FedEx Malaysia / waste of time!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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FedEx Malaysia only know how to waste time and money with their incompetent staff and system. I tracked my package on their website and it stated that it is sent back to the Kota Damansara Branch and to double confirm I called the customer service to help me track it. The agent called Siti told me that the package is still in the office and asked me if I want to pick it myself. I said yes and so she say she will call the branch to get ready my package. I went there and was told by Ain (ID:5019226) that the package is already on its way to my house. I asked the reason for information discrepancy and she said "I don't know" and started ignoring me. I asked her "aren't you in charge here?" She said she really don't know why is the package was out and say that the delivery man has picked it up at 11am. FYI, I called at 1.44pm and it's still "in the office" status! I end up have to rush back to wait for my package. I enquire the delivery man on the reason my package is out and not hold in the office as stated in the website tracker. All he can tell me is he took the package out and unable to scan it due to network issue thus unable to update the status. I ask why is the PIC in the office didn't update? He told me delievery guys will take the package, scan and go. Why is FedEx staff so terrible in communicating with each other? And has such incompetent PIC? This incompetency led me to become an unsatisfied customer that wasted my time and money to go about the solution!

Jun 4, 2015

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