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Fedex / delivery to wrong house

1 CA, United States

Put simply, I had two packages coming from two separate companies, both scheduled to be delivered on the same day (too set the scene; I was at home, the front light was on, and both individual companies got my name and address correct). The FedEx driver, for whatever reason, delivered my packages to another house further down the street. When i saw that the packages I was waiting for changed status online over to "delivered", which was approximately 15 minutes after I saw the driver go through my neighborhood, I immediately called customer service, at which time they verified that the driver had miss-delivered both packages. The operator spilled a bunch of technical garbage to me and follow it up with "I'll relay the information so we can get your packages to you immediately". Immediately is code for, "possibly the next day" I found out after asking.

My gripe is, how are you as a company, going to deliver TWO packages (of which you have no idea the content or importance of) to the wrong person, then refuse to correct the issue until POSSIBLY the following day?

I especially liked when he told me they would probably "have my package out to me the next day"... I'd love to know how they plan on doing that when they don't even have my package in their possession in the first place, nor are they in any rush to get it. What they need to say is they are going to leave my package with a complete stranger for approximately 24 hours, and hope that they are kind of enough not to open it/break it/steal it/ or just flat deny having it.

Thanks FedEx! I would like to say I will never be using them as a shipping provider again, but I'm sure they could care less. Just like every other major Corporation and Entity out there who is so big and depended on, they really don't need to go the extra mile (or even do their job) to retain enough customers to stay is business.

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