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I was driving on 224th street and Hiway 7 in Tacoma, Washington and FedEx drive cut me off. If I hadn't hit my breaks, a collision would have been eminent. The license plate of the vehicle was C197400. I am lodging this complaint because I think FedEx drivers should be sent to some kind of safe driving class and the guy driving this truck obviously had never been to one.
I feel taking the time to make this complaint is probably a complete waste of time as I am sure the driver will never be talked to or informed about this complaint and that is too bad as he will eventually cause an accident. I hope and pray that no one gets hurt when that finally happens. If you see a truck in the Tacoma area with this C197400 license plate, avoid him as much as you can...

May 26, 2018
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  • Ke
      Jun 11, 2018

    Fed Ex cares nothing about customers. A Fed Ex driver parked in front of my garage, blocking entry and exit to the garage, while delivering packages to other homes. I will note that there were open parking spaces and/or he could've parked in front of a house that was receiving a package but he chose not to. I waited three minutes for the driver to appear and, when he did, I asked him to move his truck as he was blocking my entrance to my home. He refused, indicating he had more packages to deliver and then ran away as I tried to tell him I had a sick child in the car. This did not persuade him to move his vehicle. I then stepped out of my car and took pictures of the truck and, once he returned, the Fed Ex employee. I informed him I would report his behavior to his manager to which he replied "go ahead."

    As promised, I contacted Fed Ex, which was no easy process given wait times and transferring to different departments. Once transferred to the correct department, I spoke with a nice, if not somewhat nosey, customer service person (she was overly friendly about my child which was off putting). She asked me a series of questions, such as Fed Ex Express or ground, truck number, physical description of driver, and my home address. I answered her questions and let her know I have pictures of both truck and driver. At the end of the conversation, she assured me this is not how Fed Ex treats people and I would be contacted within 24 hours.

    Naturally, I did not receive a follow up phone call within 24 hours...or 48 hours...or 72 hours. So I called back. During this call, I was told since I didn't have the truck number or I gave the wrong truck number or I couldn't describe the driver or the description I gave doesn't match records, the complaint went no where. Again, I made it clear I have pictures and video and that the address and time of complaint should also make it easy to track down the driver. This fell on deaf ears. Fed Ex clearly supports this type of behavior.

    I get that I have no power in this situation as I'm just one lowly customer that really doesn't use Fed Ex much, I will share my disdain with as many people as possible. I just ordered something on-line and requested that the seller use UPS, which she gladly did.

    Fed Ex, you suck!

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