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Ge Adora Washing Machine / it is a piece of crap

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I bought a washer just like the gentleman prior to me in I believe February, 2006. Shortly after that about 3 months later I had to call for a repair because the washer would not spin the clothes so they weren't soaked. I tried to figure out what was the problem and finally I called GE and of course they told me I would have to wait 4WEEKS for a repair and I had to complain so much and told them it is ridicilous that a less than year product would already have problems and they made it 3 WEEKS!!!!. I told them I have 5 people in my house and I spent over $2,400.00 for the washer and the dryer and well he came out and told me it is a complaint with everyone that bought these washers that apparently if there is a little bit of hair, change, etc left in the washer it will eventually shut it down. It is a defect and they should recall the machines to fix the problem. Now 4 months later it is doing the same thing again!!! What a piece of junk.

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  • Ja
      12th of Dec, 2007
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    Mold in New energy efficient front loading washing machines - Health Hazard

    What is the matter with us that we are accepting this outrageous product flaw? It's MOLD people! MOLD which causes allergic reactions, skin and lung problems and is a health risk for crying out loud!

    Let's put the blame exactly where it belongs and keep it there until manufacturers clean up their act!

    What in the world are we thinking when we allow ourselves to be forced to jump through these ridiculous hoops just do do laundry!?

    I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! A WASHING MACHINE!!!!

    Manufacturers woeful response to government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!

    I paid over $1,000.00 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have been on the phone about this problem. I have, over the past 3 months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

    *Make sure I use high efficiency detergent THAT will fix my problem.
    Wrong. I was already doing that!

    *Clean the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.

    *Clean the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.

    *Clean the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem

    *Clean the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.

    *REMOVE the hoses and clean the pump. THAT will fix my problem. (By the way, good luck with THAT).

    *Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

    NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled awful.

    Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

    Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00.

    Now, I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and, as regular maintenance, I should DO THE FOLLOWING:


    *First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach – * Note: wash cycle on my machine takes 1 hour and 20 minutes

    *Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes

    *Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes

    *Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine

    *Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry

    *Next, leave door open to air out machine

    LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!!?? That is Dangerous people! Just wait until a kitten or worse yet, a toddler unwittingly crawls inside!

    *Furthermore, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

    Yes, people, our poor new $1,000.00 washing machines cannot handle fabric softener!

    Give me a break!

    Finally, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Sorry.

    Are you kidding me??

    Now I have a $1000.00 piece of moldy junk that the appliance companies are selling to unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government and YOU.

    So, now this is what I want!

    I want a class action lawsuit which includes ALL manufacturers whose washing machines have exposed the public to MOLD to include the following in some form or another:

    I want a law that will force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying another loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

    Efficiency my Aunt Sadie! Not when you have to run repeated full hot empty cycles over and over and over again!

    Now I have heard that they have a new 'product' they can SELL to us to inhibit the growth and stench of mold and mildew. BS!

    This is absolutely unacceptable!

    This is outrageous and we need to speak out about this and make sure our voices are heard! Enough is enough my friends.

    I am just a homemaker, but I am not stupid and I will NOT allow this to go unchallenged and neither should YOU.

  • Je
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I couldn't agree more. I've been having problems with my GE Adora since just a few months after I bought it. I've already had to change the gasket twice. I am a one-person household, and I maybe use the machine twice a week. In my opinion, if the gasket tears so easily, it is a design flaw. I have had tech support at my house four times:

    The first time was before the warranty expired. He told me about needing to clean the lint trap often, but the way that it is behind a screwed in panel makes it near impossible to do this with just two hands. Really, regular maintenance of a household appliance should not require a power tool. He also told me to only use HE detergent, which I already was.

    The second time the rep came was to actually replace the gasket, since it had to be ordered. Somehow he didn't re-connect a hose, and when I went to do a load, water flooded out of the machine.

    So, he came back a third time. "Sorry, " he said. He explained that he forgot to connect a hose. Really.

    The fourth time occurred when my washer was leaking. When he cleaned out the lint trap, there was a pair of underwear stuck in there. Really - should a pair of underwear be able to get past the gasket and into the lint trap? More evidence of a design flaw. The tech support rep told me that I was supposed to put all of my underwear in a mesh bag. I don't think so.

    I'm very disappointed with this machine, and would love to be involved in a class action suit. If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to initiate one, please let me know.

  • Er
      13th of Jul, 2008
    +3 Votes

    Open the bottom panel on the front of the washing machine (3) screws and open the giant 2 inch filter that is under that panel. There you will find that it is completely clogged with junk, socks, money, batteries. Once you clean that drain your washing machine will work just fine. I don't know why they don't tell people that.

  • Pr
      20th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    The adora front loader washer is piece of crap. Every piece of clothing stink like old moldy clothes, and towels...yah forget about feeling clean after a good shower. You mine as well air dry. They seriously need a recall on this huge mold machine. My sinuses are at there worst eversince we purchased this set.

  • Je
      6th of Oct, 2008
    +3 Votes

    When we bought this machine from Home Depot. It tok them 3 times to get a machine to me that would work properly. After the 3 rd machine I had many problems. not spinning door would'nt unlock and then it would not shut off. Then when I called GE and asked for a tech to come out and look at it they told me 3-4 weeks. After i had just bought it????? I called Home Depot up and they said they would bring out another one. I think that worked !

  • Je
      15th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I purchased a GE front loader washer and dryer on 8/4/06. Since purchaing these units I have had repair men out numerous times, at least 10 times for issues with the washer. There is a strong oder of MOLD resinating from the washing machine. My clothes smell horrible and it's an embarrasement when people come over and inquire "What is that smell???"

    I have had the repair men to my home neumerous times and was continously told the same thing... Clean your washer. Well, I clean my washer MORE than my clothes yet, the washer and my clothes continue to smell like MOLD! The last time few times they came out, I called them not only for the smell but for a different problem.

    I had contacted them about my washer not spining all the water from the clothes, they sent a repair man out again. They replaced the tub because it was warped and the electrical components for the settings, Wayne, the GE repair man stated, in regards to the smell, "This is the problem right here, " I stood over the replair mans shoulder and what I saw was a HUGE amount of black mold in the covering back of the drum, he stated I had legitmate gripe, however, he would not document it and refused to clean the black mold and Mike, (his partner) left the MOLD in the plastic basket that holds the tub and proceded to reassemble the unit and left.

    I feel that GE has fraudently sold me and other consumers a so called "energy efficient" that is not anywhere near energy efficent when I have to run the unit with nothing in it on a regular basis according to the representatives at GE Corporation to clean the tub and 'other' components.

    At my expense, they, GE Corporation, wants me to purchase bleach and chemicals, use my electricity and water to run through the unit to "mask" the smell, (THEIR WORDS), how is this efficient and saving energy?
    However, the kicker? It doesn't do a blasted thing to correct the issue, only drain my pocket book! I am tired of GE ignoring this issue and continues to tell me there is nothing they can do, they don't cover smell and mold, how convienent considering that many others have the same issues, this issue in my opinion is a manufacture defect and therefore should be the responsibilty of the manufacturer.

    I've been sold a bill of goods due to their engineering flaw design, and I am told I have to swallow it. I don't feel that I, or others should have to! I hope you can assist me and others who are experiencing this problem.

    Recently, I started to do a little investgating to see if I'm the only one with this issue, I can assure you, I have found MANY people with this same issue. GE is the last place I'd shop again for appliances, their customer service and repair departments lack the ability to resolve issues to a customers satisfaction. They're in the wrong and we, the consumers, are left "hung out to dry!"


    Jennifer Loranger

    The Black mold growing in my washer is a HEALTH issue. I am appalled that a huge corporation like GE is so lax about addressing this issue. This issue should be addressed without having to fight for my right to a safe product. I paid for quaility or so I thought. Next time, I'll by Bosch... maybe they would care! In this case, I guess I got what I paid for

  • Be
      30th of Nov, 2008
    +3 Votes

    WOW, hit the nail on the head! I am unlucky that I use an Ad0ra but lucky I did not buy one, it's in my rental unit. We have ran bleach through it several times now, and wiped out the inside. This did not work as we washed loads 2-3 times to get the smell out. Then I hit the internet and found I am screwed with this issue. I am going to try to clean all the traps ect (no pump) and run the cascade through, but the black mold is scary! Any class action in progress I can tell my landlord about?

    I'll pass this info on!


  • El
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I'm having all the same issues as well. What can we do?

  • Dp
      5th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I spent too much monet for our ADORA, a piece of junk! I agree a class action law suit should be started aginst GE for allowing this untested health hazard from being marketed. I have the same mold and mildew problem everyone else is having. I also think this could be an EPA issue. Now is the time we all should get together on this and make the manufacture right a terrible wrong. We are extremely disapointed in this washing machine product and want something done about it.

  • Ba
      10th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    We bought our GE washer and dryer one year ago.WE are having the same problems with our towells you get out of the shower and dry your hair and as soon as the towell gets damp the smell will KNOCK YOU OUT!! I have tried everything, GE customer service has told me to do and nothing works.I agree there needs to be a class action law suit because GE told me there is nothing else they can do for me.I spent $1800.00 to get stinky-moldy laundry.I should have kept my 10 year old washer it worked better than this front end piece of junk ever will!!!

  • Br
      12th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    We have been having the same issues with the smell! A t-shirt got stuck in the door's rubber seal when it was on the spin cycle. It destroyed the t shirt and pulled the seal out of it's seat. I was able to put it back in but now it leaks every time we run a load. Count me in on any suit!

  • Me
      6th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    We have been having similar issues with our GE Adora front-load washer and dryer - holes in clothing, black streaks, freshly washed clothes/towels smell like mold, everything comes out of the washer in a giant tangled clump, the washer won't spin or drain the water, etc.

    We have also had extensive issues with our other GE Profile appliances. We have the 22 cubic foot French-door refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The freezer doesn't freeze things very well, but the fridge does.

    We also have a GE Profile 5-burner range, which due to a known fault in the product, sparked and shot a 2-foot flame from the control knobs. GE acknowledged that this is a known issue with this particular range, but still charged us to have a service person come out and charged us for the replacement control knobs and other parts.

    We will never purchase another GE product again!

  • Un
      30th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It's a piece of junk. We too are having the same problem with the fowl smell.

  • La
      30th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i have the GE front loader washer and it is absolutely ridiculous! one day i was doing laundry and i opened the door and water went all over my floor! The water will NOT drain out and on top of this the water smells awful! i do think there should be a recall.. mold is not healthy for people esp. me being pregnant! i just don;t know what to do. they need to recall this washer and replace it with a new washer that doesn't make people sick! something needs to be done about this now!

  • Re
      30th of Sep, 2009
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  • Do
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also sent an email regarding class action lawsuit.

    I am very upset with GE for not taking responsibility for known issues with their washers. Shame on them.

  • Go
      14th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    AGREE 100% - I am sooooo frustrated...i should not have to wring out clothes in the bathtub!!! What a load of crap. It is not possible to do several loads of laundry in one day. One must wait a couple of days in between for water to drain. Additionally, I have to clean the washer out with the tablets every couple of weeks to get the smell out. This doesn't always work either. I NEVER leave the door closed because if I do, it will smell. The door to the washer is ALWAYS open. Hazard...Since my husband bought the washer for me, he of course didn't get a warranty or keep the receipt and we really have no recourse but to take it up the rear-end

  • Fo
      17th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think I may have found the solution for the problem of FS not dispensing in the GE Adora Washer. It may have to do with the blue plastic container being pushed down too far into the slot. Try removing them (Bleach and FS) and replace them gently. Just set them in there and don't push them down. I tried it and it seemed to dispense all the liquid with no problem.

  • Mo
      2nd of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Having the same problem here. I have noticed the smell for years but just now really investigated it due to the smell getting so bad. Now I found the black mold. No wonder we suffer from migraines and allergies our clothes are tainted and making us sick! Any word on a class action? I am in.

  • No
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yeah the mold thing is a HUGE issue. Too bad the Home Depot employees told us this was a great washer and when I asked about any known issues, they said there were none that they knew of (not 100% sure they were truthful or not). Regardless, I'm worried that this MOLD will affect my wife and kids in a bad way and I want to get it solved. Please update us on any C/A law suit please. I'm in.

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