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FIA Card Services / Incompetency, poor business practices

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On July 12, 2007 I made an online payment of $1200 to my FIA Card Services account. For some odd reason, the payment was posted to a closed account I had had with them years ago rather than to my current account. I received a bill on my current account with a late fee for no payment and I received a statement on the closed account with a $1200 credit on it. I called them on July 20th to figure this out. The representative assured me the problem would be fixed right away and they would apply the payment to the proper account. A week later, the $1200 payment showed up on my husband's AAA Visa! On August 10th I made my regular online payment of $400 and again it was applied to the closed account. I called and the rep assured me it would be corrected. On the 17th I received my statements on both accounts. They had subtracted the $400 payment from the previous $1200 payment and then actually charged my closed account with a $800 charge! Still, the proper payment had not been corrected on my current account or my husband's visa! I called back and asked to talk to a supervisor. On August 17th at 1pm, Schloma in payment research assured me all would be corrected. Doubting her, I called again on August 18th and talked to Paulette Gordon at 4:32pm. She told me my accounts would all be correctly credited on the 21st of august. On the 21st they actually transferred the charge of $800 they had created on my closed account to my current account! It was supposed to be a credit! Meanwhile I incurred another late fee for august as they incorrectly posted the payments again. The account numbers were all very different and I cant figure out how they could not correctly post payments by matching an account number! I went into my bank with whom I hold the visa and asked the bank manager for help. She called with me there and reached Sharon Johnson at 11:50am on Aug. 27th who also assured us all would be taken care of. We were on the phone in the bank office for over 2 hours! We talked to Lisa Hay who gave us a bogus phone number and asked us to call her back. We talked to Anne Buoio on Sept. 6th and were told the supervisor would call me back within a few hours. Never heard from anyone! We talked to Nicole Perry on 9/10 who actually did her job and saught out help from supervisors! Thanks Nicole! Finally, on Sept. 12th the $800 was credited to my account and the $1200 was credited also. As of Sept 19th they have yet to credit my late fees! UGH! I AM CANCELING ALL ACCOUNTS WITH THIS COMPANY AND RECOMMEND YOU DO THE SAME!

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  • Su
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    Same problem.

  • Sc
      23rd of Jan, 2008
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    Three years ago I opened a credit card account with Bank Of America. My original agreement was an interest rate of 0% for twelve months then after the interest would be 8.9%. Well after just 9 months my interest rate went from 0 to 12.9 %. Then on month 12 Bank of America informed me that FIA Card Services would manage my account and that my interest rate would be raising to 14.9 %. Then on month 15 they raised my interest rate to 17.9 % and then again on month 24 they raise it to my current rate of 18.9 %. Now I recieved a notice that my annual interest rate will be raising to 27.99% because of info contained in my TransUnion Credit Report, I contacted TransUnion to recieve a copy of my credit report to find out exactly what info they are basing this interest rate hike on. I have perfect credit according to my local bank that I have loans with. I have never missed a payment or been late with a payment to Bank OF America. This whole experience with BOA and FIA has been deplorable. I have an account with Discover Card and I have had an excellent experience with them so far. I would not recommend Bank Of America to anyone. Loan Sharks for sure!

  • Je
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    This response is to the OP and cott Kitchen's comment. I thoroughly agree and share your anger, I received the same letter in the mail telling me that my rate would be raised from 19 percent to 27.99%. I also have an excellent record of payment and make more than minimum payments on my credit cards. I was very angry to eceive this notice. I have written the required note to reject the amendment. This means that after February 28th, I will not be able to use this card otherwise it will default to the 27.99 interest rate. THIS IS 24 POINTS HIGHER THAN THE CURRENT FEDERAL RESERVE BANK INTEREST RATE!!!!! NOT EVEN A LAS VEGAS LOAN SHARK WOULD CHARGE AS MUCH VIG AS THIS! I will be paying this card off and closing it immediately. To take money from hard working people who actually make their payments on time to their outstanding debts is beyond despicable and deplorable. These heartless organizations are not deserving of our investment. My only hope is that this move will diminish their customer base and drive their organization along with their vampiric practices right into the grave of bankruptcy.

  • Co
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    I agree FIA is very poor in the customer service business. It is amazing how many large companies allow this company to associate their brand image with FIA. I guess BoA, Charles Schwab, etc...executives never had to deal with them, just rake in the revenue.

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