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Fedex / damage caused by fedex

1 Danville, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 217 446-5510

I have had a bad experience with Fed-Ex. About two weeks ago, I sent an expensive instrument back to the store from where I purchased it, in New Jersey, just for tuning. Between Illinois and New Jersey, this instrument was damaged beyond belief. I had it insured for replacement value. I thought I was covered.

Today, I received a letter in the mail, stating that my claim had been denied. I immediately called and talked to an agent.

He explained to me that I had only insured the box that I sent it in! He also said that the claim was denied because they asume no liability for the contents of the package. What is the purpose of this so-called insurance?

I am going to have to pay for the damage that these people did to my instrument. UPS also damaged my accordion in December 2007. They bent all the pins in the bass section causing them to be replaced. I had this insured, too. UPS denied my claim because the store I shipped to had thrown away the box. If UPS can't see the box, they don't pay, either. Talk about rip-off artists.

I would be intested in receiving information from anyone having troubles similar to mine for a possible class-action suit.

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  • Dm
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I ordered a new iPhone 3gs (a 700.00 phone might I add) the other day, and FEDEX tried to deliver the package on Friday, unfortunately I wasn't home, but the left the door tag saying they would try to redeliver on Monday at 12:30. I was happy to see this because I was going to be home all day :) so 12:30 rolled around...nothing. I left my home to go get my son at 2:30, and returned promptly, I checked my mail and then parked. I sat in my car and opened my mail when I seen the FedEx truck go by. The driver pulled to the next apartment building and I just figured she would walk to my building when she figured out she was at the wrong apartment. So I got out, and stood looking in the driver's direction. She walked up to the other apartment, then turned around and looked a little upset, walks back to her truck and takes the box in her hand AND THROWS IT INTO THE TRUCK...not just lay it down, but THREW IT...ughhhh, so anyway, at this point smoke is coming out of my ears, and she had got back in the truck and began to pull away. I waved and said are you looking for apt ***? She says yes and stopped the truck. When she got out, I said "Did you just throw my package into your truck?" which I already knew the anser, and her reply was - "No, I laid it down", so that to me is calling me a liar - and I said "I SEEN YOU DO IT"...she never said she was sorry or anything, just started saying she didn't understand why they didn't put the apartment number on my package, and said I don't know why the other driver didn't just leave the package here Friday - we don't have to have a signature for these phones! and then she turned and walked away, got in the truck and shut the door. (Which was probably a good idea for her) So for one, she threw my package, for two - she called me a liar, she never apologized and was disrespectful, and then didn't make me sign for a SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR PHONE! OMG - I am so mad at the situation...I think if I hadn't flagged her down - she would have driven off with the phone, and I would have had to track it down. I read another review that said that "complainers" should remember the drivers have to deal with traffic and idiots all day. HA! I am a nurse, and at times I deal with some pretty stupid people and equipment, so that means that when I get frustrated with my job I can take it out on patients??? NOOOOOOO She better be glad nothing happened to the phone, or I would have probably done more than raise my voice and just let her walk away :0) ha ha

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