Fifth Third Bank / an associate

Terrible customer service. If I didn't have a mortgage with Fifth Third I wouldn't even have an account here. I went into the fifth Third in ocoee off of west road. The gentleman that normally helps me wasn't there so I was already hesitant about walking in. When I walked in I wasn't greeted. I explained that I needed to deposit some money. The girl told me to get a deposit slip and i explained to her that I'm never made to use those. She looks me up and down and says, I'm sick I can't touch that for you. I wrinkle my nose and grab a deposit slip. Try and give her my money to deposit (coins and paper, I know how much is being deposited) I had a Tupperware container with paper money on the bottom and coins on top. I don't even open the container so she's just assuming what I'm giving her. Before I even get my deposit slip filled out, she tells me she can't take my money. Really?! Lolol. I'm at a bank and I'm being told I can't deposit my money in to my account. Okay, whatever you say. Before I get mad I tell the lady's forget it and I'm going to a different bank. The manager who is on the computer is his office comes out and asks what's going. I explain to him that when James is working he always takes care of me and goes above and beyond. The manager explains to me that it's against policy for the tellers to fill out my deposit form for me. Well, you may want to send out a mass email to EVERY branch, because the few branches I've used I've never had to fill out a form. I usually just show my I'd and give them what I want to deposit. So now I'm being told I can't deposit My Money into MY account and the girl working the front desk is sick. So now I have to spend more of my time going to another bank, which won't be Fifth Third and deposit my money where it's 'accepted' Nice job in allowing sick employees to come to work and posssibly infect your customers. If someone is sick they should stay home and get better and not let other people catch their contagious germs. The manager didn't even seem concerned that I was leaving to go deposit my money elsewhere. I won't be going back to the branch in ocoee.

Nov 20, 2017

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