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Fedex Ground Service / killed my dog

1 30 rita aveCheshire, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 860 262 5938

I was heading off to work, but I stopped to pick up my mail. I had my best friend, Niro with me, my standard poodle who was 31 inches tall. The mail had dropped, I had Niro on a leash . I went to pick up the mail, Niro spotted a pitbull loose across the street who the day before was on my property growling at me and my dog as i pulled my dog into the house. The next daywhen picking up the mail off the ground, Niro spotted the pitbull and pull the leash from my hand. My hands were weak from fribromyalgia and he took off so fast. By the time I turned my head and saw the Fedex van travelling fast, 40 miles per hour is the limit on the road, The Fedex driver hit Niro in the head and shoulder. The driver didn't stop as I screamed crying to stop! stop! help me!. repeatedly. I weeped in the middle of the road, trying to pick up Niro who weighed 65 pounds and was large. I quess there is alot to be said about an edrenaline rush. Yes, Niro ran into the street, but the driver who represents Fedex who takes such pride in their humanistic missions and donations really did a diservice to the human race let alone Fedex. He also lied on the police report stating that I stopped him and said to him " Don't worry, its not your fault, he does this all the time." What get Killed, run across the road?' He also said that he stopped, he didn't, only 2 blocks away, he wasn't in my sight, but noted on the police report that he did see me in the middle of route 70 and heard the screams.I can't imagine someone being so inhumane, not to assist in any way, shape or form. Such a disregard for life, for me and my dog, I certainly could have gotten run over, what was I to do? Leave him? I didn't know if he was still alive. To say the least I am not at all happy with the double standards of Fedex. I am following up, no it is not acceptable for the (human?) race to be so exalted from feeling any sense of compassion for one another. Critics that don't see the point of this need not to respond. I work for a State Forensic facility with people that have committed the most horrendous crimes, even they eventually take responsibility, I hope Fedex does, it is no different than losing a family member. He was also my therapy dog, as I have seizures.b


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