FedEx Corporate Serviceshome delivery doesn't deliver even after paid for "scheduled delivery"

I ordered a product that required a Direct Signature. Scheduled delivery was on this past Tuesday so I planned ahead and rescheduled the delivery to the following Saturday morning when I would be home. This cost me approximately $10 to request. The website updated to show scheduled delivery on Saturday, and I received a call from the hub to confirm the request and delivery date. After 1pm on Saturday and the package still not delivered, I called the hub back to inquire about the delivery (I looked back at my caller ID to obtain the number). After a few minutes on the phone with the lady that answered, she informs me the package never went out for delivery, and now I must wait until Tuesday when they deliver next. I ask about sending it out now so I can still receive it today, her response is it will be too late for a driver to deliver it today and the only solution is to delivery next Tuesday. So, I call the FEDEX Customer Service number (about an hour later) and request a refund for the $10 I paid for the scheduled Saturday delivery. This guy tells me the package is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday and I'll have to wait until the package is delivered before I can request a refund. His system doesn't show anything where today (Saturday) was scheduled for the delivery. (an email sent by Fedex Home states otherwise) Can you say something tells me I'm out the $10 (it's not much $$ but it's the principal) and my plans for using the item has just been postponed. I'll leave you with this..."people make commitments based upon your commitment to us, your inability to follow through with your commitment will affect numerous other people, it's that situation that creates a poor reputation for you."

Jul 28, 2018

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