you should not have to deal with. I have written three (3) letters to the President of the company and have not even received a "kiss my A-- response. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GE PRODUCT, AND WILL AS I TOLD THE PRESIDENT THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO DISTRIBUTE FLIERS BAD MOUTHING GE AND CONTINUE TO TAKE MY POSTER TO EVERY STORE THAT SELLS GE PRODUCTS. I EVEN HAVE A SIGN FOR MY TRUCK.

    [email protected]

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I bought a GE washing machine this year and it washes the clothes all right, but I have some "drip-dry" clothes that never see the inside of my dryer, and they invariably come out with at least a bit of lint on them - and I am not over- or under-sudsing, or using too much or too little water. There is simply nothing in the washer to trap the lint in the wash-water. I have been unable to find a lint filter that will fit any recent model of GE washing machine. "Home remedies" such as tossing panty hose into the wash do not get it. Could you please tell me where I might find an in-basket lint filter, or tell me how we might construct one?
I have long been a "fan" of GE appliances - my mother had a GE wringer washer when I was a child, and that machine had no break-down in it. I would really appreciate any help you can give me on this lint problem. Thank you for your attention.

  • Wh
    Why-Buy-GE-American Jan 17, 2010

    In November 2009 we purchased new GE model WPRE6150k2wt (one without an agitator). It has been leaving lint on the clothes from the get-go. Same house and plumbing - just disconnected old Maytag (lasted a whopping 7 years with two empty nesters albeit no lint with any of various load combinations) and hooked up the GE. Tried manually over riding auto load size so plenty of rinse water. Tried all the different settings- with and without extra rinse. . I am doing the same everyday loads I have been dong for 40 years in God knows how many various brands and types of machines and now with the new high falutin, easier to use than ever machine, all of a sudden it's MY fault the clothes have lint on every load. Were all those machines over the past 40 years that didn't produce lint with the same wash loads one-of-a kind mutations? We went to the dealer. They say use HE detergent. January 2010, purchased and tried the HE detergent and still clothes covered with lint.

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  • Jo
    joan galletly Feb 03, 2010

    having the same identical problem with the same machine

    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    joan galletly Feb 03, 2010

    same problem, same machine.

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  • Lo
    Lois Carelock Jan 23, 2011

    We are having the same difficulty with lint. It is very frustrating. Lint shows up on everything washed. We have to brush the lint off of everything washed and even have to rerinse the dark clothing. We are very pleased with all of the other features with the except of this problem.

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  • Li
    Linda Peterson Farm Apr 05, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a used GE Profile, same model, from my sister. I absolutely HATE this machine. I just did a load of some of my nice dark winter clothes and there is hideous lint on every single piece of clothing so severe I could just scream. I can rinse and double rinse and the lint will persist. When I first had the problem, I looked on line and got all the troubleshooting recommendations. All the parts that could be opened or accessed were cleaned. I did hot water loads with washer cleaner tablets and then more with bleach. I use vinegar in the loads. i don't use too much wash detergent. None of these efforts improved the performance in the least bit. I will be getting a new machine as soon as possible. I hate to waste resources, but this machine is going to the dump. I would feel terrible giving it away to my worst enemy.

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Resolved bad service

This washing machine is less than one year old. Here is a litany of warranty services it has recieved thus far:

One month old, loose tub. Service Technician tightened.

Three months old, tub loose again. Service Technician replaced big nut.

Six months old. front cover won't stay on. sheet metal bent from regular use.

Right front adjustable foot won't adjust. Threew a block of wood under it

to level it. Service Technician said he'd order me a new foot. He didn't. Service Technician accused me of modifing machine, I did not. He had never seen a machine like this one. It showed.

Was given a year's extension on warranty.

Eleven months old, will not spin. Waited a wek for service, Service Technician installed wrong motor will have correct delivered to my home, next week.

Back to the laundromat!

  • Dw
    Dwight Binns Nov 11, 2008
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    I purchased a hot water heater on 11/09/08, installed it on 11/10/08. The water heater didnt work. I was told the service people would be out in 24hrs to fix. But to my surprise they have 24hrs to call me to set up an appointment. The appointment was set up for 11/13/08. So I am suppose to be shower less for four days. The customer service people on the phone have very poor phone edicat, they are talking to me like the broken water heater is my fault. I will never in life buy another GE product!

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  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    I purchased a GE front loader washer and dryer on 8/4/06. Since purchaing these units I have had repair men out numerous times, at least 10 times for issues with the washer. There is a strong oder of MOLD resinating from the washing machine. My clothes smell horrible and it's an embarrasement when people come over and inquire "What is that smell???"

    I have had the repair men to my home neumerous times and was continously told the same thing... Clean your washer. Well, I clean my washer MORE than my clothes yet, the washer and my clothes continue to smell like MOLD! The last time few times they came out, I called them not only for the smell but for a different problem.

    I had contacted them about my washer not spining all the water from the clothes, they sent a repair man out again. They replaced the tub because it was warped and the electrical components for the settings, Wayne, the GE repair man stated, in regards to the smell, "This is the problem right here, " I stood over the replair mans shoulder and what I saw was a HUGE amount of black mold in the covering back of the drum, he stated I had legitmate gripe, however, he would not document it and refused to clean the black mold and Mike, (his partner) left the MOLD in the plastic basket that holds the tub and proceded to reassemble the unit and left.

    I feel that GE has fraudently sold me and other consumers a so called "energy efficient" that is not anywhere near energy efficent when I have to run the unit with nothing in it on a regular basis according to the representatives at GE Corporation to clean the tub and 'other' components.

    At my expense, they, GE Corporation, wants me to purchase bleach and chemicals, use my electricity and water to run through the unit to "mask" the smell, (THEIR WORDS), how is this efficient and saving energy?

    However, the kicker? It doesn't do a blasted thing to correct the issue, only drain my pocket book! I am tired of GE ignoring this issue and continues to tell me there is nothing they can do, they don't cover smell and mold, how convienent considering that many others have the same issues, this issue in my opinion is a manufacture defect and therefore should be the responsibilty of the manufacturer.

    I've been sold a bill of goods due to their engineering flaw design, and I am told I have to swallow it. I don't feel that I, or others should have to! I hope you can assist me and others who are experiencing this problem.

    Recently, I started to do a little investgating to see if I'm the only one with this issue, I can assure you, I have found MANY people with this same issue. GE is the last place I'd shop again for appliances, their customer service and repair departments lack the ability to resolve issues to a customers satisfaction. They're in the wrong and we, the consumers, are left "hung out to dry!"

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refrigerator - freezer doors

I bought a refrigerator in 2017. I've had issues the with air/ice freezing up in the ice 2017 I had...

Resolved do not stand behind their products

On August 18, 2008 I bought a GE washer (WJRE5500G2WW) It broke on Sept. 23. They came out on October 1, had to order parts. I couldn't use the machine. On October 8 they came back and repaired it. Today it is having the same problems and when I called back all they said was, well, we'll send someone out next week. Don't use the machine. How can a family not use their washer?? I want a new machine, but they said they don't do this, but they will be happy to continue to fix it for us. What happens when my warranty is up? DO NOT buy a GE washer. They do not stand behind their products.

  • Ci
    Cindi Feb 08, 2009

    Yikes, I just had the same machine delivered Thursday 2/5/09. It doesn't seem to agitate properly and hot water fill is warm at best. I have a tech coming in 2 days. I bought this machine as it was rated in consumer reports as a best buy in their Feb. 2009 magazine.

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poor quality and microwave error codes

I have several GE applicances which came with the park model I purchased brand new three years ago. Since then the side-by-side refrigerator needed service for the computer and now the piece behind the water dispenser is all cracked. Recently, the Space Maker microwave has started reading error codes. I cannot find an email address or a phone number to express my disappointment in these products. Again, t he products are only three years old. I always thought GE was a dependable name, obviously I was mistaken. Please provide me with a phone number, email address or mailing address where I can express my concerns. Gail LaFlamme