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Fedex Malaysia just wasted my time and money. I have a document that was supposed to be delivered to me from my brother in GB. It took Royal Mail only 1 day to delivered it to me from Scotland to KL, however Fedex Malaysia still haven't delivered the document to me after 3 weeks. I don't know how their logistics work, but when I look them up on Google Map from their collection base to my house to could actually delivered it to me within 5 working days by foot. I've been calling their customer service quite a number of time and their response had been the same, as if they don't want to take any responsibility for their negligence. I advice people to stop using Fedex Malaysia, otherwise if you wanted to get rip-off and waited for eternity for your delivery, then Fedex Malaysia is the choice for you! By the way if Fedex management wanted to know who I am this is my document tracking number [protected]. Thanks for nothing!

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      24th of May, 2014

    Totally unhappy with Fedex Malaysia too. Bought a nursing pump online for RM335 (approx USD 104.60) including postage. Been taxed by fedex for RM247.90 (Approx USD 77.47). Although there been confirmation by local custom officer that there shouldn't be any duty on my purchase!! They placed my pump under unrelated code and expect me to pay for it!

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