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I received a door tag after an attempted delivery on 4/29/17 with only my street address under recipient's name and "FedEx Home Delivery (Tues - Sat) checked off. Assuming it was the first attempt since it was the only door tag I had received, I waited for another attempt and subsequent door tag. None came and when I called I found out that there had been several attempts made according to what the driver reported. Never once did I get an additional door tag slip - nothing to let me know what attempt this was (including the one and only original door tag slip I got), instructions on what to do next, etc. I called to try and arrange pick up but was told that because of the restrictions set on the package from the sender the only place I was allowed to pick it up with a station whose hours were 8-4. I work 6:30 to 5:30 everyday so it would have been impossible for me to a.) ever be home when it was being delivered (and I needed it before a Sat. delivery was possible) and b.) pick it up from the station. Again, because of restrictions they were not able to transfer the package to another station that stayed open later. After quite a long time on the phone I asked to speak to a supervisor who agreed that I could leave a signed door tag with instructions to "throw the package through the gate".See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Francisco, CAThe next day I come home there is still no package and STILL no door tag slip indicating a delivery attempt was even made. So, another phone call and conversation with a different supervisor resulted in me having to resort to taking 1/2 day off of work the next day JUST so I could pick it up by closing at 4:00. (I was also told at this time that they are not allowed to throw the package through the gate - despite the fact that a supervisor the day before told me they could) I put in for my time off and the next morning someone from FedEx called me (which I appreciate) to assure the package was at the station. She got back on to tell me that in fact they stay open until 8:00! Great for me but now it's too late to change the fact that I've taken 1/2 day off of work. ALL this could have been resolved had that information been communicated to me from the beginning. And STILL, never once did I get a door tag slip that indicated anything other than the very first one I got. Countless hours, immense frustration, and an unnecessary 1/2 day off of work and I finally got the package. I understand the sender put restrictions on the package (not FedEx's fault) but I felt that the driver either falsely reported that delivery attempts were made OR they were made and I should have been receiving door tag slips. Not to mention the fact that a supervisor told me they could throw the package through the gate when in fact they couldn't have. Will never choose FedEx for my shipping needs when given a choice. (Door tag # DT7164 4163 8536)

May 07, 2017

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