FedExnot the female (african) driver, but the male (african with dreads) who actually throws/drops and not carefully place your packages at your door

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Today my packages were delivered by 12:00 noonday basically thrown on my porch because I could hear the boxes when they made contact with the framed-wood that makes up my porch. By the time I made it to the door the fed ex deliverer (african male with dreads) had gotten into the truck and slammed the door and the female (african american who was driving) continued on their route. Several times this male has harshly placed my packages at my door. He needs to learn how to carefully place items at the doors of people whom he delivers to.

Feb 09, 2019
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  •   Feb 09, 2019

    Just because they are black doesn't mean they are African or African American.

    It's not your business.

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  •   Feb 09, 2019

    Stop ordering things that use FedEx.

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  •   Feb 09, 2019

    Have you politely asked them to not throw your packages or talked to the depot manager? Has anything been broken?

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