FedEx Corporate Services / delivery window is worse than comcast.

Jensen Beach, FL, US Review updated:

FI finally found a company worse the Com Cast. Comcast gives you a 4 hour window. They at least show up.
Do the CEO's have their head up their butts, because they are so embarrassed with the service they provide. The drivers are faster then the computers they are using. What is it that they say by the end of the day it will be delivered and isn't . You call in and all they say is they are sorry. I could drive to the facility and pic the package up the next day. If I wanted to drive a hour each way to pick it up, I would drive a hour away to the site where it was shipped from to pick it up. This isn't the first time this happened. I have never seen a company so backwards before. Maybe the CEO's should not be paid so much and update your systems.

I will never ship anything with FEDEX ever !!! I don't want to put anyone in the situation that they have to sit around all day and not receive their package . All they can say sorry sir !!! I think people will wise up how terrible FedEx really is. Why don't you take all the delivery trucks off the road and just let people pick the package up instead of being so terrible .. You don't have the ability to properly keep with on your computers. My package started a hour north of my drop off, drove a hour south of my drop off. switch trucks and will be driven a hour back north to my destination. How efficient is that to drive two hours out of the way..

In short here I wait another day knowing that by the end of another day it will be delivered if they can load it on the truck. What kind of company can have to responsibility for its actions, but to say we are sorry. I am not sorry I will never ship Fedex and advise the shippers that I request another shipper other then Fedex.

  • Updated by Cliff Martin, Aug 21, 2018


    Find how your computers can keep up with the trucks. We all don't have time to wait around with a window of delivery by the end of the day. And your not capable to up date your computers until after the end of the day. To not have updated tracking is worthless. I will pay my bill by the end of the day ! Boycott Fedex !! Maybe the Ceo's will quit taking so much and putt some of money in to updating your systems. Sell your stock !! Fedex days are numbered if they are not doctoring the numbers.

Aug 21, 2018
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