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Fifth Third Bank / fees charged

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I am a small business owner and an employee accidentally charged a customer $2702.70 instead of $2.70. The customer contacted the number on their card right after the transaction occurred and was told it would be taken care of. As the merchant I was unaware of the charge until after we had settled out that evening and contacted my bank rep. the next day and was told to doa refund so at 2:00 a.m. I was trying to do a refund and did not have all of the numbers on the card to complete it. I called the customer the next day and offered to give them a check to deposit in their account so they would not be over drawn. The customer declined based on the banks advice to file a dispute and told me the bank would be sending me the form to sign and return. I checked our mail each day and never received the form. I told the customer this on Sunday evening (1 week after transaction occurred) Monday I was contacted by the customers wife and called their bank to talk to Teresa. She tells me they let them use their card in the mean time and have racked up over $1200 in overdraft and nsf fees and are expecting me to pay for the fees and that she has gone above her duty and regional will not let them remove the fees. I ask to talk to someone from regional and she tells me they won't talk to me and the person I need is out of the office on this day. By now I am furious and feel like someone from 5/3 is trying to scam me out of money I do not have. I went and did a refund for the full amount and gave the customer a copy. The next day thew customer contacts me and says their basnk wants me to give her cash because the credit didn't go through. I told her I can't because I've already done the refund and I contact my bank rep that tells me her bank (5/3) has to go in get the money and deposit it in to her account. The last thing I heard 2 days ago was Teresa was unaware of this and thought it wouls go in automatically and she would have to check on it.

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  • Bj
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    I deposited a check of 200 dollars (in cash) at a 5/3 branch and was told that it would immediately be counted as "Availably Balance". We we where already cutting it close on our balance, but the$200 dollars would leave us breathing room. I then went to the gas station, got gas then went home and checked my Internet banking. The $200 deposit had posted along with the $39.00 in gas. I had receipts with the times of the deposit and gas purchase. Two days later, I'm charged $33.00 for the overdraft of the gas purchase because fifth third posted the gas purchase before the cash deposit. I called customer service explaining that I had proof of the time on the receipt only to hear that deposits go through at the end of the day. Do Not Bank With Fifth Third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ro
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I can't stand 53rd..I had my money in my acoount to cover my check...I went in and deposited another chesck..A few days latter I was called about an overdraft...They told me that it takes 24 hours for my check to post...I never heard of it..I had over 1000.00 in my acount and deposited 200.00 with a check...My checks to clear were a total of 1120.00.They said you are only available 100.00 at that momement and it takes 24hours for the other to clear.They said there policy changed last year...They said if you deposit a payrol check of are only allowed to use your card for 100.00 and if you go over you will be charged overpayment fee..I hate 53rd..

  • Mo
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I had given my attorney a check for 300.00 on a friday, monday I looked at my account online, all of my transactions had cleared and I was 61.00 short to cover the 300.00 check I had written. On tuesday, 5/3rd reverses all of my previous transactions that had cleared and post the 300.00 check then charges me overdraft fees of 296.00. When I called to complain the girl tells me that it is their right to process transactions the way they want and I signed the agreement when I opened my account. I'm closing my account today, and if they ever read this then, I HOPE YOUR BANK FAILS!!! Mr. President, DO NOT BAIL THEM OUT!!! LET THEM FAIL!!! THEY DESERVE IT!!!

  • Pu
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    Yes fifth Third does all the above and more!!
    And the sad thing is all the banks do!!
    Chase is the worst!!!
    They claim they dont make a profit yet charge you high
    interest loans but pay 1% on savings accounts??
    They are a legal scam!!!

  • Pu
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    Also I might add this:
    When I married my hubby and tried to add him to my checking account
    they told us he had to have a credit card or they could not add him.
    I went on the other side of town to a 53rd there and they said they had
    never heard of such practices to add someone to a checking account.
    I hate banks and when will the pres start looking out for the hard working middle class??
    These banks are disgusting and predatory and have helped to destroy the middle class.
    Now we just wait till my husbands direct deposit goes thru and then withdraw
    all our money and use cash all week.We avoid using our debit card like the plague!!
    I am considering going back to paper checks and just pay $3 to cash it at the walmart next
    door to 53rd.Its far cheaper then the thousands of dollars they have ripped me since I opened my account in 1993.And if you think they are bad, Huntington and Chase are worse!! Its one big nightmare till they change some laws to protect us consumers!!

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