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Ocwen Financial Corporationhome loan

I was in a modification with Ocwen, after numerous times turning me down, finally my last payment was made and my fiance had just passed at 42with rare sudden cancer, I had to drive from a long way to make that payment day of amputation of his arm, month later he died, two people showed up at my door for my keys I showed theall waspaid and the lady said they actually we're selling my home on the court stairs, I called Ocwen they said good news was no one bid high enough bad news my home after 22years was in other names, the lady stayed up all night that came to my home said she had to email Ocwen and also I it was a mistake they finally backed out the forclos, title company sent me a title with other Banks and Aztec on my title high lighed illegal foreclosure it was the worst thing ever.

Ocwen Financial Corporationmodification fraud

I have an fha mortgage and have been trying to modify with Ocwen for 2 1/2 years. Ocwen started to raise my morning on a forced place insurance. My husband had 2 different surgeries and that set us back. I called. Ocwen bc they had me make payments through money gram which sent back my payment. They demanded a double payment but I needed 1 extra day for my payroll to go in. Ocwen refused and told me to modify. The next day I hired an attorney who tried for a year. He said it was a basic modification. Not for Ocwen. They kept an asking for more of the same paperwork and it would expire and I would have to start all over again. After a year he gave up. I kept on doing the same thing over and over. Then they said I was under review and they tried to foreclose on me at the same time. I had people coming to my door trying to buy my house. I had to file bankruptcy but then Ocwen called and said they wanted to modify my loan. I canceled the bankruptcy. I started it over and over again then they said that I was under review and transferred me to PHH and they said I had to start all over again and again! I complained and that put me into escalation so I had 1 person tell me that they are waiting for a sale date and they are foreclosing on me! Then someone came on the phone and said no just send more paperwork! Then I get a foreclosure letter for 11/21/19 and that I am under review at the same time? Then I get another letter stating that this is going to Ocwen obudsman which is a joke. They have broken so many laws and never made accountable! I have no debt I owe nothing just my monthly mortgage and utilities. We are both working and can make the payments! Ocwen wants to foreclose on me and that's it. If anyone has a loan with them leave ASAP! I am in a fight for 2 1/2 years and with the way they went at me is abusive. They also called my cell phone daily without permission! They would call several time a day. They said they can call me as much as they want until I pay them. I am ready and willing to fight them with everything I have. I won't stop until they modify me or pay me the money owed to me from calling me on the cell phone. They owe me more than what my mortgage is on the house. They ate out of control and need to be stopped. I will have to file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure and then sue them for fraud! Run away from Ocwen!!!

Ocwen Financial Corporationinsurance issues

My father purchased this house and took out a mortgage to pay his brothers off and he got a $40, 000 loan and he give each one of his brothers $10, 000 to pay him off so he could have his family home his mother and father raised their boys in this home my father also took the rest of the money and fixed up this place and he got sick in 2011 and he passed away he died of lung cancer therefore my father had this home quick claim deed added over to me and when I die it goes to my daughter since I've owned or took over this mortgage on this house I've managed to pay I believe I owe 32 thousand on this house when my dad had this place and he got the mortgage it was through Litton loan he once had an insurance on him and also this property stating that if something happened to him that it would be paid for when Litton loan sold the mortgage to Ocwen that part of that insurance never crossover so therefore there still a tag on this house which shouldn't be since then I've put my own inheritance into this house I've had roof damage I've had water damage this December my pipes broke flooded my house I contacted my insurance company Ocwen was contacted also and I stated several claims Dan Hadley told me to file a claim for every individual issue with this house I filed for the roof I had a fire in my bathroom I had the water pipes break on top of this my daughter come home and seen that have been running for 3 days and so and broke her hand and had to have pins put in her hand when I was done with therapy taking her back and forth because she's also disabled on top of this I proceeded to take her and I filed a claim ended as in Hadley told me he is now come out here three times to see the damage in the truck loads that's been destroyed he's taking his own pictures and now he tells me that his pictures were not visible enough and at the time he told me to go ahead and discard of all the trash and now he's telling me to get manuals to send some I got to have some kind of proof he said well when this damage occurred my mother come in here and totally started throwing everything away I don't know where anything is I can't find my manuals what do I do I feel like I've been almost accused of doing this purposely by Dan Hadley and I feel that he does not want to take on the large loss that I have here I have way more lost than that's even wrote down I'm taking quite a bit of a loss myself and losing all my family heirlooms all of my personal property that's been destroyed due to this water damage and fire I had a roof leak I don't know if it had went down into my walls and got my electrical wet which had caused the fire I'm not for certain I know I've had several estimates I've submitted them I've done my part my footwork I've paid since 2011 on this house and my insurance I just recently got behind because of this issue here and I met a hardship I need help I need somebody to do something about this I'm begging you I've been sleeping in my Hummer I don't have socks for god sakes and it's almost winter again I have a disabled daughter I haven't animals or sleeping in a barn in my yard I don't know what else to do I don't want to contact an attorney but I feel like I'm going to have to I'm not getting no response from either way you guys are holding a $5, 600 check that needs to be submitted back to me I have emailed all proper forms that you guys need I'm waiting for a response so I can by at least some clothes I have no winter clothes they're out here in the yard destroyed I have no clothes I have no money for no clothes no more Dan told me he says why don't you have somebody come in a clean out crew well it's beyond that I have mold in my house now there's mold in there it's a health risk is a health hazard I don't know whether to contact the health department or if you guys can have somebody come out here and completely clean my house out cuz that's what it's going to take on the inside is unlivable it's not even safe for animals I've about fell through the floor twice is ruined my stove my frigerator my washer and dryer is ruined my TV's when I had this fire a
completely blew out everything everything in my house is destroyed can you help me

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage

Ocwen had serviced the mortgage on my mother's home and has placed it in foreclosure. They refused to accept mortgage payments.My mom is 80 years old and being taken advantage of and I need help in saving her home. We went to the Supreme Court to resolve issues with Ocwen but since then the company has forwarded my mother's mortgage to a different company.

Ocwen Financial Corporationyour customer service for phh /payoff request

Since you have merged and or bought out PHH obtaining your a payoff statement is a NIGHTMARE!. You have people answering calls after being on hold for over 40 min with NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL! I keep getting people with horrible accents who repeat themselves over and over again. And they are reading off of a script! You should be embarrassed! This is what is representing YOU! Put your automated system back. It was MUCH easier and faster. The turn around time is 7-10 days. And even though I include borrowers authorization YOUR PEOPLE DONT SEE IT. Whether I put it on the top of my request or the bottom of my request THEY DONT SEE IT! So I have to call back and make sure it was received and make sure they open the request and READ! WT[censored]

Ocwen Financial Corporationhomeowners bill of rights violation

While in modification and in compliance notice of trustee sale
doc #[protected]
and on 11/03/2018 phh mortgage was found guilty for mortgage servicing fraud and on april 08 2019 was found guilty of violating homeowners bill of rights. We are victims of theses fraudlanet act and want justice for leaving our family homeless after 23 years of home ownership.Ocwen has failed to address there actions because of this fraud and true facts of this fraud is recoreded in stanilaus county, and the modfication was not recored and we were denied due process.

homeowners bill of rights violation
homeowners bill of rights violation

Ocwen Financial Corporationmonies in escrow, unethical behavior, payments not received, monies being held

Ocwen took 2 checks for home remediation, 2 party endorsement. At the same time they were modifying my home loan. They pushed me into foreclosure by not answering or just blatantly not accepting the endless forms they require. i was foreclosed on back in 2014. They local judge allowed the 2nd mortgage to jump the first mortgage and foreclose. illegally I believe. The two are still fighting over the home @ 183 Ekana circle Daytona Beach fl. 32128. I am just trying to get my ins claim $ back from Ocwen which has held it since 2014 and now I dont own the home and Ocwen wont release the ins claim money to me despite the fact i tried to get a contract termination letter form the mold remediation company whom went out of business 3 years ago. I sent two letters as Ocwen asked both certified both 2 weeks apart. Ocwen was sent copies and received them and then again gave me the run around stating id need to sign and indemnification agreement for the claim to be processed. I signed it and sent it back and now Ocwen is stating they wont release the funds until the home I no longer own and haven't owned since 2014 has a inspection to make sure 90% of the work has been done. This makes no sense and again they are stalling me and not returning $17, 548.00 to me.

Ocwen Mortgage — foreclosure process - loan mod _ fees charged to my loan payoff

1- I was approved for a loan modification with my previous mortgage company several years ago before ocwen mortgage took over my loan. I was told to wait for the papers to arrive...

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage servicing

When we purchased our home in 2015 Ocwen was the mortgage service provider. We have never missed a payment ever, late last year in September 2018 we started receiving calls from Ocwen at least 2 or more a day saying that we were 2 months behind on our mortgage payments. The persons name i cannot pronounce said we had to speak with our "relationship manager" about this issue. Upon several attempts to call this person who never answered the phone and was automatically transfered to another manager who I had to repeat everything once again becuase they had no Idea or notes on their system to go by, it only showed we were 2 months behind, i requested a payment history they never sent one to me. I sent them a copy of our bank statements showing the payments that were in question, however that was not sufficent for them because it did not match their history. After several phone calls and requests for a copy of our payment history that we still havent gotten to this day, Ocwen decides to transfer our loan servicing to PHH which was purchased by Ocwen. Nevertheless this issue has still not been resolved and Ocwen/PHH still shows us 2 months behind and now the " alter Ocwen Ego" PHH continues to call at least once maybe twice a day. There is talking with these people because one hand dosent know what the other is doing regardless of how many times you have provided proof that we were never behind and the endless amount of conversations that obviously are never notated.

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage

My husband died. He handled all the payments on line and did not have the passcode written anywhere. When he died, the mortgage was about due so I get the first call. They asked for my husband and I told him he died. They rudely asked who I was, I explained again I was his wife, there reply sorry we can't talk to you, bang. They called me all the time until I found a lawyer, three months went by than that they charged me late fees. The lawyer assured me I was the legal owner, and thank God my husband left me enough to pay the whole mortgage off. This company has no customer service, in fact I say they are cruel and unscrupulous and I would advise all potential customers to steer clear of them. If I didn't hire a lawyer to communicate with them I could have lost my house. And I didn't deserve all those late fees.

Ocwen Financial Corporationmy mortgage-#[protected]

My husband passed away in 2017. I continued to pay the mortgage. In May 2018, I notified OCWEN that he had passed.
They immediately, started foreclouser. I sent them my hardship papers, then they started to ask for everything under the sun! I sent to them my ORIGINAL LWT from my husband.
They claim they don't have it. Then the nightmares started. THEY REQURED ONLY ORIGINAL-no copies.

Then in August they stopped accepting the mortgage. NOW, my credit is in the toilet.
They have been non stop on my insurong my home which is fu;lly insured including all perils, umbrella. I cannot believe they are so heartless.

Ocwen Financial Corporationloan modification

Ocwen needs to be made accountable for fraud. 1 1/2 years I have been trying to modify my loan. They keep stating we need more information which I called up and gave them. Once again they ran out of time and I had to start over. Then they tried to auction off my house which forced me into bankruptcy. This is abuse. I had a simple modification which they keep delaying until they auction off your home. If anyone has a mortgage with them go elsewhere.

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC — insurance loss draft division-still waiting for final payment

On April 10, 2018 the second home on our property was severely damaged in a fire. I immediately contacted our homeowners insurance and submit a claim. The claim was settled and a...

Ocwen Financial Corporationsheriff sale

Ocwen Loan Number - [protected]

My father is deceased. I have made numerous attempts to work with Ocwen. I have been deceived and not allowed the protections provided to everyone else. I accept full responsibility for recent delays, however it too approximately six months to one year to even get them to speak with me. I had submitted the requested information and each time I called they asked for the document to be sent again. This process also occurred with the initial assumption request. I believe I was asked to send that document several times. It appeared to be a delaying tactic in order to get to this point in the process. I submitted the completed Family Transfer Package and a loan modification request. The documents were emailed on 11/10/2018. I had a real estate sale date of 11/20/2018. The documents stated the completed application must be submitted seven days prior to the sale date. I met that deadline. I spoke to a representative on 11/15/2018, who advised me the request to postpone the sale had been sent to the sale agent. He suggested I call back to confirm the cancelation. I did that on 11/19/2018 to double check and at that time I am told the sale was still on schedule and there was nothing they could do. If that were the case, I should have been told that on 11/15/2018, which would have provided me time to figure out my options to prevent losing my family home. Please HELP!!

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage servicing

After going thru the HARP refinance program, I had diligently paid my mortgage on time every month for 2 years. This month I paid online as usual on Nov. 7. And I waited for ocwen to take the payment. They always send an email verifying the payment,   but they also always take a long time before they process the payment. A week went by. Still nothing. It would be late after the 15th, but I wasn't worried since I knew the payment was made. Another four days went by. On Nov 19 I got a call from ocwen saying they could not process my payment. They said a Stop-Payment had been placed on this payment.

I contacted the bank to ask if this was true and why or who would have done that. The bank said that possibly ocwen had submitted the charge under a different vendor number, but that wasn't it on closer inspection. They said that the vendor name,   all CAPS vs Upper and Lower case,   might have triggered it. Nevertheless,   the bank removed the order and said everything should work.

I called ocwen back to ask them to run the payment again. They said they couldn't run the same payment,   that I would need to give them the bank info again and it would cost $17.50 to do it over the phone. Or $8.50 online. But she said there would be no fee to make this payment online because I am paperless billing. She did say there was a late fee of $8.50. Despite the fact that I already gave them authorization to take the payment, and received the confirmation, they were still charging a late fee.

On the computer again,   I tried entering my bank info. Over the past 2 years, there have been times when the ocwen system has rejected my primary bank account, and I've used instead an alternate account to make this payment. I figured it was a glitch in their system, but as long as I had the means to get the payment made, it wasn't worth too much worry.

The ocwen system, which only 2 weeks earlier had accepted my bank info, this time rejected it again. I used my alternate account, one which I use primarily for business. Moreover, the billing system charged an additional $25 for a returned check fee. So that's $33.25 over my normal payment!

Ocwen told me they could waive a fee once in a 12 month cycle. I don't want them to waive it! I want them to REMOVE it!  I didn't cause this.

Today,   they have already taken the money I paid last night. When I paid on the 7th, they could have tried to take it then. And if there was a problem with the bank,   let me know in time to fix it and not generate these bogus fees. Why did they even allow me to submit my bank info in the first place, if there was an issue with that account?

I know ocwen was not responsible for the stop payment. That was the bank's issue, which I will address with the bank. But ocwen had their own failure to do business correctly. Timeliness is of the essence in real estate. It is before the sale,   and it is after the sale as well. I don't want to have a late payment on my record with ocwen. It's unfair and unjust.

Ocwen Financial Corporation — mortgage fraud

Ocwen loan service company; their lawyers including the lawyer that claimed he could save my deceased mother's house named james h. Wilson jr. From richmond va., scammed us ...

Ocwen Financial Corporation — no one will help me save my home after it was awarded to me in the divorce

I was awarded the martial home in the divorce my ex husband has 2 years alimony then it was my responsibility. His time is up he has stopped making payments but he blocked the...

Ocwen Financial Corporation — repair of bathroom floor from water damage.

Blue sky home renovations/ remodeling company took 4800. Insurance money and bathroom is incomplete. The floor is unlevel, and so is the toilet and sink . I am very upset with...

Ocwen Financial Corporationhome mortgage

I went online today to pay my October mortgage, I usually pay extra towards my escrow and principle, however, those options no longer exits.

1- I would like my mortgage to be transferred to another lender, Who can I contact?

2- I Ocwen a SCAM? Never heard of a financial company who does not provide their customers those options.

3- Customer reps ( they are a JOKE) communicating with them can be painful.

Ocwen Financial Corporationloan modification

I have been trying to modify my loan for a year. I hired a lawyer and Ocwen claims they have no information on my lawyer! We went them all of the paperwork needed. Then in January they told my lawyer that we were approved. Then they said no that because of streamlining we had to start it all over again! Finally over a year later they have the paperwork with no answer! Ocwen took over a year to get the paperwork straight? They r charging me outrageous fees? They also had the placed insurance on me which raised my mortgage! This all started when they offered the repayment plan with a big down payment then I said that I needed 1 extra day for my payroll to go in to make the payment! Ocwen refused then sent me a letter after that stating they would take the payment a day later but it was after that date that they sent me the letter. Ocwen does not want to help the homeowners they want to take your home! They r scamming you and need to be made accountable! I'm going to report them to the FTC next! They need to be shut down and put in jail for fraud!

Ocwen Loan Servicingmortgage

So we have been trying for 6 or 7 months to get a loan modification due to our income change since im not longer able to work.. they are claiming our insurance rate is high .. but they have us jumping through hoops in order to get this claiming the photos of documents werent legible several times, claiming i make 1000.00 a month social security ( i dont make squat i dont qualify for anything), claiming different reasons .. then tried to put us on a 1000.00 repayment plan a month knowing we have trouble with our current amount.. they seriously need to just help their customers and stop playing around ..

Ocwen Financial Corporationmisapplied funds

I've had nothing but issues with this company. I've been on a forbearance plan initiated on late 2017. The forbearance was the best way for me to get back on track with the payments. Due to hurricane Irma, my area was declared a Federal disaster area. The forbearance plan delayed payments from October-December. Beginning January 2018 -July 2018, payments would increase to include the regular monthly payments and the 3 months delayed payments (October-December) which were spread 6 six months. Overall this would give us the opportunity to become current by July 2018 and return to our prior regular monthly mortgage payments. I was so excited when July came. I call customer service to check what the payment was. I wanted to check simply because we were on the forbearance plan for six long months. These people had the audacity to say we were 91 days behind on payments. As u can imagine this began my litany of calls to customer service. 

It appears despite the fact that there was a forbearance plan active, a trial modification was initiated by Ocwen.  A modification that I never applied for, agreed to or signed documents for. All the money I sent was credited to the modification. Let's keep in mind the amount of the so called modification that never agreed to was at least $700 less than the funds I sent. So I ask you, where is this extra money??? Is a savings account started for me on Ocwen behalf??
Out of overwhelming disappointment I Istopped dealing with the customer service representatives . It appeared to me their left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Every rep spoken with had a different story. My so called relationship manager was never available. Routing me to some overseas person. I was able to contact an ombudsman for Ocwen. He instructed not to keep any more appointment with the relationship manager.
He reviewed by account and verified the modification was a solicitation. However he refused to send me an email of our conversation. He verified I was correct but Asian would not send me an email confirming this. He stated upon review, the funds would be credited properly to my account to reflect a positive standing but for the third time he could not send me an email to confirm his statements to me.

As of today, Im basically in a state of limbo. Sending payments that I have no clue when or if they will reflect on my account.


Beyond Frustrated

Ocwen Financial Corporationcustomer service

I posted two complaints on the BBB website and was asked by OCWEN to call their ombudsman. I called the ombudsman and she had no idea why I was calling.

There was nothing in my file about this complaint, the previous BBB complaint or all the complaints I made to various supervisors. She kept putting me on hold to look things up because obviously nothing was written down. This is the costumer service you get with OCWEN. And when I told her, her company should identify themselves first before asking a home owner to do so, she said thats the way it works.

So, you get a call from something that sounds like a call center from a foreign country and they won't say who they are until you tell them first.

Which people obviously don't want to do because you are not supposed to identify yourself to someone who may be running a scam. Run from this company if your mortgage company sells your mortgage to them (that's how I got unlucky) and if you are just searching for a new company, do not choose OCWEN.

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage loan

Well, I am a soldier currently serving active duty overseas. I got an email today saying my credit score dropped from excellent to poor, thinking it was a scam I still felt I should look into it. I found out, Owen has reported late payments for nearly two years and this is the first I have caught it. My credit score is down 167 pts. I have proof that I have never had a late payment since they purchased my loan from USAA. I fact I have never paid late! I'm baffled and sickened by the discovery. Please help? How do I move forward? I spend a lot of my time in the field training and traveling for the Military. This has me feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Ocwen Financial Corporation — securities fraud [protected]

Ocwen commuted securities fraud on our property in riverbank California, only to receive a full reconvene but Ocwen sold the house from under nth us with a fraudulent grant...

Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage

Since Oct 20 I had change my insurance company being that ocwen never informed me of an increase of mortgage ! To the tune of over $ 80 dollars . This has been going on since Oct . 20 2017. Also my insurance was increased by : $ 1100, from 1100 to 2111! that's the thanks I get for 12 years of being with the same company !

I maid all the paper work needed to rectify the matter the excuses were just insulting they thought they were specking to a child. As they put me on hold to answer one question after another I know they didn't know they were talking about !

I just want to continue paying my mortgage with the new amount I did my calculations and it was $ 350.10 please apply correctly .my name is : Osvaldo Blas
4401 brigdewood Rd
Midlothian va
[protected] / [protected]

escrow refund

I closed on my house on July 10, 2017. Today is September 30, 2017 and I do not have my escrow refund yet.
I have contacted OCWEN and all I get is the "standard" excuses and canned apologies that are so empty is sickening. The contact "via e-mail", Margaret, has a phone number and extension that she never answers. She offered her phone number to "call anytime"; I said: You do not answer that phone. Response: I never answer, but you can leave a message and I will respond within 48 hours. I personally do not think that 48 hours is acceptable.
Anyway, October 10th will be 3 months and the best Margaret can do is blame the post office. Also, OCWEN can only write check every 30 days, so since I do not have the check "supposedly" sent on September 8th, the next action can only be taken October 7th and they are off the hook for yet another 30 days. How can this be acceptable to anyone.
Have you tried to find OCWEN's corporate address? It's so hidden that I can not tell where the company officers are. I wanted to write to the CEO, Margaret would not give me the information and I can not find it anywhere. If an office of OCWEN read this, please contact me yourself, not another Margaret, it's waste of time.

loan servicing/payment not received & unethical behaviour

Loan # [protected]
July 31, 2017 - Our title company, Ekko paid off our mortgage. The next day my wife, (who is authorized on the Ocwen account) called Ocwen to update them with our forwarding address. The lady took all the information down and said the two checks ($1, 707.65 & $207.62) which represent the balance of our escrow account & an overpayment by Ekko respectively, would take 30 days to process. We left it at that assuming that in good faith, Ocwen would mail us the checks. End of August came around and there were no checks in the mail.
Sept. 11, 2017 - My wife called in the evening and she was told that the checks were cut but they had no forwarding address, so they were never mailed. In fact, the envelope was there but with no address. She was told, that it was never mailed because she was not authorized to make any changes on the account!!
Sept. 12, 2017, 8:30 a.m. - I personally called to find out what was going on. I was given another story. He (rep from a call center in India) said the checks were mailed, but could not give me a date nor an address they were mailed to. I told him that if they mailed it to the old address, it should have been forwarded as all our mail was already being forwarded to our new home. The rep said that since the checks were already mailed, Ocwen would need to issue a stop payment on the checks and it would take a couple more days to cut new checks. At this point, what choice did I have but to wait!
In the meantime, my wife filled up a customer review on the Ocwen site, giving them a "thumbs down." That evening we received a call from a gentleman named "Mohammed, " he said he was with customer service and saw the review my wife gave them. How could he help? It was all talk and no action.
Sept. 19, 2017 - We received a priority envelope in the mail thinking it was the checks. Upon opening the envelope, all that was inside was the "Notification of Payoff." That our loan was PAID IN FULL. No checks inside.
Sept. 21, 2017 - I decided to call for another follow up. Whoever answered the call, gave me the same run around. She said the check for $207.62 was mailed out on Sept. 13, 2017 and when I questioned her on the other check for $1, 707.65, she said that there was no record of that check being cut and mailed. At this point I was getting somewhat frustrated so she transferred me to customer service and I spoke to a woman named Britney with ID#103141. Britney gave me the same run around, she put me on hold for a minute or two, came back on and said that the larger amount check was not cut because "it was still being held, pending review that the original checks they claimed were mailed out had not been cashed."

With all these being said, I thought they issued a stop payment and now they still want to make sure the checks were not cashed. They are obviously stalling, for whatever reason/s, I have no clue.

At this point I could not help myself becoming quite irate! I asked for a direct number to the escrow department and she said there was no direct number. I even suggested flying down to their office in West Palm Beach, Florida to get my checks. She gave herself away by saying there is "NO ONE AT THAT OFFICE." (Must be a shell office!)

Because of my persistence to get a straight answer, Britney was becoming agitated. Then she said, the only thing she could do was to try to get an answer from the escrow department, and that it would take another 3 to 5 days to get an answer!!! She took my number to get back to me. Not counting weekends, five days will be next Thursday, Sept. 28. I will hold unto my patience and see what happens.

NOTE OF WARNING: I was advised by a real estate broker in Pittsburgh, PA, Ocwen has been in trouble with the state for unscrupulous business practices.

I will send my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of the State of Virginia.

loan mortgage

Salvador Hasbun loan #[protected] For too many years I tried to speak with someone who can make descitions regarding too many problems on this loan please I need to get in contact...

Ocwen Mortgagedidn't apply payment

My payment for the month of July was $1388.10. I received assistance from an Organization in the amount of $800.00. They sent the $800 check along with my two money orders that I purchased totaling $588.10 along with a letter stating to apply the $800 check to Delores Lane account in one envelope. Ocwen received the envelope and posted the two money orders totaling $588.10 to my account and did not post the $800. They sent it back to the organization stating that they didn't know what account to apply the check to when the letter plainly stated it also the money orders were in the same envelope and the money orders were applied. Now Ocwen is refusing to accept any payment unless it is up to date. This is totally not fair. Please help me to resolve this matter.


We went thru a four month process beginning December of 2016 trying to get a loan modification. Our current interest rate is 7.25%, we owe more than our house is worth due to the decline in the housing market. Therefore we cannot refinance either. Ocwen had us jumping thru hoops trying to get all the paper work in. Our advisor was useless, her basic knowledge was minimal and often gave us bad advice. When she called for scheduled appointments she was unprepared and wasted our time. We incurred expenses from our accountant due to large amounts of paper work constantly requested. They had difficulty understanding basic accounting. In the end we were denied supposedly because our package wasn't compkete by the end of 2017. Why didn't Ocwen tell me that on January? Doesn't make sense to continue and incur additional expenses if they have no intention of modifying our loan. It was a very frustrating experience. I was even told to stop making payments, what so I ruin my credit?

  • Ki
    Kia Washington Oct 10, 2017

    I, hate Ocwen (so call mortgage company) with a DEATH Passion to kill everyone who works there trust me I DO! I have NEVER missed a payment since I obtain my loan with another mortgage company who SOLD my loan to OCWEN . Ocwen, is a DEBT Collecting Agency. All Mortgage companies sell your loan to other mortgage company 45-days after you purchase your home or home loan.

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Ocwen/Chase — criminal fraud

Chase and ocwen stole our house of 25 years by dual tracking and falsifying documents to cover up there criminal intent ocwen was never reordered as our servicer, but claims to...

no notice was sent to me and my house was put up for sale

I fired my last lawyer for negotiating with me instead of Ocwen. And was self representing. Motion for summary judgement was upheld by theJudge ignored all my arguments. I never...

pmi cancellation request, bait and switch

33482 My wife and I just purchased a home about 8 months ago. We poured in alot of money, sweat and tears to update and remodel the home (it was a 1993 that had never been updated...

ocwen loss draft department/flood victim

I'm Brandy Perkins loan number [protected]. I've lost so much during the recent flood in August 2016. I need additional funds so that my contractors can finish the job. I am...

foreclosed mortgage still showing as active not paid

I owned a house that was foreclosed on due to the real estate bubble. I had an 80/20 mortgage, the second being sold to OCWEN. When the house was foreclosed on, I received...

Ocwen Loan Servicing Companymortgage

Altisourereal estate valuation services appraisal my home on 9/2015 suggest price:
Anticipated sale price 500 thousand and suggested list price 550 thousand.
My complaint is how did my property increase 215 thousand plus in 12 months my rationship manager (Mr saurabha d. Ramesh told me that my house was appraisal in nov 2016 an it was increased that's way my principal and interest increased because of the value of the house this is not truth if so why am I treated differently no houses around me cost 730 thousand the shelby county figures are not that much

foreclosure thug tactics

We were buying a home from elvira m.werly who kept taking our $ and stalling on finalizing the deal claiming Ocwen and IRS was holding her up
In November she tells me ocwen is forclosing but she will let us assume the loan if we pay three thousand.yesterday a collected claiming that he was from Ocwen came to our home and asulted us physically demanding we leave without packing right then.we sent him packing.and now are in fear for our family's life.we have three years of reseats plus for the well entire bathroom and kitchen damage repair wiring windows dump runs ect the place had vandels squatting in it.this is crazy.I've tryed to talk to Ocwen and its imposable to get ahold off anyone.someone please help tell me what to do to stop this haresment
We have not been served any papers At all.

Ocwen Loan ServicingInsurance payment

I have read all the complaints from Ocwen customers and I am just as upset over their tactics as I am. I received a check from my insurance company with Ocwen name on it with mine. Ocwen is asking me to send the check to them and they will send money back to me in increments. I would rather send this check back to the insurance company before I allow them to make me jump through hoops for them, like they have had others, and are asking me to do. I will get in touch with the Insurance Administrator to see if he can help me get another check in my own name. I'm also contacting BBB. I also blame my insurance company. It is the homeowners that pays the insurance and it is our names on the insurance policy, not Ocwen.

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    Tina Girl Jul 24, 2017

    Don't trust them. Call an attorney in your favor.

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Ocwen/Freedom Mortgage — Unethical and Shoddy Business Practices

For 2 years my husband & I have been dealing w/this mortgage co. Payments were made online to this comp who claims we did not have an acct set up online therefore pyments were not...