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1 PO BOX 5147Sioux Falls, SD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-987-5521

I had a First Premiere Bank credit card and closed it last month. When I called she was negotiating the balance down for me, since I was closing and just been charged a bunch of annual fees. When I hung up I was under the impression that my account was at zero, hence why it was being closed, and that the total amount I paid cover everything, including the $11 fee to pay the payment over the phone.

I received a statement in the mail today. It did show the account was closed, but it also showed that I owe another $42.82. Not only that but they took $10 more of a payment out of my checking account then what I was told, or agreed upon. The amount also was suppose to include the $11 payment fee; however on my statement it shows the payoff amount $10 higher then what I agreed AND a fee of $11 for the payment.

I called, thinking that it was just an error and they would fix it. Instead I was told that the person I had spoke with messed up and told me the wrong amount, on top of already debiting more then she was suppose to out of my bank account and adding on the $11 fee in addition to. I told them that the amount we agreed upon was suppose to cover everything and put the account at zero; which is why it was showing closed. She said that I owe $45 more and would have to pay that today. I told them that I should not have to pay anything when they are the ones that screwed up, supposedly. I told them that I want the tapes reviewed of our conversation where she is telling me that it would be at zero. So now supposedly they are going to review the tapes and I have TO CALL THEM BACK in a few days.

This really makes me mad and is really bad business, especially considering I have had an account with them for the past 2+ years with no late payments and paid the thing off like they wanted.

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