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Fifth Third Bank / fift third bank is a rip off!

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I had overdraft protection on my account. Some how it was overdrawn by $1.45 they charged $6.00 a day fee on day 53 I attempted to view my balance at an ATM and it refused to show the Balance so I went into a Branch and was told the fees had accumulated to $624.00. I told them to close the account.I paid the $1.45 only. Now I recently get a statement from nationwide collection agency the balance is over $2000.00 and claiming on a closed account and now there are collection fees. imagine that! It could continue to increase but i refuse to pay. Please don't open your account with them it will not be safe.

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  • Da
      6th of Jan, 2007
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    Amazing, but unfortunately I believe it. I have been hit with $300 in overdraft charges in one day and have to watch my Fifth Third account like a hawk every day.... Last year they turned me down for a morgage, and will not increase my overdraft credit card account to more than about half my every 2 week paycheck. So I am changing banks.

    You might consider suing them. You need to file disputes with all 3 major credit bureaus. You could consider filing complaints with the Federal Reserve. We all need to get after these crazy financial institutions, if they wont behave, we need to bring back more and more bank regulations.

    Check out Christine's websites:

    "On the bright side, there are a few people who are willing to sue and that's why I started the new Credit Litigation forum. Some info is free, but most litigation resources will be accessible only by either paying subscribers or litigants who contributed by posting useful information.

    For credit repair please visit While it is closed to new questions, SEARCH works and I've answered just about any credit question at least once.

    If you're serious about your credit, please subscribe to CreditFactors..

    The blog for my suits is at and many of the filings are scanned and posted at CreditCourt.

    My press releases and open letters are at

    Of course there is a ton of great stuff posted here, SEARCH works!

    - Christine"

  • Ja
      13th of Feb, 2007
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    I was ripped off by Fifth Third with the credit card they offered with a 2% rebate on the first 6 months of purchases. I filled out the application and received the card, when I tried to get the rebate they said I did not have that type of card. The stated I was given a Platinum card with a loss interest rate. Well I was never informed I did not get the card with rebate that I had originally applied for and as for the low interest rate, it is 23%. I immediately cancelled my card and will have no further business with them and I want people to know what a unethical business it is.

  • Me
      16th of Mar, 2007
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    Yvette, I have an account with 5/3 and the only time anyone gets a $6.00 fee is when they leave their account negative for 3+ days. You would have had to continued to overdraw your account and never bring your account positive to owe them over $600. In order for a comment to have validity, you need to tell the whole story. There is a lot missing from yours. Best wishes to you.

  • Rh
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    Yvette is seriously irresponsible. She overdrew her account then was charged fees and only paid the overdraft amount. She SHOULD be assessed the fees.

  • Ja
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    "Me" posted:

    "Yvette, I have an account with 5/3 and the only time anyone gets a $6.00 fee is when they leave their account negative for 3+ days."

    This claim is FALSE! My overdraft fees (after being ripped off by an online card hacker) began IMMEDIATELY and I have the statement to prove it.
    Not only did I NOT receive a notice of this illegal transaction (that was painfully obvious) they continue to ignore me and pile up the fees but offer NO HELP AT ALL! The amount of financial problems this bank has caused me and my family is CRIMINAL.

    As for "Responsible-Rhonda" who wrote:
    "She SHOULD be assessed the fees."
    Keep banking at Fifth Third! It will happen to you too sooner or later :)

  • Ka
      10th of Nov, 2007
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    Fifth Third Bank is the WORST BANK EVER! A senior manager in Grand Rapids, MI has put a hold on all my accounts because a commercial loan is in default. I will never bank with Fifth Third again and I suggest a boycott of Fifth Third Bank.

    My fixed rate home loan interest rate was just jacked up two percent because of a RIDER which I had no idea about stating that after five years the loan becomes an ARM!


  • Al
      13th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Kaya Colak Your fixed rate home loan was never a fixed rate loan. It was always a 5/1 ARM. If you didn't read the rider, you are dumb.

  • Le
      23rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Koya, instead of boycotting, why not try reading your loan documents before signing them or maybe not defaulting on loans. Seems like you've created problems for yourself and just can't handle the consequences without trying to blame somebody else. Good luck in life, you're going to need it.

  • An
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    They do not do any service to the 'working class' who are already living from 'paycheck'. While their should be fees for overdrafts, it must be in a fair and reasonable manner. Fifth Third does neither. They take out withdrawals before the deposits starting with the highest 1st if that doesn't go through, none of them do (even if there is a sufficient balance to cover the remainder). You get charged $33 per item plus $6 per day. Most people only get paid once or twice a month. There needs to be a maximum charge limit ($100-$200) so that our entire paychecks are not sucked away from us for these excess fees (They have sucked out more that $1000/mth in fees because of their snowball effect they create). Most of us have children to feed and can't because of these excessive fees. We then can't pay the other necessary bills because the fees have sucked us dry. Sorry,but none of this is really in the signed contract where anyone can actually read.

  • Th
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    Fifth third can't even keep your account correctly. Basic addition and subtraction seem to be beyond them. They have no method of correcting THEIR mistakes and assume the customer is always wrong. They have PAID employees to go to complaint sites like this and take their side. Anyone who defends this bank is suspect.

  • He
      12th of Dec, 2007
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    Fifth Third is the worst bank to deal with that I have ever seen.
    They do everything possible to increase their overdraft fees. We had a check returned which they charged 33 for then they charged an additional 33 for being overdrawn... so in other words a double whammy. When we contacted them their attitude was basically too bad tgat is our policy. I am so sick of these people something needs to be done.

  • Me
      4th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have been banking with 5/3 since I had a savings account started as an infant (used to be Old Kent Bank). After an incidents I had today, I've decided to switch banks. For YEARS if you deposited a check before 2pm on any business day, the funds became available THAT day. They changed their rules to hold onto the whole check, only making $100 available to the account holder.

    They SAID that they sent a new disclosure back last summer to everyone (it was likely a small brocure with tiny wording that NO ONE reads). I had a $675 balance in my account, and the following day I deposited an additional $575 and then paid some bills. If you use your debit card, then the funds come out of your account IMMEDIATELY. However I had no idea that they would not consider that check for $575 as available in my account. Because they only made $100 available to me (making only $775 available), I was overdrawn by $122 after all purchases and bills were paid. I had several purchases that day, about 12 purchases total. Of those 12 purchases 7 of them were under $15 each, little misc things needed.

    5/3 Bank decided not only can they hold my check and not make it available as funds in my account, they can take out the LARGEST debits first, and then the smallest and they charged me $33 per purchase. OF COURSE they took the 7 small purchases (under $15 each) and charged me $231 in overdraft fees! I'm sorry but that is just unethical. To charge $33 EACH for some purchases of $2.11, $5.35, $8.59, etc!?!? I mean come on, if you want to be fair, you charge one flat over draft fee depending on the TOTAL amount overdrawn. You don't charge for every $2 purchase, that's just not right.

    I am convinced that this bank is unethical and not to be trusted with ANYONE'S money. You can't just take people's money like that. They are looking to piss people off. I will be researching a few other options for a new bank, some one who DOESN'T hold my money for 24 hours when deposited early on in the day. I should have just CASHED the check if that was the case! How ridiculous!

    I could totally see if I was some person that was pushing my limits, but I just plain DIDN'T know! My husband and I make $90,000/year, it's not like we live paycheck to paycheck. We have savings, we just don't keep a large balance in our checking account. 5/3 bank is a bunch of crooks, do NOT trust your money with this bank. They give you a run around about how they will NOT reverse the fees because it's not a "bank error." In other words "your problem." What ever happened to making a customer happy? Look at the situation and do the RIGHT thing!

  • Gr
      7th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    This banking institution is definitely crooked. We have switched our direct deposits to our new bank, and are closing our account tomorrow. 8 years we have banked with them, then they started pulling this crooked BS early last year. Our banking practices have not changed, but their policies have changed and cost a A LOT of money. We will pay our last overdraft fees to these crooks tomorrow, and cut our losses. I hope more people follow us out the door.

    Feel free to email us if you want to rebut our reasons for leaving. I can tell you that we live check to check and need the full amount of our payroll checks when we deposit them. I don't feel that 5/3 bank is helpfull to people in our situation and are only a line or two of legalese away from being criminals.

  • Jo
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    I agree that Fifth Third uses unethical practices. I reported my issue with the Better Business Bureau. I also deposited a payroll check and they held all but $100. My account went overdrawn because of this and was charged $330 in fees, however, I have overdraft protection. This still didn't help since they claim it expired 10 days prior and didn't automatically renew because I didn't activate the card back in 2004! However, I have had this protection since 1998. Unbelievable!

  • Gr
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    Its done, we have paid the last of our alleged over draft charges, and closed our accounts. It is my sincere hope that these crooks will get caught and go out like the crooked ### holes that ran Enron.
    So long fifth turd!

  • Te
      28th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I feel you on the overdrafts. My old bank charged me over $300 in a day due to overdrafts. It's bullcrap. I found this account online after a lot of searching
    It's $19.95 a month but you don't get charged any overdraft fees. I've actually overdrafted it several times already and nothing happens other than your account going into the negative. No fees, no $20-30 mystery charge. It's awesome. Hope this helps you out!

  • Jj
      11th of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    If people actually used a checkbook register, they would never overdraft. I agree that if you use money that is not there why shouldn't you receive an overdraft fee. You should balance your checkbook. You would never pay any fees if you just balanced your checkbook. How had is it to keep track of your spending. When people get carless with their spending, thats when fees start to happen. People need to just stop blaming banks for messing up their account, when it is all thier fault.

  • Kr
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree. Fifth Third should be shut down for a plethora of unethical practices. Deposits always hit much slower then withdrawals, so overdraft fees are assessed. Additionally, Fifth Third will draft the greatest withdrawal first, and then penalize each small withdrawal that follows. You could have several $33 overdraft fees for charges as small as $1 or 1 cent. Customer service is very difficult to work with and actually hung up on me several times after I brought mistakes they had made with my account to their attention.


  • Gi
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    5/3 = Harassment

    My husband and I are long term 5/3 customers. That may be coming to an end.

    We have a car loan from 5/3. Payments are due the 17th of each month, with a 10-day grace period as required by law. Since our own checks arrive on the 20th, we pay within that 10 day window. We always pay on time and have never missed a payment.

    Every month 5/3 phones us with an automated message that connects to a live person (from India) reminding us the payment is due on the 17th. We have explained the situation several times. The calls continue.

    This month, on Memorial Day weekend, the payment had been made. Yet 5/3 phoned us 4 times on Saturday morning telling us the payment is due. They called between 9-12 a.m, waking up guests who had arrived at 2: 00 a.m. the night before. We then spent the day with cranky kids and elders who were too tired to attend a family function. I filled out an Internet form complaining and received a prompt standard reply.

    Monday morning, on MEMORIAL DAY -- a National Holiday -- they phoned again at 10:30 a.m. We told them the payment had been made and not to call back. They phoned again on Tuesday, the 27, at 11:25 a.m. Their excuse was that our payment made on the 24th wouldn't be logged until Tuesday evening at midnight.

    To say we are furious is an understatement. We will be contacting an attorney.

  • Ch
      21st of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Fifth third bank is a disgrace to the banking industry. I just found out what they are doing is quite illegal as far as fees are concerned. They are charging customers fees for 'pre-authorizations' that have not even posted to a customer's account. I just contacted 3 different banks in the area and they all stated that this is illegal. You cannot charge a fee for a transaction that has not even posted to a customer's account. Fifth third even encourages this action by telling customers to that they have a 'matrix' and to use is when you can...They are nothing but a bunch of ###. Stay away from this bank!!!

  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with majority of the complaints because, i can identify with them. i was going to overdraft protection until i read a complaint. fifth third bank do suck because they will get money out of you anyway that they can. i have many problems with 53third but, the one recently was today. i looked at my account and i see that they charged me fees three time in the same day. i had two transaction that came in at the same time, now the smaller transaction was covered but, they decided to put the bigger transaction through first knowing that there is not enough money in there to cover it, so that got me a fee, then they put the smaller one in there and by them putting the larger one in there first that cause the smaller transaction to get fees. then they charged me daily fees when my account was only negative three days. they quickly charged me daily fees therefore i got three overdraft fees in one day now tell me how that is fair? and for these people out there who is saying things like you brought it on your self they suck to. granted some people might do but majority of the people don't, and they sound just like the bank do !! they suck too!!! it is unfortunate that you have banks out there that will screw you right in your face and then try to tell you that your business matters and that they appreciate your business but, yet and still they tell you that is how there system is setup and they cannot help you.

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